You’re From The Seventies, But I’m A Nineties Chick

Being a kid from the early nineties, most of the current summer trends get the label “been there, done that”. I might not be ready to give some things another go, but there are some revivals that I have grown to appreciate. Bardot necklines are one of those. They are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I fell in l-o-v-e when I saw this top in a haul video on YouTube (guilty pleasure!). When it went on sale a couple of weeks ago I clicked one right home to me! It took me a while to bring it to the blog due to bad weather, but I finally present you my new fave go-to look for a not-to-warm summer’s day. The wide legged jeans are pretty old ones from Zara that have always worked well on my blog and my bag was a gift I received from my parents for Christmas. I love how the Michael Kors Sutton fits the seventies mood of this look. It makes it all just perfect. Not all of my friends love  my off-shoulder top as much as I do and the occasional Aladdin joke has passed by, but my boyfriend really loves it and he’s the only one I’ll (sometimes) listen to when getting dressed. 
Talking about my boyfriend, I have a big life update! We received the keys to our apartment today and will be moving in by the end of the week. Time went by so fast and we still have a lot of shopping to do before we can start living in there. Our couch, kitchen table and kitchen chairs will be delivered in late August, but we are going to pick up old furniture from family in the next couple of days. It’s going to be a mismatch of things, but that’s only temporary and that way we can also spread our costs over the next couple of months. Sooooo, I’m not sure I will be able to blog on Thursday, but I’ll definitely be on Instagram and Twitter to keep you all posted. 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and will enjoy the amaaaaazing weather we’re having this week. See you later!



  1. 29 June 2015 / 20:32

    This outfit looks amaaazing on you! Love the top! And I wish I could pull off those jeans! Your legs go on and on in them.

  2. 29 June 2015 / 21:59

    Wauw wat een mooie look is dit bij jou! Echt een serieuze That 70’s Show vibe! Ik zie wel wat Donna in jou, en dat is zeker en vast bedoelt als compliment! 😉
    x Sara

  3. 30 June 2015 / 15:48

    Ooh that’s so exciting you are already getting the keys!!!
    Love this outfit 🙂

  4. 30 June 2015 / 23:59

    That is a pretty top on you! I like the print and it does have such a 70s vibe with the flares and the heels.

    So exciting that you have the keys to your apartment – that came around so quickly! Hope moving isn’t too stressful for you! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  5. 1 July 2015 / 08:25

    Waaaaauw! Nikki! Looking good!
    Ik vind die off-shoulder hemdjes echt wel mooi hoor, als ik zo’n exemplaar zou zien in de solden zou ik ook helemaal niet twijfelen. Super mooie print!
    Ik heb trouwens keiveel zin in morgen! Haha, dat moest ik even kwijt! Tot morgen! Hoera! 😀

  6. 1 July 2015 / 14:05

    Hehe, good choice on the title 😉 I love this outfit on you, it suits you soooo well. It’s very easy and carefree, I love that vibe.

  7. 1 July 2015 / 18:45

    I love everything about this look. Especially the top, ignore your friends, off the shoulder is sexy, especially with that creamy skin you have! I wear off the should every chance I get.

  8. 3 July 2015 / 15:45

    Allereerst proficiat dat jullie de sleutels hebben 😀 Wat een grote stap zeg, wordt sowieso fantastisch! Ik kijk daar ook echt al naar uit, een eigen stekje, maar dat wordt jammer genoeg nog even wachten.

    Je outfit is ook echt fantastisch! Die seventies stijl staat je echt goed, en ik ben zelf ook grote fan van die Bardot neckline, hoewel dat voor mij tamelijk moeilijk te dragen is met m’n brede schouders 🙁 Maar ga er me toch aan wagen deze zomer denk ik 😉

    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  9. 3 July 2015 / 19:44

    Staat je supergoed! Het plaatje klopt helemaal!

  10. 5 July 2015 / 14:51

    I’m not normally a fan of the off the shoulder look, but this- works. Really works. I quite like it. Good luck with the move!

  11. 6 July 2015 / 14:14

    Die top is zo mooi! Ik vind trouwens dat je een hele leuke blog hebt en ben je meteen gaan volgen via bloglovin. Hopelijk neem je ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!


  12. 8 July 2015 / 04:18

    That top is GORGEOUS on you Nikki! Your bf is right. I think bare shoulders are so sexy in a very subtle way. That paired with your wide leg jeans give the outfit a 70s feel for sure! So pretty. I’m the same way with my bf, if something doesn’t look right, he’ll tell me right away haha

  13. life is a shoe
    16 July 2015 / 13:36

    cute outfit! I love your top and your purse!


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