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On the first day of Christmas a friend send to me, an album by a singer I love to hear. And on The second day of Christmas I send to a friend, an album by a singer I hope she loves to hear. And on The twentieth day of Christmas there we will form a circle of friends listening to good music, and reading each others blog posts about this special musical project.

When I first started blogging, I never thought it would affect my offline life as much as it has. Throughout the years the offline side of it has become equally, if at times not even more, important than the online happenings. I’ve met new people who love and laugh about the same things I do, people who’s stories have moved me, people who support this blog even when it turns quiet for a while, people who (try to) teach me about make-up, people that drink cocktails with me and people who support my coffee-addiction. It is thanks to my blogging friends that I still write The Ginger Diaries with joy.

It is the friendships that we build that Sony Music Belgium wants to help celebrate with their #SonyMusicSanta project. Where we usually show our appreciation by helping each other out with outfit shoots and writing sessions in coffee bars, we’re doing something special this time. We are gifting good music to listen to when writing a blog post or, as in my case, a master thesis. Marlies from Golden Mirrors & Pink bows chose to give me George Ezra’s debut album “Wanted On Voyage” and I could’nt be more happy! His most well-known single “Budapest” already was on a playlist I listen to daily, as are “Did You Hear The Rain” and “Listen To The Man”. George Ezra might only be 21, his voice warms you up and fills the room with ease. He’s a pleasure to listen to, and I’m hoping his name will pop up on some festival posters this summer!

Those who receive shall give, and therefor I send the love forward to Laura from Laura Pauline K. I love her writing and have been reading her blog for years. If you ever visit London, her posts about the city are a must-read. It’s also no secret that she loves good music, so when it was my turn to send a little love, I knew my gift would be for her. I chose to gift her Gabriel Rios’s new album,The Marauder’s Midnight, because his songs send out the same vibe as her blog. I just though they’d be a perfect match. I’m curious to see what she’ll write, and how she spreads the blog-love further.

Thank you, Marlies, for thinking of me and know that I’ll be listening to George a lot during the upcoming exam-period. The perfect way to calm my nerves!

A special thank you goes to Sony Music Belgium for hosting this lovely musical link-up!


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