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This summer I worked as a shop assistant for ZEB, a large Belgian fashion retailer. That summer job might have assured my daily work out got done (squatting, lifting, fast-walking and overall dancing should be in any shop assistants job description), it was nothing compared to what we did last Saturday at the Cocorun launch event for Bloggers. Together with a personal trainer a group of bloggers got to put ZEBs very own first sports collection to the test.  The verdict? Well…

My favorite pieces

Black & white sports bra (€29.95) • Black Tye seamless top (€29.95) • Light coral seamless top (€24.95) • Black T-shirt (€32.95) • Zebra print legging (€49.95) • ‘Don’t Walk’ crop top (€16.95) • Light coral jacket (€49.95) • Basic black leggings (€49.95)

The Cocorun collection consists of everything you could need but shoes and gadgets. The clothes are made of quick dry material and, as good sportswear should be, breathable. Some items come in one size, which means comfortably stretching clothes that follow your movement and body shape. Many of the tops are seamless so you won’t have to deal with itchy seams while working out! The price tags range between €20-50, which means Cocorun is a nice in-betweener in the sportswear market.

For the work-out session I choose the Light coral seamless top and a pair of 3/4 leggings with that gorgeous black and white dotted pattern.

The event

All smiles before, all smiles after! Thanks to my failing left leg (hip and knee injuries, hooray!), I hadn’t been as active as I usually am, so the intense work-out fell hard on me but in the end felt really really good. We started with a slow, but nonetheless intensive yoga/dance session, which was a first for me. I have terrible balance and my eye-body coordination is even worse so this session was kind of an epic fail, haha. Not to worry, because after the event we got to take home the pink training mats and now my friend K is forcing me into yoga-at-home… . I still love her.

After a well-needed break the trainer kicked things up a notch with an intensive full-body work out. I nearly fainted thanks to my ever so present low blood pressure, so I had to take a break in the middle and rest. After the session ended we were spoiled with a lovely healthy lunch, complete with fresh smoothies and superfood salads from Jar Head (tasty, tasty!).

Review of my outfit

>So this was my gear! Ain’t those spotted leggings the bomb diggety? As promised, they stayed on perfectly during the whole work out and my top didn’t ride up either. The clothes were so so so soft and the stretch abilities assured even more comfort. The clothes did what the press file said they’d do and will be a nice addition to my sport outfits. The Nikes are my own and were a gift from my Mom last year. They’re the Lunar Glides.



  1. 7 April 2016 / 12:21

    Super kleurrijke en mooie foto’s! Je hebt een leuk setje gekozen!

  2. 7 April 2016 / 12:52

    Goede keuze! Het is zo’n leuke, kleurrijke collectie. Ik ga snel eens bij ZEB langs. Ik kan nooit genoeg sportkleren hebben 🙂

  3. 7 April 2016 / 14:04

    Gave outfit 😀 en ik ben zelf ook zwaar out of shape *whoops*

  4. 7 April 2016 / 16:36

    Whoop whoop!!! 🙂
    Ben al super benieuwd wanneer mijn broek gaat aankomen.

    X, Eline

  5. 8 April 2016 / 09:53

    Oh dat zag er echt een tof event uit 😀 En lunar glides <3 (ik heb die ook, precies wolkjes aan mijn voeten 😉 )

  6. 8 April 2016 / 13:47

    Ahh ik heb ook een heup die niet mee wil, echt vervelend is dat he. Ik vind het zo jammer dat élke sportcollectie flashy kleuren of megaveel contrast heeft, ik wil gewoon neutrale mooie dingen yo 🙁 Dus loop ik standaard in head to toe zwart.

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