Shopping my closet #3: Old favorites

cardigan: H&M • skirt: H&M • t-shirt: Only • tights: Veritas • boots: Footwork • glasses: Kinto

Short sleeves. Yes. Here in Belgium, we’re dreaming about Spring out loud. It’s been nice and warm outside the past few days, and today I even went to class without my winter coat, wearing cropped jeans and open shoes. Pure bliss.

The mild temperatures allowed me to choose this 3/4-sleeved cardigan for my third shopping-my-closet outfit this weekend. I bought the cardigan several years ago, with a gift card that was nearing its expiration date. I always cling onto my gift cards until the very last moment and eventually spend them on something random. Same story with this cardigan. I took it home, folded it nicely and put it in my closet for almost a year. The next year I went through a phase where I wore it at least once every week. Over my marigold dress, my purple floral one, with skirts and jeans: the possibilities seemed endless. It made it onto the blog multiple times too! Maybe it was exactly the fact that I wore it so much, that eventually made me forget about it. It bored me, and felt like I had worn it in every way I could pair it.

When I started these series I promised I’d pair every wardrobe misfit, with a wardrobe favorite. That this maroon pencil skirt is a favorite of mine is no secret. And I have the proof! Seeing the collage below makes me even more sure I need Lightroom back. Desperately.

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  1. The Adored Life
    24 February 2014 / 21:29

    Ugh. Everyone is teasing me with these cute spring outfits and it’s not fair. We have snow coming tomorrow. Wah, wah. Anyway, enough about my temper tantrum. I’m happy for you that you are having such great weather!

  2. 24 February 2014 / 21:40

    I love all the different ways you’ve styled that skirt, very polished!

  3. 24 February 2014 / 21:41

    Het staat je super goed! Elke outfit ook πŸ˜€ elk net iets anders! Je hebt ook een erg mooi vest aan πŸ˜€

  4. 24 February 2014 / 22:06

    I really love the skirt! Our weather has been pretty mild too and I’m crossing my fingers that it sticks! No more snow!!!

  5. 25 February 2014 / 00:40

    That color is gorgeous!! I love all the ways you’ve worn that skirt!

  6. jointhegossip
    25 February 2014 / 03:04

    Cute! That skirt is so versatile πŸ™‚

  7. 25 February 2014 / 03:44

    Love all this pencil skirt inspiration! I know most people consider them wardrobe staples, but I sort of have a hard time working them into my everyday looks!

  8. 25 February 2014 / 04:48

    Ah! I love shopping my closet! It’s so satisfying! And these looks make me think I need a pretty wine-colored skirt in mine πŸ™‚

  9. 25 February 2014 / 05:05

    What happened to your Lightroom?

    Also, you look adorable in this outfit, but as pointed out, everything looks good with that pencil skirt πŸ™‚

  10. 25 February 2014 / 07:02

    How wonderful you got a taste of spring! It’s the best. Good for your for shopping your closet as well, and rediscovering some old favorites!

  11. Bea
    25 February 2014 / 09:07

    Hi Nikki!!!
    It’s almost spring even here in Italy!
    I looove spring!
    I love your skirt! Hope you have a nice Tuesday!

  12. 25 February 2014 / 10:50

    That skirt is beautiful on you, it’s easy to see why it’s a favourite! πŸ™‚ Glad you were able to wear your cardi again too! πŸ™‚

    Away From Blue

  13. 25 February 2014 / 14:23

    I really like the collage with all the ways you’ve paired something. I would love to see a few more of them!

  14. 25 February 2014 / 14:41

    The skirt is such a versatile piece and I love that you’re shopping your closet again. I just did a major closet cleanout and rediscovered a few items I’m excited to put back in rotation.

  15. 25 February 2014 / 19:59

    Claaassy! Ik vind driekwarts truien (en vooral jassen!) altijd zo verwarrend: moet ge ze nu dragen als het koud is of niet… :p Maar deze outfit ziet er wel perfect uit voor dit weer!

  16. birtegovarts
    25 February 2014 / 22:22

    Ik vind die laarzen supermooi!

  17. 25 February 2014 / 23:21

    i love the idea of pairing a misfit with a favorite…i need to try that. and i love how your outfit turned out!

  18. Tanya Jean
    26 February 2014 / 03:19

    I love when you can style one piece of clothing so many different ways. That last look is my absolute favorite. Just perfect πŸ™‚
    xo TJ

  19. lippylash
    26 February 2014 / 10:03

    Ik ben nog steeds gek op u rok! Echt tof he zo het “lente-weertje”

  20. 26 February 2014 / 11:36

    leuke outfits heb je gecreΓ«erd met dit rokje.

  21. 26 February 2014 / 18:19

    Great remix!

  22. 26 February 2014 / 22:35

    horray for warmer weather! i love finding pieces in my closet that i can remix again and again. just keeps it fresh, and hopefully from shopping for new items too much πŸ˜‰
    xo jac

  23. tia_cherie
    27 February 2014 / 01:32

    Beautiful. I love your skirt. It is so flattering and a gorgeous colour. If I had it then I would wear it all the time. Very versatile too.

  24. 27 February 2014 / 16:45

    Leuk idee om het zo te remixen πŸ™‚ moet ik ook eens proberen! En ik snap de obsessie met die rode rok helemaal πŸ˜€

  25. 27 February 2014 / 16:56

    Amai, dat rokje kan veel stijlen aan! ^^

  26. 28 February 2014 / 13:42


  27. K W
    1 March 2014 / 02:42

    you are so cute. i love this skirt!
    can you just dress me sometime?

  28. 5 March 2014 / 02:11

    Sigh, look at your warm weather. Hopefully, it’ll arrive for us soon! And I’m loving this gorgeous outfit… I too have been shopping my closet more and it’s proven to be an awesome experience! All of a sudden I feel like I have a ton of clothes to wear, and my savings account is building nicely because of it!!

    PS If you try the free writing exercise let me know… and how wonderful to hear you’ve been receiving more positive feedback on your presentations, so awesome!! xoxo

  29. 5 March 2014 / 17:24

    geen wonder dat je em veel draagt, staat je BEELDIG

  30. 5 March 2014 / 21:01

    Leuk om alle outfits met dat rokje samen te zien πŸ™‚

  31. Nicole
    6 March 2014 / 21:17

    I love that skirt. Its such a perfect color.
    Oy, I’m so wishing for warmer weather!

  32. 7 March 2014 / 18:33

    That skirt is gorgeous, I can totally see why you have worn it so much. I love wardrobe staples like this, and such an amazing colour. You look gorgeous as always xo

  33. 15 March 2014 / 06:06

    I love this! Such a pretty skirt in such a lovely color, and it looks amazing with the cozy sweater and boots.

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