Made well for fall

Madewell dress // Zara cardigan & necklace // Veritas tights // Footwork boots
Clever titles, I love them. Meet my Madewell dress. It’s the prettiest and most expensive dress I own. I simply can’t get enough of this plaid number! The colour palette includes all my favorite fall colours: mustard, purple, gray and navy. And because so much colours are used in the pattern, this dress is very easy to mix up! I can’t wait to try it with my mustard tights and that thick navy cardigan I am eying at C&A. Oh consumerism.

I just got home after my first day of the new school year. I’m now in my third and last year of college, so by the end of June I hope to have that Social Work degree I’ve been working so hard for. I can’t believe how fast we’re all growing up. High school feels just moments ago, and now I have to start writing a thesis and think about the next steps in life. Right now I have the image in my head of another study, probably in Antwerp, with my own little appartment so I can live on my own during the week and go home on weekends. All I need to figure out is what exactly that new study will be. Google will be my friend this year.

I have quite some catching up to do, so i’m going to leave it at this and try to post again on wednesday. I have a few photography posts ready in my concepts, so I’ll probably share one of those!

See you soon! 
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  1. 17 September 2012 / 15:44

    Waw Nikki, die jurk staat je echt geweldig, prachtige kleuren! 🙂 & ik ben verlief op jouw haarkleur!

  2. 17 September 2012 / 15:44

    This dress looks like it was made for you! I don't own anything from Madewell, but I love everything they make. And good luck figuring out those next steps! 🙂

  3. 17 September 2012 / 16:52

    What an amazing achievement! Congratulations on all your hard work! And such a plus that you know what you want to do. I remember being in my third year of college and still wondering what in the world I want to do with my life. =) Of course I need to comment on that dress because I have been eyeing it on the madewell website. It looks great and I personally can't wait to see how else you can dress it up this fall. =)


  4. 17 September 2012 / 18:32

    I also love clever titles. ha! well done! hope you're learning to enjoy fall!

  5. 17 September 2012 / 20:35

    Wat een leuk jurkje – en zo leuk dat je het laatste jaar van de universiteit in gaat !! Ik ga nu mn 2e rechten jaar in 😉

  6. 17 September 2012 / 22:16

    Ahh you're coming into such an exciting time in your life 🙂
    And that dress is awesome! So perfect for fall – plaid, the colours, everything!

  7. 17 September 2012 / 22:27

    That dress is gorgeous on you. I love the colors, love plaid and love the fit. I can't wait to see how else you wear it!

  8. 17 September 2012 / 22:30

    I am in love with that dress…so pretty for fall! Best of luck with school this year 🙂

  9. 18 September 2012 / 00:25

    Oh, clever titles! The colors in this are too perfect. VERY pretty!

    Good luck as you figure out what the future holds!

  10. 18 September 2012 / 01:27

    This print is so charming…I just love plaids for fall!

    <3 Cambria

  11. 18 September 2012 / 06:20

    What a wonderful necklace 😉 Actually, you are only the second person (apart from me) that I see with it, although I would have thought everyone will have it, because it's so great 😉
    I love your dress, a perfect pattern and color mix for fall!

    xxx Anita

  12. 18 September 2012 / 07:01

    veel succes met de keuze!! leuk kleedje!!!

  13. 18 September 2012 / 13:21

    I loove this outfit, especially that beautiful necklace!! Unfortunately we don't have a Zara store here in my city 🙁 You have a beautiful blog by the way, I can't wait to keep reading 😉

  14. 18 September 2012 / 14:26

    This dress, actually, this entire outfit is downright perfect for you. It's so, so pretty. 😀 I love the purple theme, eeee!

  15. 18 September 2012 / 17:14

    Isn't Madewell the best? The prices are a little up there but that just makes me choose wisely.

  16. 19 September 2012 / 01:17

    I absolutely adore this! Gorg gorg!
    Maybe we can follow each other dear? 🙂


  17. 19 September 2012 / 04:25

    i absolutely love that color palette – you're right – it's perfect for pairing with fall colors!

  18. 19 September 2012 / 08:11

    I know how you feel about life moving so fast. High school seems like yesterday to me too, but I've already got a degree and working on my master's now. It makes me feel so old!
    But anyway, I love love your dress and how perfectly fallish it looks. You could pair so many nice colors with it!

  19. 19 September 2012 / 13:42

    Ik wens je succes met het vinden van een nieuwe opleiding.. Maar eerst en vooral veel succes met het komend academiejaar 😉

    Je kleedje is inderdaad echt wel mooi! Ik vind het superleuk, zo gecombineerd met die ketting 🙂 Me likey!


  20. 19 September 2012 / 14:01

    Oh, i love this dress!! And, agreed, would look AWESOME with mustard tights! I love the print & the color.

    And YAY for being your final year of school – it will be a great year. My last school year flew by so quickly!


  21. 19 September 2012 / 15:40

    This dress is just perfect. You look so beautiful! Love your clever titles too! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. 20 September 2012 / 13:05

    Perfect outfit, I love your dress 🙂

  23. 20 September 2012 / 20:50

    Pretty dress !!

  24. 20 September 2012 / 23:34

    your chckered dress is so so so cute- love the hues together and the beautiful backdrop!

  25. 21 September 2012 / 16:26

    schattig kleedje! ♥

  26. 22 September 2012 / 12:56

    Gorgeous dress, looks really good on you!
    Oh I'm in the final year of my college too, it suckssss that we've grown up so fast. I'm studying in Ljubljana (our capital 🙂 and going home for weekends and I totally rfecommend it to you too, it's great! 🙂

  27. 24 September 2012 / 03:26

    love this dress! i bet you'll get a ton of wear out of it this fall – the colors are perfect! and goodluck on your final year of college – how exciting!!

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