Making a home with Dille & Kamille

From the top left: Scented candle Wild Hyacinth 20cl €11.95 • White watering can made of zinc 1.7 liters €9.95 • Marigold tablecloth in cotton 140x180cm €19.95 •  Peeler with wooden handle €4.50 • Galvanized slop pail 15 liters €24.95 • Shopping basket made of Savannah grass (made in Ghana)  €29.95 • Stainless steal Pot ladle €5.95 • White scale up to 3kg €29.95 
On a quest to find the last bits of kitchen utilities I needed, my mom and I went into a local Dille & Kamille store. I knew this was proooobably going to be a bad idea as I always fall in love with so many of their items. For those of you who are not familiar with the store, i’ll give them a short introduction. Dille & Kamille is a kitchen / decoration store that aims to help you get more pleasure out of life by presenting you with an assortment of the prettiest housewares out there. From a classic spoon to funny shaped chalkboards and heavenly scented candles: they’ve got it all.
I did good in the store, and only brought home the peeler and ladle you can see above. But the image of that shopping basket has snuck into my brain and I can’t get it out. Their price is out of my budget, but I loved them so much. On the Dille & Kamille website I could only find the plain ones, but in the store you can find them in the prettiest of colors. I am smitten, what can I say. If my budget at the beginning of October allows it, I might go back and snag one up. I think I’ll use mine as a magazine holder, or maybe do some actual shopping with it!

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  1. Александра Захарова
    26 September 2013 / 19:24

    I'm one of those people who are not familiar with the store) Tough, I'm sure I would fall in love with it! All those things are so pretty and I'd love to have them all at my kitchen))) Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. 27 September 2013 / 00:27

    this is the 1st i've heard of this shop but it sounds and looks so fab! i can spend hours in a homewares store, all the many options sort of overwhelm me at times. perhaps that's how i've transitioned into more online venues but i do miss the actual picking up and inspecting the items. what an awesome haul you showcased in the pic Nikki – i'm nuts about it!

  3. 27 September 2013 / 01:47

    I have a feeling that Dille and Kamille is the type of store I could spend hours in. I love to imagine what my future apartment will look like and try to decide if I'll go for a classic or modern look.

  4. libys11
    27 September 2013 / 02:30

    omg!!! if housewares were as pretty as that, i'd be totally inspired to cook and do house chores!! 😀 teehee!!

    Animated Confessions

  5. Nicole
    27 September 2013 / 12:59

    Beautiful items! And I love the basket, too!!

  6. Kristian Satterlee
    27 September 2013 / 16:11

    Oh, I love all these items. They need to be in my kitchen…

  7. 27 September 2013 / 16:33

    Oe, leuk kaarsje en ik ben op zoek naar die weegschaal in mint green… the search continues 🙂


  8. Hannah Gottlieb-Graham
    28 September 2013 / 02:01

    Kitchen shopping is so much fun. I love unique decorations!

    Xo, Hannah

  9. Amélie De Rycke
    28 September 2013 / 12:10

    Ik wil ook! 😀

  10. 29 September 2013 / 09:37

    Leuke spulletjes! En ik ben nog nooit bij dille & kamille geweest…

  11. 29 September 2013 / 13:15

    Haha, ik ben een theetje aan het drinken van daar!

  12. Laura
    2 October 2013 / 13:20

    Haha, ik ken Dille & Kamille eigenlijk vooral van de coole meisjes die zo'n tote bag met 'Dille & Kamille' op dragen. Maar leuke winkel, inderdaad! Ik zou er vaker moeten komen 🙂

  13. Eline - collars and cupcakes
    2 October 2013 / 20:28

    Dille & Kamille is zo'n fijne winkel! Leuke selectie!

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