A Day Out In Het Vinne (Zoutleeuw)

We’re not ready with winter just yet here on The Ginger Diaries.

Today I’m taking you along to my favorite province of Belgium: Limburg! Why is it my favorite? EASY! It’s home to some of my dearest friends, beautiful nature parks, blossoms in spring and the crispiest apples in fall. I love coming here and always discover lovely new places.

On our last trip we explored Provinciedomein Het Vinne in Zoutleeuw (Sint-Truiden). I had read a lot about and seen many photos of Het Vinne, especially the wooden pathways circling through the reed and all the way into the water. I couldn’t wait for warmer weather to go and see for myself, so we hopped in the car on a frosty morning in February and drove to Limburg!

The whole lake was frozen tight, but the sun was shining strong, giving the dried reeds a beautiful golden glow. Coming here in winter might have been the best timing!

We circled around the lake and took in all the fabulous views. I think I have a photograph of every square meter of the park, haha. There’s a pathway all the way around the lake that has multiple stretches of boardwalk guiding you through water, reed and wetland. I used to work for a company that made boardwalks like this, but never had I seen such long and lovely ones. There are also a few (very instagrammable!) wooden houses on the lake. They are meant for bird spotting, but since there was nobody around we decided to use them for a little photoshoot instead, haha.

If you live in Belgium or are planning an extended stay, I can’t recommend visiting Het Vinne enough. There’s a restaurant with a large playground for both smaller and older kids right at the main entrance, most walking routes are 2KM or shorter and if you still have some time left after your hike, you could easily visit the charming city Sint-Truiden, just a few kilometers further away.

Hope you guys are having a lovely week so far! A little bird told me that tomorrow will be a sunny day and that maybe, just maybe, the rain might be gone this weekend. Finally!


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