sweater: J.Crew • denim shirt: American Eagle Outfitters • skirt: Ichi via Zalando • flats: Anne Klein

You were not intended to see these photos. Ever. Never ever. But exams tend to mess with people’s schedules and all my photographers are either in Leuven or Antwerp, putting their best foot forward and nailing those inhumane questionnaires. And I’m at home. Trying to memorize 400 PowerPoint-slides full terminology that I strongly suspect my professor invented on scene. Due to the circumstances I had to dive into my image archives and pull out a series of photos I previously had stamped “not fit for the blog”. 

These photos were taken on the stairs of the Munt, in Brussels, when we visited in September. I loved the outfit, but the pictures just didn’t feel right. So I made them disappear and hoped the boyfriend would never ask where they had gone. There sunlight was harsh, and kids started playing on the stairs mid-shoot and unknowingly photo-bombed about  99% of the photos, haha. I was left with these two, and tried to make them work. I’m still a bit insecure about them, but hey, I can’t fail on my resolutions so soon in the year right?

I hope you had a lovely weekend? Mine was spend (once more) behind a desk, studying for tomorrows exam. After tomorrow, there’s only one more to go and afterwards I can finally focus again on the things I love to do. My social life is a mess, my Instagram feed nearly dead and bloglovin’ says I have more than a thousand posts waiting to be read. And that my friends, is what I’ll be doing that whole first week of February.

Have a great week everyone! 

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  • Ik vind de outfit en foto’s zeker geslaagd! Geen reden om over te twijfelen 😉
    Veel succes nog met de examens!

    X Sara

  • Ik vind dat je er erg schattig uit ziet, hoor! Maar ik snap helemaal wat je bedoelt! Wat een ellende die examens. Nog even doorzetten, dan zijn we er voor eventjes weer vanaf.

  • Allé jom, topoutfit vind ik! Ben ik even blij dat uw geplande posts op geraakten ;).

  • I’m glad that you posted these photos – they look great in my opinion!

    Good luck on your exams!

  • Amélie De Rycke

    Studeren is hard, maar nog even en we zijn er weer vanaf!
    Ik vind dat je op al je foto’s straalt en ook deze zijn goed, no worries!

  • I can relate for sure. And I HATE when an outfit I love ends up with less than perfect pictures. But I think your photos came out well and you look great. Good luck with the studying! Yesh! You’re a brave one!

  • what?! I think these are beautiful. I love your skin tone and the contrast with blue and your hair color is beautiful. Not many people have the same lightness to them that you do!

  • Nog veel succes met je examens, ik heb er ook nog 3 te gaan! Ik vind jouw schoenen trouwens super ^^

  • Rowan

    Ik vind er helemaal niets mis mee! Je staat er heel mooi op en wat een gaaf rokje heb je aan. En oeh, je haarkleur is zó mooi. 🙂 Liefs, Rowan

  • It’s so strange to me that you’re having exams already. In South Africa the school year only starts at the start of February for universities. I like the photos, especially the last one 🙂

  • I like the pictures (and outfit) personally.

  • I’m glad you showed us these photos because I really like this outfit!! Really cute layering!

  • birtegovarts

    Ik vind de foto’s zeker niet mis hoor, maar snap wel dat je twijfelt. Elke outfitfoto die van mij al genomen werd, vond ik afschuwelijk. Vandaar dat ik ze NOOIT post hahaha. Ben gek op je rokje, trouwens!

  • Dude are you kidding me, your hair looks AWESOME in these pictures! Not to mention I might be in love with the little sweater-shirt combination 😀

  • I’ve definitely been there before. Pulling out photos that I never really wanted to use. But these are quite nice, considering the sun. And your outfit is beyond adorable. It makes me miss warmer weather!

    Good luck again on your remaining exams. I bet it will feel AMAZING to get to chill out for a tiny bit afterwards!

  • Oh these are lovely Nikki, so don’t worry about it! Good luck with your exams!

  • Very cute outfit Nikki and I think they turned out great – I don’t know why you would have wanted to hide these shots! I am glad that you shared them!

  • i love that skirt! and those flats are too cute



  • I love the outfit & your hair absolutely shines in these photos!
    And sometimes, you just have to push the “mark all as read” button on Bloglovin’ and not let yourself feel guilty!
    Love the ruffle trim top. I have seen them around and can’t wait to see you rock it!



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  • lippylash

    Ik ben blij dat je toch gekozen hebt ze in de wereld te laten verschijnen :p super toffe outfit!

  • He-le-maal niets mis met de foto’s! Heel leuke schoenen (matching met je haren ;)) en mooie classy outfit!

  • Bea

    Hi Nikki!!
    I like your outfit, and don’t care about the photos, I like them!
    I hope that February arrives soon for you!
    I keep my fingers crossed for you!

  • Kiekske, ik zie niks verkeerd aan deze foto’s. Mijn eerste gedachte was echter “BLOTE BENEN?!”, maar ze dateren dus blijkbaar van september dus ik zie het door de vingers 😉 Veel succes met je examen!

  • Die foto’s zijn juist supermooi!

  • I think you look cute in these photos, glad you decided to share them! 🙂

    Good luck with your last two exams! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  • Nicole

    I think these photos are lovely! And keep pushing, you’re almost to February! Hope it gets here before you even know it.

  • hele mooi look!

  • Leuke outfit! Ik snap niet dat je deze niet hebt gepubliceerd want je ziet er heel leuk uit haha 🙂 Succes nog met je examens!! Chapeau dat je bloglovin niet checkt, ik vind dat juist superleuk om te doen als pauze en ik zit nu veeeel meer blogs te lezen dan tijdens het jaar hahaha echt waar! xox

  • Carly

    Yay – another Ginger!! 🙂
    I can’t believe you thought these photos weren’t blog-worthy. They totally are! You look great. I’m envious of your long legs!

    Also, I visited Antwerp and a bunch of other places in Belgium last summer and fell in love with them! I’m happy to have found a blogger from that part of the world xx

    All the best,


  • Shannon

    These photos show off your gorgeous hair colour!! Simply stunning!

  • tia_cherie

    These photos are great and I am glad we got to see them. Although I can definitely relate to blogger problems! Love your shoes.


  • laurein h

    Ik vind ze wel tof, heel spontaan eigenlijk 😉 en iedereen zal de drukke examenperiode wel begrijpen zeker? Good luck!

    Ps: ben morgen in VM in a’pen, text me for coffee

  • Eh, sometimes you just can’t get the perfect photos, but we gotta just roll with it, right? You look lovely, though. 🙂

  • Leuk gecombineerd, geweldige blog en lay-out trouwens. Je hebt er een nieuwe volger bij. XO

  • The Adored Life

    But, but, but I love these photos! I really, really do! Plus you always, ALWAYS look good girl!


  • good luck with the rest of your exams! i hate it when you make the effort to take photos and they just don’t turn out how you want them to, but it happens to everyone. i’ve definitely had my bloglovin feed reach over 1,000 unread posts before and it’s not a great feeling but i’m sure you’ll enjoy going through them all once february rolls around! not long now.

    little henry lee

  • Jouw haar tegen dat donkerblauw, zo mooi!

    Succes met je examens, je bent er bijna vanaf 😉

  • Ik vind die foto’s leuk, door het licht is je haar zo mooi! 🙂

  • Ooh super tof! I love blue! 🙂

  • Nienke

    Ik vind het prachtige foto’s hoor! En hele leuke outfit!

    Ik zit ook midden tussen de tentamens met inderdaad een heleboel PPT slides waar ik niets van snap.. Heel veel succes nog!

  • Valerie

    I love your hair! Is it your natural color? And the skirt is very cute 🙂
    Do you have a blogroll on your site? Like a page with affies? If so I’d like to be affies with you, let me know please!

  • I just stumbled across your blog and love it! These photos are adorable and it’s such a cute outfit. I’m definitely my harshest critic when I put up outfit posts too, but trust me, these are adorable!

    We’re thinking of visiting Belgium in July, so I’m even more excited to scour your archives!

  • ik vind ze net supermooi! jij staat echt supergoed met jeansstof! xo

  • Alé nog zo’n schattige foto’s, niet zo hard zijn voor jezelf 😉
    Looove the flats!
    Naomi, x