How a pair of floral pants broke the bank, my promises and my heart

pants: Zara • blazer: Zara • top: Zara • ballet flats: Scapa

I am a weak soul. I broke both my shop-stop and my high street shopping diet in one impulsive shopping moment. Since September, I managed to stay on the safe side of the shopping streets, and even on vacation I resisted the gorgeous pieces from the Massimo Dutti Spring collection. I went on a  definitive shop-stop in January to save up for a summer vacation and a new 28mm prime lens to photograph with on said summer vacation. No matter how alluring photographing the South of France with a brand new lens sounds, the sight of these floral pants made me break my precious resolutions. I laid eyes on them from outside the Zara doors, and when brain translated their image it provoked a series of possible outfits in my mind that made it hard to resist. “They’d be a good buy” I convinced myself as I swiped my card. 

I love them so very much, but K doesn’t share my excitement. When I proudly presented him my new wardrobe addition, his face spoke volumes. Apparently, floral print bottoms are really only pretty in a girls world. As if the disapproving face of my boyfriend hadn’t sobered me from my shoppers-high, I was also quickly reminded why I went on a high-street diet in the first place. The seams of my new pants ripped apart before I had even worn them outside the house. My happy heart broke a little. With needle and thread and a Milka-Oreo chocolate bar for comforting purposes, I sat on the sofa stitching them up so I could comfortably wear them for this shoot. No matter how much I love these bottoms, I think I’ve learned my lesson. Saving is all I’m going to do until the end of June! That, and annoying K by wearing these pants every week.

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  • Aw so sad that you feel bad now, but let me tell you, those are lovely pants! So enjoy them, they do look great on you!

  • they are so, so cute. but i think a vacation sounds nice than adorable floral pants. you can do it, stay strong!

    xo jac

  • gabyburger

    love love love those pants!!!

  • lippylash

    I love them! maakt niet uit wat de boyfriend zegt 😉 Wel stom dat ze al gescheurd zijn maar bon you fixed it!

  • Oh no, I can’t believe the seams ripped so quickly! I love them and I’m sure you’ll at least get lots of wear out of them. I bought some floral jeans on sale last year and I wear them so often. Lately I’ve been craving something new. Luckily we visited my boyfriend’s family this weekend and his cousins were throwing out some clothes. I got enough new things to stop my shopping urges for now. Good luck 🙂

  • Those pants are beautiful! Shame the stitching came undone so quickly though – good you could fix them up! 🙂 I’m sure you will get a lot of wear out of them – maybe even taken them on the vacation with you! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  • I totally support your decision to save, but these pants are sooo beautiful! Shame for the stitching though – I’ve had those experiences with Zara before as well!

  • die print is echt mooi!

  • Ooh komaan die zijn supermooi! Mijn boyfriend is gelukkig meer supportive over printed pants (maar mijn mama dan weer minder haha). Hopelijk kan je het nog wat herstellen! Zara valt normaal gezien toch wel mee van kwaliteit?

  • Nicole

    “With needle and thread and a Milka-Oreo chocolate bar for comforting purposes” hahaha, this is hilarious. I love your writing.

  • oehh, wat geweldig mooi! en ook goed gepaard. Je hebt een prachtig lichaam dus het staat je allemaal zo mooi! En wat maakt het uit wat Kenneth leuk vindt of niet.. hij hoeft het niet te dragen 😛 maar wat jammer zeg… van je broek! Ze zijn namelijk wel ontzettend mooi 🙂 succes met sparen.. dat doe ik nu ook.x

  • I’m glad you were able to fix them as they ARE gorgeous. Don’t know why your boy can’t see that- but, well. Boys.

  • Eh, men. They are hard pressed to appreciate many sartorial choices of us women (especially fashion bloggers!). I understand how depressing it can be to break a shopping ban (especially when there is a bigger expense on the horizon), but if it makes you feel better–I have a pair of floral jeans that I wear (when I’m not pregnant and huge) all the time. I’m sure you will get your money’s worth out of them (after they get fixed up–super bummer!).

  • This outfit seems very you!

  • Those pants are so pretty!! I love a good floral print! It’s terrible that the stitching came apart almost immediately! They’re lovely pants, so I’m sure you’ll wear them a lot!

  • My fiance hates half my clothes. I always tell him that i’m not trying to impress anyone, since I already have him lol

  • Wow that’s crazy, in my mind Zara stood for at least reasonable quality! They’re not super expensive, but some of their stuff isn’t exactly cheap either :/ The pants do look incredibly pretty though, I’m sure you’ll still get your money’s worth out of them!

  • oh no!!! that’s so terrible that they ripped, but boy are they pretty! glad you could fix them!


  • They already fell apart?! Lame! I had a similar experience with a bookshelf I was CONVINCED I needed. it was poor quality and now lilts to one side, but I keep it as a reminder. your pants are way prettier than my lopsided shelf though (:

  • hehe, my husband is not the biggest fan of floral bottoms either. But, as he says, I’m the one wearing it. haha.

    Love how these pants look on you. They are a beautiful print!

    Not that this is a good excuse, but I have had weak soul moments too when I put myself on “bans.” Perhaps you can consider this a “cheat” moment and you can jump right back to what you intended. =)


  • Oh hemel die broek is ZO MOOI! Ik zag hem al online passeren bij Zara, maar nu ik heb bij jou zie wil ik hem nog liever hebben! Aangezien Zara zo vriendelijk was om zowel de shop in Hasselt als in Maastricht tegelijk te verbouwen kan ik enkel online bestellen. Mag ik vragen welke maat je hebt genomen? Als je liever niet antwoord via deze post kan ik je mijn e-mail adres geven 🙂

    En ja ik heb 2 jaar geleden net hetzelfde meegemaakt met een Zara broek, maar na het herstellen was alles dik in orde. Dat kan wel eens door die massaproductie, duurdere merken zijn er niet zoveel beter in.

    Veel succes met het sparen, het is echt supermoeilijk!

    X Sara

    • Geen probleem hoor! Ik heb ze een maat kleiner genomen dan ik bij Zara normaal neem. Dit is dus een 34, en past als gegoten! De 36 zat te los aan mijn kuiten! Onze Zara hebben ze een tijd terug al verbouwd, maar ik had toen gelukkig nog wel de twee Zara’s hier in Antwerpen. Hopelijk is het snel klaar dan! ^^

  • Oh no! I can’t believe they ripped so quickly! They are quite beautiful, I can see how you could be swayed to break your no-shop pledge. Plus, guys just don’t get it. A piece that’s on the wilder side takes them awhile to get used to. But then wear a pair of leggings and they’re all over it! What can ya do right?
    Exploring My Style

  • Your floral pants rock, but you should seriously take them back if they already ripped… not ok!


    Enter my current giveaway!

    • Zara didn’t want to take them back because I had already worn them and therefor had cut the tags off. They really push their “with tags attached only” policy :/ As if it is so hard to shoot them back on… . They were easily repairable, so eventually I’m still happy. The costumer service could have been better though!

      • Ugh – such a bummer! But I do think the fabric is just fabulous, so I hope that your quick fix holds up! xx

  • definitely a good buy! 😉

  • Bring’m back lady! I do that so often with high street clothes that just give in.
    But… I understand, the pants look sooooo pretty! We can do this lady, saving up for a better cause!


    • Ik ben ermee teruggegaan, maar ze wilde ze niet meer aannemen omdat de kaartjes er af waren en ik ze al gedragen had he 🙂 Maar omdat het op de naad losgekomen was heb ik het heel snel terug kunnen repareren 😉 xo

  • Eeeee! Is the sound I made as soon as your blog loaded. Your pants are incredibly gorgeous, perfectly styled and SO worth the splurge. As for clothes?! Haha, what do boys know. Martin’s always giving me strange looks! 😉

  • Wauw Nikki, prachtige broek! Hoe gaaf zijn die foto’s ook, echt geweldig zo met de wind door je mooie haren <3 !

  • I think they are a great purchase! Zara offers great quality for the price. I totally agree that men don’t understand many trends for women haha. Every time I try an edgier look my boyfriend is a bit confused. Embrace it girl! You look fabulous in the pants!


  • Hahahaha jongens, ze zullen het nooit begrijpen! Ik vind hem alleszins super!!

  • Victoria Wright

    These trousers are incredible !! I LOVE them, you should keep wearing them for sure I think they look great on you ! I love pretty prints especially florals and the dark blue in these makes them stand out so much… I wish I lived near a Zara as I never really see what they have ! Great purchase in my eyes =]

    p.s You have a great blog and I am excited to follow you on here to see what you buy next !!!


    Victoria @ Alf & Emilio x

  • Aaahw zo’n mooie broek! Echt rot van de kwaliteit.. Af en toe eens zondigen mag hoor 😉
    (Even tussendoor ’28mm’ lijkt zo random, haha ik ben zo’n fotografie noob)
    Naomi, x

    • 28mm is pretty random. Maar om je een idee te geven: dat is een wide-angle lens, dus ideaal voor op reis [als je houdt van lenzen die niet kunnen zoomen (zoals ikke dus!)]. xo

      • Ik wacht wel op de eerste ‘The Ginger Diaries’ fotografie-les 😀

  • Ik ben ook al een paar maanden aan het proberen geen geld meer uit te geven, en in de winkels lukt het. Op een of andere manier zijn restaurants een grotere verleiding voor mij… This girl loves her some jummy food! 😀

    En die broek vind ik supermooi! Gewoon niet naar het vriendje luisteren 😉

  • aw, but they are so beautiful! I would have caved too!

  • Svea

    Supermooie broek! Ik ben fan! 🙂

  • Paulina

    Great photos! Just wondering, what camera lens do you often use for you outfit posts? 🙂