Drawn together

 skirt: H&M • denim shirt: American Eagle • ballet flats: Jonak

What do you guys do when you come home after a successful shopping trip? I always run up the stairs and try on my newest wardrobe addition, open my closet and create as many outfits as I can. I prance around in front of the mirror like a ballerina and hope the neighbors don’t see me. Because, you know, that would be a little bit awkward. 
This fall I have to do with a €40 shopping budget. You read that right, €40 and not a cent more. I’ve had my fair share of complete shopping-bans (and like most this one too involves a city trip that needs financing), so €40 ain’t that bad. However, those €40 are loaded on a H&M gift card and I haven’t shopped at H&M in over a year. My mom also informed me the gift card was about to expire because she had it in her wallet for years. Now does it sound like a challenge? To H&M I went… .
I came, I saw, I conquered. This perfectly basic, textured black mini-skirt dangled in my hand in a shiny plastic bag while I made my way out of the store. I came home and I ran up the stairs to try on my new skirt and prance in front of the mirror. I used my boyfriend for a hanger as I mixed and matched outfits and wrote down combinations for when I have an off-day (really guys, do this!). My new skirt reached an easy 9 different looks that I can rock this summer and fall and that isn’t bad for a H&M find. This is the first outfit I wanted to share, and I already have a second one photographed and ready to blog, so expect to see this skirt here again soon!
When I was walking the dogs earlier today, I ran into one of my neighbors on a local trail and he gave me a compliment on my dancing skills. #awkward. 


  1. 4 August 2014 / 20:02

    I really love shopping and I miss that feeling of loving shopping. I’m trying not to buy anything while I’m still transitioning in size. I love this combo here! The flats are so cute!

  2. 4 August 2014 / 20:59

    Whenever I decide I have enough clothes and I don’t need anything more, the shops suddenly have the most beautiful things. I feel like I’m getting better at resisting those shopping urges as I get older but it might just be because I have so much now 🙂

  3. 4 August 2014 / 23:25

    Wow- a challenge but well met! This is a cute look, and I’m interested to see what you share with us of the other nine looks later 🙂

  4. 5 August 2014 / 02:45

    Those shoes!! They’re so wonderful and almost whimsical looking! I do the same! After shopping, I run to my room and try on all of the pieces again and make outfits! It’s so much fun!

  5. 5 August 2014 / 05:15

    That is a cute skirt 🙂

    When I was pregnant, after a bump growth spurt I’d set aside 10mins or so and go through my wardrobe coming up with outfits that still fitted. It’s a great idea to do with a new clothing item! I wish I could try some outfit ideas now, but no time with baby. I always feel more confident if I’ve tried an outfit on before wearing it out.

    Away From The Blue

  6. 5 August 2014 / 05:35

    I love when you find a piece of clothing that is so versatile you can think of a gazillion ways to style it as your buying it. I am looking forward to seeing how else you styled that awesome skirt!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  7. 5 August 2014 / 06:03

    Haha! You were found out! 🙂 Awkward indeed!

    I just love your style. So simple yet classic and perfect. And your budget impresses me!

  8. 5 August 2014 / 19:20

    Leuke look, niet je typische, maar ik vind het een mooie zomerlook! Meer van dat, ben al benieuwd naar de volgende.

  9. birtegovarts
    5 August 2014 / 21:52

    Superleuke rok, ben nu al benieuwd naar je tweede combi!

  10. K W
    6 August 2014 / 20:04

    this outfit is perfect.

  11. 7 August 2014 / 11:25

    I always try on all my new stuff when I get home, that’s standard right? 😀

  12. 8 August 2014 / 11:32

    Leuk rokje! Ik ben paranoia over mijn nieuwe kleren aandoen als ze uit te winkel komen, die moeten eerst gewassen worden en dan doe ik ze pas aan. Na kleren te passen wil ik ook altijd meteen douchen :p #ikbeneenfreak

  13. 17 August 2014 / 18:05

    Haha zalig, ik wil uw outfit notitieboekje wel eens zien! Mooi rokje, lady.
    Naomi, x

  14. 25 August 2014 / 11:37

    Hihi goed geshopt idd! Nu dat ik hier in Barcelona minder verdien moet ik ook echt oppassen met het shoppen 🙂

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