Ballet Dress

Black Swan finally premiered on this side of the ocean. After hearing, reading and seeing all kinds of things about this movie, I am almost dying to see it. Just to get in the mood I thought I’d wear this dress I got at Zara a few weeks ago. I am so in love with it!

| Dress Zara | Cardigan H&M | Tights Drugstore | Boots (Wo)Man @ work | Cluth Vintage | Belt Mango |

My boyfriend discoverd that I am a blogger… after almost 2 years of dating. He says he now finally understands my “crazy” {He used that word} obsession for shopping and photography. Darling, does that mean you want to be my photographer more often? Speaking of my boyfriend. It’s his birthday tomorrow and I still have no gift!

I am now going to pack my bags for a sleepover at my girlfriends place in Leuven. She goes to college there. I have to take two trains to get to Leuven and to be honest  I have never taken a train alone, so I will probably get lost and miss my connection in Lier. Wish me luck!