That shirt has a way to pale color for your fair skin! – Co-worker, 2011

H&m shirt • Zara jeans • Old navy bag • H&M ring • Pieces belt

The reaction of my co-worker when I bought this silver-y shirt from H&M two years ago was enough for me  never to wear it. Until this weekend. When It was rainy and windy and cold and I should have gone for something that was way more weather appropriate. I do stupid things. But I just love how the outfit came together, rain or no rain. I had this outfit planned in my head since last summer (and I actually have proof of that), but just when I knew how I’d style this grey shirt, the seasons switched and my mint jeans ended up on the bottom of my three pairs high pile of colored jeans. 

I can’t come out of my words again. So I’m going to inform you on some rather big happenings in this young life of mine. I had a rough few days at my internship this week. With only two more weeks to go the goodbyes have started. It feels weird to tell people they won’t be seeing me around anymore when they shout “see you next time!” before they head out. I’ve been part of the team for nearly 4 months and I got the feeling that people were starting to get used to having me around, and now my time there is up. I wish I could stay, but I’m going to uni full-time after summer and seeing the schedule I know I could never combine that with a full-time day job. I think I’ve finally decided on my Masters by the way. Sociology with a master in social care & welfare and a minor in labor. I choose the university of Antwerp because I fell in love with the city’s atmosphere. And maybe because K studies there as well. Just maybe. I am currently contacting stalking dorms and estate services for a room / studio for the next two years. I’ll be living “on my own” and I couldn’t be more excited, yet freaked out at the same time.

Lastly, I can also inform you that I successfully handed in my thesis on Tuesday after I battling Word 2010 for nearly 4 hours. Extremely frustrated I was, but it felt ooooh soooo gooood at the same time. Now I have one year of peace, and then I’ll have to write another one. For my masters. I brace myself.

Sorry for my massive over-tweeting about it all and I wish you guys an awesome weekend! 

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  • I am seething reading this. NEVER, EVER is it appropriate to say something about the color you are wearing. I ONLY comment on it if I am asked, and even then I say it nicely. (I am known to be blunt but even I have sense to tone it down!) It looks lovely and you look lovely, that is all that matters!

  • love the look ..but more importantly CONGRATS on being done!!!! handing in a thesis is one of the greatest feelings in the world 🙂

  • What? I think this shirt is adorable and seriously what a great little bag!
    Method Clothe

  • i love that shirt with your mint skinnies, so chic
    kisses from milano

  • I love this outfit!!! Mint colored denim skinnies are gorgeous. 😀

  • So exciting! I'm happy that you've decided on your masters and where. Now you can finally get ready to take the next step of looking where to move!! And no idea what your coworker was talking about. The shirt looks great!

  • I am so happy for you finishing that thesis! Though, it is hard to have to say bye.

    Also- psst! Rules-smules. You look good in that color combo.

  • Hi Nikki! Loving the mint and yellow combo, very unexpected but so cute. I too have planned out outfits for seasons only to have the season pass and then wait a year till I can actually put my outfit plan into action. But I think this outfit is fab – and definitely worth the wait.

    Merch Maven

  • love this pastel look!


  • Ik vind het wel leuk! Just wear it!!! Ik ben fan van je geel tasje..
    Veel succes nog op u stage

  • Congrats on handing in your thesis and finding a master! And I love that shirt on you, pale or not:) x

  • YAY! Congrats for finishing, see how you worried and it still got done!

    PS. I don't think this outfit would work on someone with super dark skin, son't listen to that co-worker ever agian.

  • So exciting! And how great will it be for you to live near your boyfriend, too! 🙂 Fun times ahead!


  • Bas

    Congraaaaaaatulations girl. So happy for you!

  • Love the mint and yellow! Adorable! Have a great weekend.

  • Mooie outfit!
    En veel succes met een kot zoeken, ik ben blij dat ik er vanaf ben en eindelijk eentje gevonden heb! Ik zit al twee jaar bij, ik had dit jaar pech met mijn kamer, maar verder ben ik er tevreden van 🙂

  • Great news about the thesis!

  • BEAUTIFUL photos and so are you!!!! 🙂 Your blog is amazing. I just followed! Come check out mine?!

  • I actually think the pale colors of the outfit (and your skin…) make the little details pop – the belt, the little yellow clutch, your HAIR! I love it! Don't change your style! You look so comfortable while still maintaining that stylish-ness of it all!

  • wat is dat voor een opmerking van je collega 😀 het ziet er super uit!

  • ale seg, zo schoon! stomme collega. zilver is gelijk het mooiste dat er bestaat !
    supermooi, die outfit! pastelkleurtjes staan u keigoed 🙂
    xo Charlotte – Aliceroxy

  • Love the little bit of yellow with the belt and clutch!

    Congrats on completing your thesis too! And sorry about all of your goodbyes at work – the project I'm working on is ending and there are so many goodbyes, it's sad 🙁

    Away From Blue

  • i don't know what that person would have said to scare you away from wearing this shirt? it looks like a really lovely soft alternative to a white or cream shirt and it goes great with your mint jeans.

    little henry lee

  • Leuke outfit! Mooie kleurtjes 🙂

  • Mooie outfit. Love the clutch!

  • Cute outfit!

    You'll have fun at Uni big time!


  • that's a great outfit on you – I say wear any color you like and don't worry about it! congrats on the big steps towards uni & living on your own!

  • Supersuper leuke tas!

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine used to live in Antwerpen last year in a great kot! If you want me to ask him, I'll be glad to help you 🙂

    Send me an email if you want:

    Veel succes!

  • Meh, laat ze maar zeggen, dit is een top outfit!


  • Ik vind de outfit erg leuk, maar het maakt je erg bleek. Dat vind ik jammer!

  • I love the silvery/gray shirt, especially with the mint and pop of yellow! Congrats on handing in your thesis…that's awesome 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • Leuke outfit, staat je goed! Super leuke handtas!!

    x Audrey

  • Lady, you are pretty pretty pretty 🙂 Having freckles myself I could only wish I were a redhead as well.
    Glad you decided to forget your co-worker's words and go with the shirt, the whole outfit suits you really well. And the bag is lovely.

    Ah, congrats on having handed in the thesis, Nikki, what a relief I'd imagine.
    Antwerp might be the best option then, the city is really nice and gives a very good atmosphere, really sure you'll be happy there.

    All the best for the last few days of your internship, it's always nice to know you had an impact on other peoples lives and professional roles too.

  • i just ran in to your blog and i'm loving it! i liked reading about your studies, etc…i was a psych major with social work masters – its such a brilliant area! i think the pale shirt is kind of cool with your look 🙂

  • congrats on the thesis, that must be a huge relief and now you can enjoy summer a bit more. I like this outfit – the neon balances out the pale colours well xox

  • Wauw wat een mooie kleur heeft die broek!
    Je hebt een leuke blog trouwens, ik ga je volgen!

  • I too am a pale, natural ginger, and I hear this all the time. Fair skin rocks! Have you ever seen Lady Mary on Downton Abbey? Gorgeous. I can't wait to read more!

  • Oh my goodness! You look so pretty!! I think these colors go great with you skin tone! (: Found you from button hopping! Cute blog you have here!