Jingle Bells Rock Harder In Germany: Düsseldorf Weihnachtsmarkt

I don’t always go to Germany, but when I do you betcha it’s around Christmas time. If there’s one thing the Germans know how to do it’s throwing a Christmas party and the Weihnachtsmarkt in Düsseldorf is my favorite. This year we went a little early, somewhere late October, and so I waited to share the photos until we were all in the Christmas spirit. I don’t have much to say about Düsseldorf, other than that you can buy Essie nail polishes for half the Belgian price and that they have all the stores a girl can dream of. There even is a Primark where you will not be trampled by thousands of unhinged women on a budget. I scored two lovely dresses and a beautiful top that I cannot wait to share in an outfit post soon. Also: German food.


General warning before you click on “read more”: you will get hungry.
























The food, in order of appearance
Reibekuchen – Fried potato-pancakes made of mashed potatoes, flour and egg.
Bratwurst – a classic
Latte and a HUGE cappucino from a coffee place + store on the Schadowstrasse, almost next to Primark
hot white chocolate milk (I brought the cup home as a souvenir)
savory crêpe with ham and vegetables – to be found on the Engelmarkt
Eierlikör: warm eggnoch-type of drink
Poffertjes – Dutch, but I couldn’t pass them up!
Got to love Germany!


  1. 24 December 2014 / 15:22

    I’ve heard so much about Düsseldorf, I hope I can visit there some day! Enjoyed your photos very much!

  2. 24 December 2014 / 16:16

    Mooie foto’s allemaal! En vrolijk kerstfeest 🙂

  3. 29 December 2014 / 23:30

    I’m just getting caught up on blog posts haha! This reminds me so much of our German Market a few years back. Your photos are stunning, and all that food?! Can you just ship me some over haha (especially the bratwurst and hot chocolate!!)
    Hope you had a great Christmas, and have a great New Year!
    xo April

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