If You Can’t Go To The Palm Trees…

Long tome no see here on The Ginger Diaries! I haven’t found my rhythm back since school went out and we moved house. Life is hectic at the moment and I had so much things to take care of that I let my blog out of my sight. My boyfriend and I took a break from on Friday and decided to soak up some sun and go out for dinner. Before we headed out we went location spotting for the blog in our new hometown and used the time to shoot my ootd at once. I must admit that this outfit is unusual for me and I am still not completely comfortable wearing the cropped top out during the day, but I’m getting used to it… I think.  I did change into a tried-and-tested LBD for dinner, haha.
Last year Topshop had a beautiful palm leaf print crop top in their summer collection but even though I really liked the print, I was unsure I’d dare to wear the short top and I also didn’t have anything fitting to pair it with. Of course I had regrets as soon as the top sold out and I found myself looking for something similar this Spring. New Look isn’t a store that I step into often, but their collection had surprised me earlier this year so I decided to stop by again on a recent shopping trip. This black pencil skirt I found at F21 for a whopping €12.50 turned out to be the perfect partner for my newest wardrobe addition.
I can’t really concentrate on what I am writing, which probably shows in the grammar and poor text construction, because I have to get a couple more things done before K comes home from work in an hour. I hope you guys like the outfit and I’ll be back to blogging more regularly (and hopefully more qualitatively) soon! 

crop top: New Look • pencil skirt: Forever 21 • ring: Six • heels: Cypres • cross-body bag: Kate Spade ‘Little Minka’


  1. 13 July 2015 / 16:05

    Super leuke outfit! Ik vind zo’n croptop altijd heel mooi, maar durf het zal niet aan doen 🙁

  2. 13 July 2015 / 18:29

    Love the top! That outfit is amazing on you, feel confident! Glad to hear all is going well with settling in!

  3. 13 July 2015 / 19:41

    Hope you find some peace in your life soon! In the meantime, glad to see you back! This crop top looks great on you!

  4. 13 July 2015 / 22:02

    The palm tree print is adorable! You wore your crop top perfectly here with the high-waisted skirt. If I had a crop top, I’d wear it in a similar way but I’m still not too comfortable with the idea! haha

  5. charles
    14 July 2015 / 02:40

    Glad you’re back! I know that feeling, I took a break for a while. You look stunning, I love your ring and your hair looks fab. Nice post! xx


  6. 14 July 2015 / 13:51

    That crop top is lovely on you, the print is so nice with all of the black too! 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying settling into your new home! 🙂 Natural for the blog to take a break when life gets busy 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. 15 July 2015 / 02:33

    That crop top is fantastic!! Absolutely love it! Don’t be afraid to rock it! You look amazing!

  8. 15 July 2015 / 06:02

    I love this- you look classy in this but also it is really fun at the same time.

  9. 15 July 2015 / 21:49

    Leuke combinatie! De crop top is echt een eyecatcher!

  10. 16 July 2015 / 03:28

    I'm not usually a crop top person but this is cute and sophisticated looking, or as sophisticated as a crop top can be! I'm glad that you are coning back to your blog. Can't wait to see more 🙂

  11. 28 July 2015 / 20:35

    Ik ben zo fan van dat stukske buik showen! Staat u fantastisch!

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