Paris In The Fall

Every girl, and definitely every girl with a quotes board on Pinterest, knows that Paris is always a good idea. But you know what’s even better? Paris in the fall! I’m bitten by the travel bug, so when K asked me this summer if I felt like going to Paris we immediately sealed the deal. It was only by September that I realized how well we timed our visit, because I have always wanted to see Paris covered by a blanket of golden leaves. It was purely magical, and the following photos are proof of that. You all know that Paris isn’t unkown territory to us, but there were still a lot of places we had never been to. This trip was all about scratching those last must-sees off our list and visit a few of our all-time favorites. And even though this was my fifth stop in the city of love and lights, we still have to go back at least once to visit the Place Vêndome and the Panthéon. But that isn’t a problem, because, well, Paris is always a good idea.

Let’s walk around town, shall we?





We started where we always start: Pierre Hermée. And like the last time, I choose this absolutely delicious raspberry-macaron treat. I will never leave Paris without having one. Afterwards we explored the area around the church of Saint-Sulpice a little and then walked from there to Le Bon Marché. We got lost along the way, and ended up in what seemed to be a random street lined with luxury designer stores. There was a super cute and small Louboutin store which had the most beautiful shop window. I’m a bit bummed right now that I didn’t snap a photo to share with you, because I know you would have loved it too! When we finally made it to Le Bon Marché, we were too hungry to look around much, so we went to the Jardin du Luxembourg for a nap and a picnick. I took so many photos there that I’ve decided to share them in a seperate post. But now worries, there’s still plenty left to share today!








We spent the rest of our first day in Le Marais, where we had falafel and did a little bit of window shopping. Next stop on our list was La Place de Vosges, where we (again) took a nap in the sun and walked past a few of the art galleries. We then headed further down Rue Rivoli and walked around the Louvre for a bit and took another nap in Le Jardin des Tuileries. It probably sounds more glamorous than it was, because the dusty pathways in the garden were far less than romantic on this 30°C day. Where did that sudden burst of summer come from in the middle of October? With my lungs heavy with dust and my black booties resembling the Isabel Marant Dicker booties in that weird brown color, we took the subway to LaFayette to witness the sun disappear for the night. We have this feeling for being at the right places at the right time and the view from LaFayettes rooftop terrace was breathtaking during the golden hour. It reminded me of that time we were in the London Eye and saw London turn into gold. Nothing can ever beat that.




One of my favorite discoveries during this trip was Rue Mouffetard. We, again, got lost trying to find a bakery we once came across and ended up here instead. It’s a small street crowded with life and covered with food stalls, street artists, cafés and restaurants. I freaking loved it. We had a coffee in Le Verre A Pied (notice the mirrored door frame in the photo above. It was so beautiful!) and bought cheese from one of the cheesemakers. There’s also a handful of bakeries to be found here, so anyone with a sweet tooth will want to visit the neighborhood as well! I went for pancakes this time, because I can’t go a day without them when I’m in France!





We dedicated the last day to doing touristy things. We took the metro to Bir-Hakeim and instead of walking straight to the Eiffel tower, we crossed the Seine to enjoy a different view. The Pont de Bir-Hakeim was featured in Inception, and as big Christopher Nolan fans we had to strike a pose! There’s also some sort of balcony on the side of the bridge that lends itself perfectly for snapping a photo with the tower without a dozen other tourists in it. It’s only when I see the Eiffel tower that I realize I really am in Paris, and I always have to stop and stare for a while. I have the same thing with the Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty. It never feels real before I lay eyes on a landmark. We walked from Trocadéro aaaaall the way to the Pont Alexendre III (I felt that for three days) for a quick visit to Les Invalides, K’s favorite museum. I’m not such a fan, and I was also quite hungry so I might have acted out a little, but it was also almost time to go home. Somewhere along this trip we also walked through the Jardin des Plantes, but I can’t seem to remember exactly where that fits into the time line… maybe it’s a sign I have written enough for today and should shut up. I’ll do that.
More is to come!

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