Shoe issue: Stay basic or go west? In collaboration with

In fall you need ankle boots. We all know that right? I bought my dream pair of ankle boots in a sale two years ago, but after the snowy winters of ’11 and ’12 they are completely ruined. This year, I should remember to clean up my shoes after walking the salt-covered streets. Actually, most of my shoes are in a bad shape and that’s why I’ve teamed up with Spartoo this winter. Spartoo is an online shoe retailer offering lots of different brands on just one website and was so gentle to offer their help in my personal color challenge. I originally challenged myself to wear more color, but since my black boots are is such awful condition, I decided it would be best to get my basic shoes ready before I start with something more daring for me. While going through all the black ankle boots, I noticed I was mostly draw to either western-inspired booties like the Refresh boots and the Clarks’ above. I do feel like they have a quite defined style though, and knowing myself well it’s probably better if I go with a more basic pair like the ones from Pare Gabia or Jonak. I already have a pair of Jonak ankle booties and love their quality and fit. So now I’m really torn between these four options. Should I stick with a basic model, or should I go west? 

ONE Shiny leather Khan ankle boots by Pare Gabia €158.40 • TWO western-inspired Lugo ankle boots by Refresh €49.95 • THREE Melanie ankle boots by Clarks €109.95 • FOUR Doddy ankle boots with silver tip by Jonak €99.00  

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  • #1!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 and 4 are my favourites, but you can't go wrong with any of your choices! A black ankle boot is definitely a staple in cooler weather 🙂

    Away From Blue

  • I think #4 would look lovely on you!

  • Dat tweede laarsje ziet er mooi uit!

  • Nr 4 is echt mooi!

  • I prefer my ankle boots to be a bit higher, so that they just cover the ankle. I don't know if that still makes them ankle boots or not though 🙂

  • Personally i like #2 the best. But i tend to lean tward the statement pieces.

  • I like option 2 and 3 the best!

  • I'm a big fan of #1 and #4!


  • Ik vind die eerste het mooist 🙂

  • I wnat number two and four for the coming season.


  • Nummer twee echt love them!! En aan de prijs te zien nog het meest budget-vriendelijkste haha 🙂
    Ik moet ook nieuwe zwarte botten hebben voor de winter! Sneeuw is echt het ergste 🙁

  • I have no clue how any of these are Western inspired, but I like 2 the best. four has that fun detail of the silver tipped (which to me looks more Western than anything else).

  • oh Nikki, i'm absolutely mad about the bootie style and so happy it's happening again this season! you've cornered all the winners here, no.1 is my personal fave but they're all super wearable + stylish! ♥

  • all of these are amazing… get them all! hehe jk… well sort of. I love the 3rd style!

    Lady à la Mode

  • gewoon allemaal ofcourse 😀

  • ik verkies 1! en chelsea boots <3

  • Number 1! Have you looked into water proofing your leather? Whenever I get a good pair of leather shoes, I spray them to protect them from the elements. Your local shoe repair shop should have something.

  • I say go west! I love number 3 🙂


  • I say go west! I love #3 🙂


  • I'm in love with the first pair, but I have much more classic style so I'm a bit biased! They are all beautiful booties. Definitely going to check out this site!!

    Xo, Hannah

  • Pfff… I always like the most expensive! The first one is gorgeous!

  • no.1!

  • nummer vier is heel erg leuk!

  • Nummerke vieeeerrrrr 🙂

  • My favourite are definitely the fourth pair – they're understated but very chic. The silver detailing on the front of the boot is something I've noticed on a few pairs of shoes coming into stores ready for Autumn, and I absolutely love it! xx

  • Nummer 1 en 2 zijn mijn favorieten maar vooral nummer 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kheb ook nieuwe korte laarsjes gekocht, bruintjes met een sleehak 🙂

    x Audrey

  • Nummer 1 is sowieso mijn favoriet en zou jou (denk ik) het beste staan! 🙂

  • 444444444444444444444444444444!

  • Nummertje VIER, sowieso! 😀

  • My black boots are also ruined from last year's winter! I definitely need to remember to clean them this year…I am in love with option one here 🙂

  • Allemaal heel mooi

  • Jonak Jonak Jonak! Die staan ook op mijn wishlist!


  • #2 is definitely my favorite but that's because I'm drawn to suede booties. I just bought my first pair in taupe and LOVE them. Black is next on my list.

    I bought a pair similar to #1 but had to return them because they scraped against my ankle bone and hurt so much. Just be careful with boots that low!

    Exploring My Style