The London Diaries: Soho & Covent Garden




I’m typing this post with one hand while the other is pressing a cold water compress to my badly twisted right ankle ankle, my two knee braces are supporting my swollen knees and I have a big bruise on my left shoulder. Did I fall of my bike, you ask? No, I spend three days in the wonderful city in London. Remember that awesome but stupid thing I did in early December? K and I spontaneously booked a trip to London. Neither Paris or New York could measure up to my feelings of joy and happiness just thinking about coming back to my beloved metropolis. I’m currently the happiest girl in the world. But I’m also completely broke. Thank’s for that one Banana Republic!
Favorite Adresses of the day after the jump!

Ollie & Nic
20 Foubert’s Place
39 Carnaby Street

11 The Market Building
Covent Garden, London

I bought this grass green beauty at the Joy boutique in Covent Garden.
Now I definitely can’t wait for warmer weather!

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  1. 5 February 2013 / 03:25

    Ah jaloers, dat is zo gaaf dat je daarheen bent gegaan! Balen van je enkel, dat wel.

  2. 5 February 2013 / 04:18

    london looks amazing through these photos!!!! i had such a ball when i was there and i remember it fondly. the photo of the doorknob in the middle of the door is so sweet!! 🙂

  3. 5 February 2013 / 04:20

    WHat fun photos of London!

  4. 5 February 2013 / 12:49

    Oh my, I hope you get better soon! Sounds bad!
    The pictures are lovely, on the other hand. 🙂

  5. 5 February 2013 / 13:48

    seems you're having fun! goeie coté uitgepakt;)
    ga zeker naar Shoreditch in the East End! echt een zalige buurt!
    xo Charlotte

  6. 5 February 2013 / 15:31

    Nikki Nikki Nikki! These photos are so beautiful but I'm so sad you are broken! I hope you got something out of it like a fabulous new skirt or a heroic rescue by your man. Feel better soon!

  7. 5 February 2013 / 20:09

    These pictures are gorgeous! Sounds like a fun trip, too!


  8. 6 February 2013 / 16:37

    Ik wil teruuuuuug! En haha, heb ook zoveel shopping gedaan in Covent Garden 😉

  9. 10 February 2013 / 13:37

    Leuk leuk leuk leuk leuuuuuuk Nikki 😀 ! Super mooie foto's! Komt er nog een shoplog online 😀 ?

  10. 10 February 2013 / 17:34

    Leuke foto's! Ik vertrek in Maart voor een weekendje Londen, dus heb je favo adresjes bij deze eventjes genoteerd. 🙂


  11. 11 February 2013 / 06:32

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  12. 7 March 2013 / 02:34

    Loving the dress! So pretty and I am sure it will look stunning on you! Kristina x

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