Summer in March

Zara dress, Old Navy bag, Teva sandals, Twce as Nice earring
This is not what I would normally wear on an average day in March. The weather was more than good the past weekend and the boyfriend and I enjoyed it to the fullest. We went on a stroll through the city and had ice creams, we accidentally ended up at the Semini celebration and a wedding. On our way home K took these photos of me while we were enjoying the soft breeze near the water. Ah, this is what I’d call the good life!
On Fridaynight we were sitting on the couch watching tv when K suddenly asked if there wasn’t a movie that I wanted to see. “Oh, yes there is sweetie, but you’re gonna hate it”. Half an hour later we were in the theathre waiting for The Hunger Games to begin. We both loved it! It is the best movie I have seen in a while, but I’ll always love the books more. Have you read them? And because I’m curious like that, what team are you on? I’m team Gale, fo sho! 


  1. 26 March 2012 / 06:14

    you look just too cute in this outfit! i felt in love with that bag and the dress is lovely too so much! 😀

  2. 26 March 2012 / 07:21

    Mooi kleedje! Ik heb de boeken niet gelezen, en eerlijk gezegd zegt de film mij niet zoveel :).

  3. 26 March 2012 / 08:19

    very beautiful dress. you look incredible with it

  4. 26 March 2012 / 09:30

    Haha =D
    In book was I was also team Gale, but after book 2 I changed sides to team Peeta =P

  5. 26 March 2012 / 11:19

    Love the dress and the bag—I have the same one 🙂 Just started reading Hunger Games (I know I'm a little behind)

  6. 26 March 2012 / 11:22

    I love your earrings! <3
    That bag is to die for!

  7. 26 March 2012 / 13:37

    CUTEEEE dress girl, I love it 🙂 And it matches your pretty hair perfectly!

  8. 26 March 2012 / 14:40

    Pretty! I love your dress and earrings…such nice colors! 🙂

  9. 26 March 2012 / 14:42

    These photos are just gorgeous and I love your pretty dress!

  10. 26 March 2012 / 15:59

    Ahhh to be by the water in the sunshine! These photos are beautiful and you look just adorable. So glad you've been having great weather! We've had summer-like temperatures in North Carolina too and I wasn't ready for it AT ALL but I've been loving it all the same. I just saw The Hunger Games yesterday! I've just read the first book so far and the movie definitely left out a lot of detail, but I don't think they had any other option. I thought it was really well done and fun to watch! Enjoy your sunshine! xo

  11. 26 March 2012 / 16:02

    You look amazing! Love your dress and bag! I am following you 🙂 Check my blog and if you like it, you are welcome to do the same! Kisses <3<3

  12. 26 March 2012 / 17:57

    I went to see the Hunger Games at midnight when it came out. You should definitely read the books. You could probably read them in a day. They're so addicting! Almost more than Harry Potter (am I allowed to say that??).

    Anyway, you look lovely. I love those earrings. They're so unique!


  13. 26 March 2012 / 18:13

    You look adorable and the print on that dress is lovely! Sounds like you had a great weekend with some awesome weather 🙂

    I really want to see The Hunger Games but feel like I should read the series first…

  14. 26 March 2012 / 19:07

    Nikki!! Your earrings are beautiful! I love the color! Hahah Hunger games! I haven't caught that bug yet…

  15. 26 March 2012 / 19:10

    Super leuk jurkje!
    Ik heb The Hunger Games vorige week ook gezien 😀

  16. 26 March 2012 / 20:03

    love this 'summer' outfit. Was the Hunger Games worth seeing then?

  17. 26 March 2012 / 20:54

    Love your dress! The little purse is very sweet too. I haven't seen or read Hunger Games, but it's so sweet of your boyfriend to take you to see it (even though you thought he might hate it!)

  18. 26 March 2012 / 21:57

    I love that the sun has finally come out to stay! I love those colours on you, you look so happy and relaxed! I need to see the Hunger Games, but I still haven't read the books – kind of thinking that I need to before I see it!

    Alexandra xo

  19. 27 March 2012 / 04:57

    Absolutely love that bright yellow bag! I may have to go snag one too. I saw The Hunger Games at the midnight premiere. SO SO good! It did leave out details from the book, but I guess if it hadn't the movie would have been so long! I enjoyed it throughly though – going to see it again this weekend 🙂

  20. 27 March 2012 / 06:39

    Obviously I need to read those books because I have no idea what anyone is talking about with the new "teams"! LOL.

    Your dress is super cute and I LOVE your yellow bag. I've been on the hunt for a cute yellow bag as my favorite one is falling apart. Did you get that recently? <3


  21. 27 March 2012 / 12:53

    I love your dress! Glad you had a nice, relaxing day 🙂

  22. 27 March 2012 / 15:22

    Cute look! Love your bag!! I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games as well! lol But, I'm going to have to disagree and say Team Peeta!! All the way!! hahah 😉


  23. 27 March 2012 / 15:42

    Hi, Nikki! Oh my, I am loving your blog SO much! And you have red hair too! yay! This outfit is adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂 Following you on Bloglovin' now so I can keep up!

  24. 27 March 2012 / 16:56

    Love the neon bag!!! I want a bright bag for Spring… I have been hunting for one. And, love the earrings, how gorgeous.


  25. 27 March 2012 / 18:20

    oh my gahhhhh you are just the cutest thing! I love the print of this dress, it's so perfect for spring! And I'm gonna have to force myself to stay away from old navy or else I'm gonna buy that bag! I love it!

    You are the 2nd girl to tell me that they thought my "Capitol Couture" post was about the hunger games! I never even thought about it, but that's a great idea! I should do it next time hehe 😉

    Have a lovely day!


  26. 27 March 2012 / 20:23

    Ooooooh that's such a pretty floral…I like how it has a sort of "sketched" print and then pops of bright floral. And your earrings are the perfect pair to wear with this dress! Lovely pics, dear.

    <3 cambria

  27. 27 March 2012 / 21:52

    NOOOOO! I'm team Peeta haha! 🙂 I loved the books (I read the whole series in 3 weeks – I usually take more than that to read a whole book hah) I thought the film was good, but I hyped it up too much for myself and it wasn't what I expected :(. Still loved it though.

    We've been having summer weather here lately too! Just had our first BBQ of the year tonight. 🙂 It's like everywhere has just completely skipped spring and went straight to summer haha! 😀 (I'm not complaining though)

  28. 27 March 2012 / 23:56

    this may be the longest comment ever so so sorry for that. i love your bright yellow bag and how it makes your romantic outfit more funky and those earrings omg can you send them to me???? they are to die for. ok so i watched the movie as well and i've read all three books. of course nothing can beat a great book but the movie was very well done and loved all the actors and the way they brought to life their characters.
    unfortunately i have to disagree with you on teams. lol. i generally don't want to pick teams cause i don't want to turn the hunger games into a "team edward/team jacob" kind of thing, they aren't about a love triangle but about war and politics and loosing someone you love. however i have to admit that i was always team peeta, i am not claiming that he is the perfect guy for Katniss, i just love him due to his character because he is the guy i would probably fall for. the kind, helpful, funny one, who always says the right thing the right moment, who can use words to paint a picture or a feeling and who can lure you into whatever he wants just by his words. i always loved that so of course i love him. plus not to mention that in the movies josh hutcherson is casted as peeta and i always had a crush on josh. so combining both the character and physical aspects i am team peeta.
    now regarding Gale, he is a great guy in the books, and Liam is a hell good looking guy as well (my friend said that she liked his looks more than Josh's) but i was never romantically drawn to him don't know why. Gale's character was always kind of the best friend to me. again this is regarding my standards not who is the right guy for Katniss which is an entirely different conversation.
    for me before and during the hunger games, Gale would probably be the right guy for Kat since they seemed to understand each other, always know what each one wants, help each other and care for each other. but during catching fire and mockingjay somehow this changed, i think that Katniss changed, she went through terrible things Gale never went through, horrible experiences, nightmares that wouldn't let her rest for a second, all that pain Gale never had to go through this experience so i think that she and Peeta started sharing something that she and Gale couldn't anymore. No matter how much Gale loves and cares for Katniss i don't think that he can understand certain aspects of her anymore, he can't understand for example why she feels so emotionally tied to her prep team (and would feel more emotinally tied with Cinna, if Gale got to meet him, he would see Kat trusting Cinna), he had this certain image about the capitol inside his mind and couldn't see past it but Katniss could because she got to meet these people. Also no matter how much he would want to help her go through her pain and nightmares i don't think that he could ever understand properly why she was always so devastated so scared to loose everyone, why she kept on dreaming about Rue and Cato, especially Cato being killed when he wanted to kill her-he wouldn't feel sorry for Cato because the guy wanted to kill Kat and he would have killed her if he could, but Kat saw past that, she acknowleged the horrible ending he had and felt sorry for him. Gale also couldn't get why she was so freaking scared of the mutts. and i think that in life he need people who understand and 've been through what you've been through to stay with you.
    sorry for the extremely long comment. i hope you'll find time to explain to me why you are team Gale, i always like to see behind someone's choice and ackwloedge that maybe just maybe they are right.
    let me know ok?

  29. 28 March 2012 / 00:57

    Such a pretty outfit! Especially love the bright yellow Old Navy bag 🙂 And yes, the Hunger Games was amazing wasn't it? I also dragged my boyfriend to see it.. and he loved it!

    Xo Chelle

  30. 28 March 2012 / 04:43

    Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with your accessories here! Those earrings are beautiful and that bright, little bag is adorable. They're so perfect for happy spring weather! 🙂

  31. 28 March 2012 / 05:16

    very pretty dress!! also, loving that bag from Old Navy- I have it and have styled it a few times on my blog! You look super darling 🙂
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  32. 28 March 2012 / 07:57

    Erg mooi, ik vind je deze kleurtjes heel goed staan!

  33. 28 March 2012 / 12:18

    This outfit is so cute! We had some strange warm weather last week, but it's back to cold now :/ And I just saw the Hunger Games last night, and I was obsessed with it – it was so good!

  34. 28 March 2012 / 13:05

    i love your earrings – they go perfectly with your hair color!! and your bag is a such a great neon yellow as well – it gives a nice pop against your pretty floral dress.

    <3 katherine

  35. 28 March 2012 / 13:49

    im kindof obsessed with you 😉
    i think you're absolutely precious! and i love your blog!
    they layout is sleek and really well put together 😀
    and I'm obsessed with your dress in this post!

    girl, you've got it goin' ON 🙂

    tiana of l'esthetique

  36. 28 March 2012 / 14:43

    Nikki – I just found your blog through Really Petite, and I absolutely love it! Greetings from another ginger in the blogging world. 🙂

  37. 28 March 2012 / 16:17

    Loving your bag and dress, so sunny, summery, lovely! 🙂

    I haven't read or seen the Hunger Games yet, but I know I'm missing out on something good! When I have time, I will get on it! 🙂

  38. 28 March 2012 / 16:51

    such a nice outfit you are gorgeous love your yellow satchel! i would like you to check out my blog…maybe follow? :)x

  39. 28 March 2012 / 19:27

    It seems that the weather is unusually warm in most places at the moment or up and down.
    I love your gorgeous yellow bag and the printed dress is lovely.

  40. 28 March 2012 / 21:07

    ik ben totaal nog niet mee met de Hunger Games hype, geen idee waarover het gaat! 😀
    leuk jurkje! xx

  41. 28 March 2012 / 22:17

    Love the dress! such a pretty print.
    I saw hunger games the other day too! Definitely books were better but it was still a good movie.

  42. 29 March 2012 / 03:01

    I love all of your spring details here. The purse, the earrings, the dress…so pretty.

    And Hunger Games….amazing. Even though it could have been two movies to really do the book justice, they still did an incredible job. Already can't wait for the next!

  43. 30 March 2012 / 21:42

    You look so pretty and springy in your floral dress! I'm pretty much in love with your yellow satchel bag too.

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