My new best wardrobe friend: Denim shirt

Wearing: AE outfitters Denim shirt – Oasis dress (via Asos) – Nine West flats – Old Navy bag – Pieces belt 

K and I went out for an evening walk outfit photos (We all know we don’t actually go for the walking part, right?) for the first time since I got back from my trip to the USA. It felt a little awkward after so long! Last week I ventured out to this spot on my own to practice a little with my newest camera lens. While doing so I got stung by either a wasp or a horsefly and my leg swell twice it’s size and I got a large bruise around the bite. My doctor says I’m allergic (No kidding, Sherlock!) and gave me the smelliest creme ever, haha. Too some people’s horror, I tweeted a photo of it after it happended, but I can asure you the smelly cream did it’s job and apart from an itchy spot my leg is fine now. Off to enjoy summer again!

I haven’t been around the bloggin’ block that much lately. After the exams and my time off my social life came back knocking on my door and I like it beeing back full time. With our crazy thunder-y Belgian weather we mostely have to stay in and watch old seasons of Bones and movies on Prime, whilest drinking fresh raspberries smoothies and having the obligated discussion on how hot/not hot Ryan Gosling is, but still I get a really summer-y feeling. 
Also, meet my new best friend. This denim fella plays so well with my dresses and skirts that I can’t stop wearing it. When I first met him on Broadway I wasn’t too sure, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind and  when we walked by and AE again a few days later I gave in and bought this overpriced beauty. I’m glad I did though, He’s a great cover up on a chilly evening and he’ll get me far into fall too! 
How’s everyone doing around here? 
xo, Nikki
  • its beautifull….
    i have a new outift

  • Lovely denim jacket!!

    Would be great if you visit me too,

  • ooh ik hou zoveel van denim shirt als ik van parka's hou πŸ™‚ wel oppassen met double denim denk ik dan soms πŸ˜‰
    Toffe foto's, ya ginger hair is looking smoking hot!

  • Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I also tend to get "huge" spots when something bites me, even if it's a simple mosquito.
    Well, apart from that, the spot you discovered is really nice though! And I also love denim shirts, but I don't really wear mine very often… And your little yellow bag is so cute!

    xxx Anita

  • Beautiful photos + outfit as always, you look like straight from a fairytale! πŸ™‚ And that bench is supercute!

  • Your glasses!!! I love them. πŸ˜€ They go SO well with your hair. Also, that denim shirt is so pretty – I have a few denim jackets that I love, yet rarely wear (I get hot so easily!) I'll need to break them out next time we're having a cold spell. πŸ˜€

  • such a pretty otufit πŸ˜€

  • Love the denim shirt – I really like the AE one they have but in the darker wash as well. I've been eyeing that one up recently. I think it would be a great transition item into fall but you're right, it's so expensive for a shirt!

  • Oo poor thing! Stay away from outfit pictures in meadows where there'll be more bugs!! I like the denim shirt; I have one too that I use as a jacket all summer long. It's perfect for throwing over your outfit once the sun goes down!

  • Love this outfit =D It's simple but really cute!! I love the pops of yellow in it especially =D Hope your leg's feeling a lot better now!

  • LOVE that striped dress Nikki, especially with the chambray shirt – so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  • What lovely photos! Loving the one w/ you sitting on the log. And I have been going crazy for denim chambray tops too! They are just so versatile and can be worn in so many ways!


  • That dress is wonderful, and looks so great paired with the denim! Glad you're enjoying the summer to its fullest, despite the bad weather. πŸ™‚

  • Woww…beautiful photos, you look adorable! The denim shirt is really cool, but I loooove your bag too ;D
    You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other? I promise I’ll follow you back!
    Have a nice day<3


    "SaΓΊde & Beleza – Health & Beauty"

  • Oh no! I found out last summer that I was allergic to wasps too. Darn bugs! Congrats on the new denim blouse. I wear mine aallllllllllllll the time.

  • Okay, okay, we were both just over at Just Take a Bow talking about leaving meaningful comments– but all I want to do is exclaim over how adorable you are! Your glasses! Your neon bag!

    On a (slightly less shallow?) note, high five on finding a shirt that works over this dress. I get the feeling the outfit would look a bit more formal without that completing piece: the denim keeps everything casual and perfectly summery. I want to try this, now!

  • You have good reason to make that denim fella your new best friend. It would go great with everything! I love how you wore it over the stripes, and the outfit looks amazing with the pops of yellow. Awesome styling!


  • Oh my word, I'm so eager for fall to arrive! I can't wait to pull out my chambray button down once these 100 degree temps are gone. It's such a versatile piece…and you've worn it one of my fav ways, it's SO CHIC with stripes! Love those cute shoes too πŸ™‚

    <3 Cambria

  • great outfit; absolutely love your bag and belt! Hugs and a wonderful Friday to you!!!

  • I love how easy this outfit looks…the denim jacket and bag are great! And welcome back to the blogging world! πŸ˜›

  • i'm glad your leg is better! and i looove denim shirts, i feel like they are the perfect thing to throw on top of a dress or tank during summer.

  • Lovely pictures – I like your yellow accessories and that shirt is a great layering piece.

    Glad your leg is better, sounds like it was pretty scary!

  • That is definitely a closet staple and if you use it a lot you'll definitely get your money's worth out of it.

  • yay! You're back! I love a good denim shirt, and your styling is perfect! Such a closet workhorse… you will get your money's worth, even if it was overpriced (what isn't in AE!?)

  • Hi Nikki! I somehow lost you on my google reader- so sad! Hope you had a great trip to USA. My husband is super allergic to bees. His throat closes up! My chambray shirt is worn allll the time πŸ™‚

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  • Echt een mooie outfit, en leuke plaats om foto's te nemen. Jammer van die beet die je hebt gehad, dat is het stomme aan de zomer… Gelukkig had je de dokter πŸ˜‰

    Ik vind het echt leuk hoe je deze simpele outfit hebt gecombineerd met gele accenten, echt leuk!

    Xo, Imke

  • 1. I cannot seem to find a denim/chambray shirt that I actually like. Gimme yours, haha.

    2. Yikes about the insect attack. I'm not allergic to those (yet) but my body freaks out when I get mosquito bites.

    3. Hopefully blogging doesn't continue to feel awkward!

  • Heel mooi, denim met streepjes. Ik hou van deze stijl.
    Balen dat je bent gebeten :-(.


  • You seriously live in such a Beautiful area!! I need to go visit Europe sometime. Speaking of country visits, you went to DC?? that sounds so fun! I've always wanted to go. I saw your post below and it looks like you had such a good time. p.s. you should totally put up a picture of your swollen leg!! hahaha

    The House of Shoes

  • Zo eentje wil ik ook nog, ik vind die denim jasjes namelijk echt geweeeeldig!

  • mooi! πŸ™‚

  • geweldige titel! en ik heb hetzelfde shirt :p

  • Your denim top works perfectly with your striped dress! A classic combination!