High Tea at HoneyPie in Middelburg

This weekend my mom took my sister and me out for a high tea at their favorite place in Middelburg: HoneyPie. I had passed by the tea house before and had seen people having lunch out on their floating (!) terrace, but never took the time to test their menu myself. Having been to the UK quite a couple times, I have always looked at people having high tea with a bit of jealousy. It’s a pricey meal to have and as travelling youngsters it has never been in our budget to book a high tea for ourselves. We did with a simple afternoon tea with a slice of cake and I kept dreaming about “someday”. That day was this weekend and I will already say: I will be back for more!

The high tea at HoneyPie is served in three rounds, savory, scones and pastries, just like it would be in England. Before the first round was served we were welcomed with a pot of tea and a pot of coffee and explained how everything worked. After a couple of minutes they brought out the cake stand with the first round and my goodness, I might have had enough with just that! We got a warm egg muffin and three mini-sandwiches with savory fillings which went nicely with the basic tea blend my mom had chosen for us. About 45 minutes later I felt ready for the second part. Warm, fluffy scones with cream and jam. I felt like I was right back in Canterbury with this one! The fruit skewers helped relief the heaviness of the first two rounds, but it’s needless to say we let quite some time pass by before we ordered our final round: the pastries! This last round was without doubt me and my sisters favorite. The chocolate-cookie crumble pie is my sisters number one, but I loved the brownies most. So tender and full of taste! There was also lemon cake and the mini-muffins on top were warm apple-speculoos cakes.Not only is the food great, the atmosphere is too. There’s lots of cute little details and a small shop with pretty fabrics, tea cups and whatnot. Between rounds I wandered around and took a couple of picture of the interior. I kind of didn’t dare to say that I was going to write a blog post, so I’m not sure what they thought of me as I was going around. Maybe they thought I was nuts for photographing their hanging plants and decorations?

We had our high tea during “brunch hour” so it wasn’t very busy yet, but around noon the place was jam-packed. There were girls on a shopping break, young moms with strollers, families, elderly women having a chat, … . Everyone loves to hang around here and I can definitely tell why. The food is delicious, the place is cozy and the personnel is very friendly. If you want to visit HoneyPie and have a high tea you must make reservations at least one day in advance. the high tea is €18,50 per person and they also offer the package for take-away if you’re hosting a tea party at home.

See more of what Middelburg has to offer here.

Achter de houttuinen 50
4331 NJ, Middelburg


  1. 16 June 2015 / 01:40

    Wow, that looks so fun! I’ve always wanted to try a high tea too. And this one seems comparatively reasonably priced against some I’ve seen on blogs. Sounds so good….

  2. 16 June 2015 / 13:51

    That looks lovely, and sounds great too! πŸ™‚

    I’ve had home-made high teas but never been out anywhere for it. It’s so deceptive isn’t it, you think ‘such tiny pieces, of course I can eat it all!’ but with the variety it’s much more filling than it looks πŸ™‚

    Glad you had a great time πŸ™‚

  3. 16 June 2015 / 17:32

    Wat een prachtige foto’s allemaal! Heb al helemaal zin om daarheen te gaan!

    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  4. Kim Jacobs
    18 June 2015 / 14:05

    Wat ziet her er leuk uit!!

  5. 19 June 2015 / 20:28

    Ik ben zelf allesbehalve een theedrinker, maar damnnn.. Dat interieur! Die dessertjes! Dat pand! Wauw, gewoon wauw.

  6. 22 June 2015 / 09:50

    Dat ziet er een gezellig plekje uit! Hangende plantjes zijn ook altijd mijn favoriet πŸ˜‰

  7. 22 June 2015 / 20:02

    This is just lovely!! Martin & I were just talking about going for high tea… there’s something about it. Just so fun! xo

  8. 23 June 2015 / 11:55

    What a cute cozy place! I could spend all day there sipping tea and nibbling on all those delicious treats πŸ˜‰

  9. Nortfhlix NL
    23 June 2015 / 16:54

    Wat een ontzettend tof plekje! Alleen voor mij 300 kilometer rijden. Jammer!
    Wat heb je trouwens mooie foto’s gemaakt. Mag ik vragen welke camera/lens je gebruikt?

  10. 24 June 2015 / 09:27

    Die naam alleen al is veelbelovend. en jep, als je dan verder leest en de foto’s ziet weet ik dat ik hier gewoon wil wonen πŸ˜€

    x AurΓ©lie

  11. 26 June 2015 / 10:28

    Oh wauw dat ziet er super gezellig uit daar!

  12. 29 June 2015 / 23:01

    Ooh wat ziet dat er lekker en gezellig uit! *kwijl kwijl*
    Ik ga zondag voor de eerste keer naar een high tea in Maastricht, ik ben echt benieuwd!
    X Sara

  13. 8 July 2015 / 05:20

    Everything look so delicious! I’ve had high tea twice on birthdays and it’s just so much fun! Quiche or little sandwiches with dessert at the end is just amazing.

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