Bad Hair

Dry, frizzy, split ends and no real “do”. Oh boy, oh boy. I seriously need to get to the hairdresses ASAP! I can always feel when it’s time for a new cut. I’m not sure what to do with my bangs though… They are pretty long at the moment. I’ve had them sideways for years and I was thinking about trying something totally different this time. But I am SO scared! Do you guys have any ideas? What sort of bangs do you think would look good on me?

Wearing: GAP jeans and tee || Zara vest || gifted ring || H&M shoes and belt

These are the new GAP jeans and striped tee I bought in Lille last week. Someone commented that it is totally legit to buy a striped tee in France (eventhough you already have 4)  and I couldn’t agree more! Talking about trips, I’m going to Germany for the weekend! I have no idea where exactly we’re going nor what there is to see but my mom said something about a river valley, little towns and an old fortress, so it sounds good to me! This is what I love about living in Europe. There are so many different and pretty places to discover and you only have to drive for “a few” hours. On top of my bucketlist is a roadtrip in the USA… . We always want what we can’t have afford, don’t we?

I’ll see you guys after the weekend!

Happy March!

xo Nikki
  • You hair looks really nice the way it is, I wouldn't go for a major change. Oh, and I really like your pumps!
    I wish you a great time in Germany πŸ™‚

    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  • You are so cute. I love your fun hair, you should think about going for no-bangs. And a fun bobbed hair cut. But I'm sure whatever you choose will look lovely on you.

  • You should get straight cut bangs (like Zooey Deschanel) It would look so cute on you. Good luck!!


  • love the bag

  • I love that faux fur! BTW, I've been to Germany, to Frankfurt, Berlin and some little village by the Polish border. Seen some major picturesque scenes. Have a great time! x

  • Jo

    Your hair is beautiful! and I love this outfit!

  • J'adore tes shoes ! TrΓ¨s jolies tenues !

  • Wait, so are you getting your hair cut short, or just straight bangs in the front?

  • What cute little heels! You look lovely!

  • lovely blog!
    Your hair is so cute ^^


  • Your hair is so pretty the way it is! I love the new things and how you styled them! Very pretty pictures and lucky you–going on a roadtrip! Have fun!

  • i think you would look amazing with blunt bangs! and i love your vest, that collar is perfect!

  • you look gorgeous! love your hair color!


  • I looove the color of your hair! I usually go redhead for the summers. πŸ™‚

  • thanks so much for your comment! these are so cute photos, and the outfit is so lovely! and it's true, europe is great because everything is quite close together, but a roadtrip through the usa would be really great!
    I follow you, your blog is sooo cute! perhaps you have some time to visit my blog once again πŸ˜‰ and perhaps follow me back when you like it?

    xxx Anita

  • My hair gets that feeling too. Hm I suggest fringe bangs. =]

  • Agreed, I love your hair now. I do love sidebangs… you look so pretty!

  • Hello there!
    I'm not sure you should get bangs or cut your hair at all (long red hair is too pretty!), but if your hair is getting dry and frizzy, try to use a deep-conditioning mask. The L'OrΓ©al line in Europe offers excellent ones at good price. And use a wave-enhancing product to let it become wavy rather than frizzy/straight (it's ugly when it happens after you straighten your hair).
    Hope this helps! And I LOVE your outfit, but you need to show us more of your pretty face!

  • Lovely picture by the trees! Love the chic outfit! And yes we do want what we can't afford.. I live in the US and want to visit Europe!


  • Oooh, love that fur trim on the vest!
    Cute, chic outfit. <3
    And I'm also having an outburst of split ends, it drives me crazy! I need to try out a product for it, but I'm not sure what works…
    Hmm, not sure what you could try except for blunt bangs. Have you seen that trend? I've done it the past two summers and they've turned out really well. Just know it will make you look reaaally younger unless you're wearing makeup. Haha

  • Your striped tee is so cute! Love the fur collar as well!

  • love this look! so cute! Have fun in Germany!

    love from San Francisco,

  • This outfit is so fun. love the stripes, fur, and knit sweater combo!

  • your hair isn't bad at all!!!!!!!!love that length and color,probably all you need is a little trim!<3


  • Nice bag and shoes and oh, love your ginger hair by the way, always wanted to say that πŸ˜€

  • beautiful photos and outfit!

  • I was terrified before getting the bangs I have now but it was the best decision I ever made. I think you could do almost any bangs and look good, honestly.

  • We all have those days! You look is fabulous!

  • Loving your bag and that cute little sweater! Eeek – haircuts can definitely be scary, but I'm sure whatever you do will look great πŸ™‚

    The Other Side of Gray

  • i say for sure get wispy straight across bangs. i did, and i love them! I think Canada should also be on your bucket list for road trips. really, it's so wonderful!

  • Bre

    I am bad decider with hair and I tend to stay away from bangs (they look silly on me) so I can't help you there, sorry.
    I can tell you that since using Moroccan Oil my hair is WAY less frizzy and dry and I can go a few months longer without going to the salon. It's amazing stuff.
    You look in these photos.

  • QT

    Cute pictures!

  • I'm loving the details on this outfit…those tiny little stripes, the buttons/fur on the sweater, and those really cute shoes! Great handbag too.

    <3 Cambria

  • Leuke look! X

  • I can imagine so many hairstyles that would suit you! Your hair is lovely this way too, by the way! Light bangs, side bangs or a more brave haircut – a nice bob! πŸ™‚

    Your vest is so special, really pretty. πŸ™‚

  • I've been feeling the same way about my hair lately, but honestly, yours looks amazing! I love the colour more than anything, I've always wished for red hair! And this outfit is beautiful…love the soft neutral tones.

    Alexandra xo

  • You look adorable. I love your hair and your outfit.

  • I love stripes and how you layered the tee under the vest! This outfit is really cute πŸ™‚ hmmm I get really scared for haircuts too. I think side bangs would be nice because blunt bangs are really hard to manage D:

  • Love that first pic! πŸ˜€
    xo bff πŸ˜‰

  • you've totally just described my hair right now. it's been almost a year since my last cut!

    I totally think you could pull off bangs, they'd be so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • What a gorgeous outfit! I love the fur and your cute bag!

    See Me Rwar

  • Hey Nikki! I love your blog! My grandmother is from Belgium and I've always wanted to visit. I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  • Nice photo, and you look great.

  • very cute…i love the layering of a short sleeve over the long.


  • Such a beautiful photo location!