Found this silver daisy at the local thriftshop. It stole my heart!
It’s a buttonclip by the brand Western Germany. A buttonwhat? I asked that too.
 Something you clip over ugly buttons on coats and capes they replied me.
Well, Strange invention. But it’s still a cute thingy for €0.10 eurocents ^^


  1. 7 March 2011 / 11:20

    It's sooo cute!!

  2. 7 March 2011 / 11:26

    It is so sweet! Seems like such a funny thing though as surely you'd need more than one ?? Cute nonetheless, it would look lovely clipped to your jacket collar !

    I am loving your layout! x

  3. 7 March 2011 / 18:55

    I think it's a dorable! great find 🙂
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I really like yours and am following you now and would love for you do the same!


  4. 7 March 2011 / 20:30

    strange but totally awesome! i actually have some things that have a beautiful silhouettes and patterns but the buttons can be so so off!!! i love this! i want one!

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