That is one interesting colour combination…

{ F21 blazer, veritas tights, zara dress & belt, jonak booties, C&A scarf, boyfriends socks }
I wore this outfit to the bookfair last friday and some early-teenage kid behind me laughed at my yellow legs. When I was her age, I probably would have laughed too but still… Not nice kiddo! Besides her, I saw many (in)famous Belgians. It is annoying how many of our local actors and reality TV stars are writing books about themselves, their cooking skills or their “tips and tricks”. There were huge waiting lines for the 3 most watched TV cooks that signed their cookbooks all at the same moment, in the same room. One of them actually started talking to me last year. I was standing next to him while the boyfriend was picking out a cookbook. There was no one in his line back then and now there was a 45 minute wait line! Crazy what a primetime TV show can do for a man!
I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. 17 November 2011 / 17:15

    Love the hue of those gorgeous tights – must get some in that colour!! Oh and that scarf is SO the perfect accent. Happy almost Friday, love!! xo V

  2. 17 November 2011 / 18:08

    I like the yellow leggings! That kid has no taste.

  3. 17 November 2011 / 18:13

    You have such a beautiful blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ And not to mention awesome style too! Love this outfit..the colours go perfectly together and the way you've wrapped that belt is brilliant!

    xx, Ally
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  4. 17 November 2011 / 18:37

    i love love love curry, the best color of tights to wear! they always look gorgeous during this season! love the knitted scarf too

  5. 17 November 2011 / 19:31

    Ah these photos are awesome. Love the grainy feel and colours x

  6. 17 November 2011 / 20:57

    I love this color combination. I have similarly colored tights that I rarely wear, but you've definitely inspired me to give them a shot with this outfit. You look lovely.

  7. 17 November 2011 / 22:44

    I've been searching for that color tights for ages! Rock it girl

  8. 17 November 2011 / 22:57

    The knotted belt is the best and I love the colour combination! And your tights are not laughable at all… Today's youth! They've probably never read Pippi Longstocking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 17 November 2011 / 23:14

    I love your tights!

  10. 17 November 2011 / 23:27

    its a perfect combination. this combination of colors on you looks perfect.

  11. 18 November 2011 / 06:10

    I like the yellow tights! What was that girl laughing about. Kids are dumb. I enjoy how they look with the blue dress.

  12. 18 November 2011 / 13:39

    Cute!! I love your tights and shoes – and these colors look beautiful together ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Friday!!!!

  13. 18 November 2011 / 19:54

    Ooh!! I love your scarf!! I'm so obsessed with the color red lately. <3

    Thank you so much for the comment on my mirror! I'm glad you like the idea. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. 18 November 2011 / 22:02

    I for one love the yellow legs! Great choice ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, that cowl looks super cozy.

  15. 19 November 2011 / 05:26

    Your scarf is such a pretty shade of burnt orange! <3 And I love love love your mustard tights!

    Lost in the Haze

  16. 19 November 2011 / 11:54

    Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  17. 19 November 2011 / 17:19

    Interesting color combination but it works so well especially for Fall and Winter! I can never pull off bright colored tights because of my thick legs, but those yellow tights look super good on you! And I love the cognac lace-up boots as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also hate it when actors and actresses branch out to write cookbooks and what not. They're not the experts so stop doing it! urgh, annoying!

  18. 19 November 2011 / 22:25

    I've just found your blog and it is so lovely. You have a fabulous sense of style and the photos have such a unique touch ! Here, I love the mustard tights and THOSE BOOTS ARE INSANELY PRETTY :X

    PS: Would you like to follow eachother? Just let me know ;x

  19. 19 November 2011 / 22:48

    lovely look!

  20. 20 November 2011 / 02:03

    Your color combination is brilliant and I like your yellow legs! ๐Ÿ™‚ That girl probably doesn't have her own sense of style like you do!! This is the perfect outfit for a bookfair โ™ฅ Keep rockin' those colorful stems!

  21. 20 November 2011 / 02:14

    I for one love the colors in this outfit. That kid obviously didn't know anything about fashion, primary colors rock the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 20 November 2011 / 10:36

    don't worry about the girl! i had girls laugh at me a few years ago when i started wearing oversized sunglasses!


    Bang & Buck

  23. 20 November 2011 / 18:53

    I love mustard colored things for fall so your tights are amazing <333
    Such a cute look my dear!


  24. 20 November 2011 / 19:54

    I haven't any idea why anyone would laugh at you: I think you look just too adorable! This outfit is the epitome of the perfect fall outfit for me. Chunky scarf, boots, cute tights, and a dress. Perfect! xx

  25. 20 November 2011 / 20:46

    I love your tights and the name of your blog!

  26. 20 November 2011 / 22:04

    what!! I LOVE those yellow tights and have been looking for some myself for a while now! Pay no mind to those annoying youngsters, they just don't know fashion haha. jealous of your gorgeous red hair! thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    The House of Shoes

  27. 20 November 2011 / 23:02

    It is an interesting color combination…and it totally works ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 21 November 2011 / 00:02

    That's one ADORABLE color combination! I love primary colors put together! And that girl is dumb, I would love yellow legs like that! They're darling! I love your boots too, the worn look they have is great. The book fair sure sounds like fun!


  29. 5 December 2011 / 20:45

    Such pretty pictures! I love the outfit and the background! I am so jealous of your gorgeous red hair- I've always wanted red hair, light eyes and freckles! ๐Ÿ™‚ your blog is lovely! xxxx

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