My Favorite Coat for Fall

Mi scusi… mi scusi… It looks like I’ve ghosted you again the past two weeks! I spent a week in Spain with my friend K and then things happened on the home and work front that kept me away from the internet for the last couple of days. My (only 6 months old and very expensive) phone also died, which should explain my absence from social media all together. It’s been a week, friends, it’s been a week.

Spain was lovely though and scoring some pretty bits for my wardrobe during Black Friday today cheered me up as well.

And now that we are talking shopping and sales… . This Jaeger coat is probably one of my best sale buys ever. It’s my go-to for those chilly mornings in November and it pairs beautifully with all the colors that I like to wear in Fall. I’ve had it for a few years already and am surprised that this is only the first time that it appears on my blog. I can’t believe that I never photographed an item that I’ve worn so much before!

Jaeger might not ring a bell, but it’s one of my new favorite brands to look for timeless pieces in fall/winter. Jaeger is a UK based brand that has a smaller collection that mainly consists of basic pieces in neural colors. I visit their shops whenever I’m across the pond and take a mental note of all the pieces that I like. I go back during the sales to make my move because the price point is a bit, well… up there? Haha! Cannot wait for the January sales so I can snag up one or two of the pieces that I’ve been eyeing this season.

I hope your week is off to a lovely start. I’ve started mine feeling unwell, but we’ll see how I do after a few days of resting. If all goes well I’ll be travelling again soon too (last trip of 2019!) and that’ll do me good. I have had too much on my plate the last couple of months and am looking forward to January, when things will hopefully slow down again. Until then: an extra cup of coffee and the foresight of the Holidays should keep me going.

Outfit details
coat: Jaeger
blouse: H&M
jeans: Madewell 10 inch high-rise
ballet flats: Clarks


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  1. 3 December 2019 / 13:05

    That is a beautiful coat, I can see why you wear it so much! It looks really good with the burgundy shirt too!

    Sorry you’ve had so many technology issues, and now you are feeling unwell !I hope everything gets resolved and you feel better soon!

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