The Gap

Zara dress (pretty old) and cardigan // Footwork boots /: H&M tights // C&A scarf // Hema earrings (pretty old too)
Soooooooo. Yeah. A reader asked me to write a post about the one thing I hate most about my body. While a few years ago I definitely would have answered with “my hair”, I think I’m over that now. People sometimes encourage me to smile a little brighter on my blog, but I felt I always had a good reason not to. I hate my teeth. Even though a lot of people tell me they never even noticed it (seriously, it took my friend Susan 3 years to see it…), I am always aware of “The Gap”. Whenever I have to laugh out loud, I’ll place my hand in front of it, afraid to get more of those  meant-funny-but-hurting jokes people made about it in the past. My family couldn’t afford braces when I was younger, so throughout high school I was mocked with both my hair and teeth. A few years ago my mom went out working again and we finally went to see an orthodontist. She told me that I could get (invisi)braces and in two years the gap would be gone. But because I had a tooth pulled on my upper right side when I was 8, the gap would probably be back in no time. the orthodontist basically said that the only two options I have is to either get all my teeth pulled and wear fakes or wear braces for the rest of my life. Both not gonna happen, haha! Today I am learning to make peace with these two uglies, but I’m having a hard time. Maybe I should go to one of those laughing classes? 
Another reader also encouraged me to be more creative with my posing.  Many of you probably noticed, but I didn’t “feel it” anymore the past few weeks. My photos were slacking and I was hoping no one would notice. Bad, I know. So I tried do dance around a little more when we were taking these photos, and kinda think it worked out. Maybe you guys want to share your secrets on how to be more creative with posing and acting in front of the camera? I could use the help! Thanks again for the wake-up call, whoever you were, and if you would still be reading this, I’ve replied to your comment in the comment section πŸ™‚

Hope all is well in your worlds!
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PS: please note that I know that there are more terrible things in this world than  having a gap between your two front teeth. I myself have been through much worse things than this, like I’m sure many of you have as well. This blog is a place where I normally only share the good things that happen, because frankly, it’s just no fun to share sad stories. Secondly, you know that thing people say when someone get’s mad? Go to a happy place? For me one of those happy places is my blog. This blog means something to me and I sincerely hope no one will see this post as a way to get to me personally. 



  1. 3 December 2012 / 10:02

    Nikki, you look stunning, I love this dress! And your smile is adorable and the gap is cute, you have nothing to hide. πŸ™‚

  2. 3 December 2012 / 11:34

    I think your smile is cute πŸ™‚ I've actually started to notice that gap-toothed smiles are embraced rather than being perceived as a flaw. Lara Stone and Lindsey Wixston have similar smiles and they are loved for them.

    cute outfit btw, love the boots! πŸ™‚

  3. 3 December 2012 / 11:46

    i can't believe your dentist only gave those two options! i think your teeth look great. πŸ™‚ also i can't believe you'd ever dislike your gorgeous red hair!

  4. 3 December 2012 / 11:49

    Aww you are too cute – your smile is beautiful! πŸ™‚

    And you don't need to worry about a tiny gap in your teeth. Some people want it so badly they are asking dentists to make it, not to fix it! I thought of that as soon as I read your post. You are beautiful just the way you are πŸ™‚

    And I always think your photos are lovely – much more adventurous than my photos, I have the same pose every single day, haha. I should take tips from you!

    keep smiling – it's beautiful πŸ™‚

  5. 3 December 2012 / 11:56

    I think the gap is cute…it adds character πŸ™‚ I love your outfit, and I think these photos came out great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. 3 December 2012 / 12:29

    How can you possibly dislike your hair? I love it! And the gap in your teeth is super cute. Really nothing to worry about!
    Lovely outfit and poses πŸ™‚

  7. 3 December 2012 / 14:39

    Een spleetje tussen de tanden is als een statement, het maakt deel uit van wie je bent en dat hoef je niet te veranderen door dure (en misschien pijnlijke?) ingrepen. Je bent mooi zoals je bent en zelfvertrouwen hebben is het belangrijkste πŸ˜‰ Het zijn hele leuke foto's!

    Ps: Ik vind je haarkleur geweldig!

  8. 3 December 2012 / 14:49

    I know that feeling! Not with the gap, which I did have when I was younger, but being nervous about your smile. I grew up without doctors or dentists, and I took horrible care of my mouth, so I lost all of my teeth before I even turned 18. I got my first pair of dentures around 16-17 and they were made at home. :/ Because of that, and because they've been with me for a long time now (I only take them out to clean them), they don't fit right and holy hell do they hurt!!!

    One day I hope I'll have enough to go to the dentist, get a good examine and replace these dentures with brand new, proper fitting ones!

  9. 3 December 2012 / 16:03

    These photos are seriously cute. And I personally think the gap gives your smile a wonderful personality. I think that the things we dislike about ourselves are things other people don't notice or they can't imagine us without. Anyway, I think you are beautiful and you have beautiful hair and a beautiful smile!

  10. 3 December 2012 / 17:29

    Nikki, you are always inspiring to me! and you have a lovely smile! don't be too hard on yourself, I feel like a blog is a story and it changes as your life evolves. Taking photos and figuring out how to look and pose in them is a challenge for sure, but you do a wonderful job at it! I guess for myself what I'm learning is to try and take photos that enhance the things I like most about myself, or to share some emotion…or enhance the best features in others that I photograph. I love the background in these photos. I think your photos always have a creative, inspiring, genuine quality.

  11. 3 December 2012 / 17:36

    I want to steal this whole outfit!! You're adorable!

  12. 3 December 2012 / 17:36

    erg leuke outfit, wat een mooie locatie ook! ik vind dat je haar heel leuk zit zo πŸ™‚ en dat spleetje tussen je standen staat juist schattig! πŸ™‚ β™₯

  13. 3 December 2012 / 18:44

    New follower πŸ™‚ LOVE you blog and your style…very similar to my own πŸ™‚

  14. 3 December 2012 / 19:33

    Grin wider, girl. It may be your personal insecurity, but I think it is one of the most darling parts about you. (And thanks for your honesty, I think it's good to be real with readers when something is on your mind!) xo

  15. 3 December 2012 / 19:34

    I think your teeth are adorable! I really like this look, too. That dress looks so comfy and that scarf so cozy. Great look for winter.

    <3 Melissa

  16. 3 December 2012 / 19:48

    Thanks for posting this! I think your gap is incredibly charming and your hair is beautiful! =)

    And yes…I agree that writing/sharing sad stories is not fun…we all have personal stories that are not so happy and to share them ALL the time would be less than fun. But, it's definitely a good reminder that we all have them.


  17. 3 December 2012 / 19:52

    I'm glad you've made peace with your hair because I think it's incredibly beautiful…and your smile too! But, of course, we all have those things that we hate about ourselves but which others never notice.

    And I definitely need to get more creative with my poses as well – so this is like a little reminder to myself.

    I finally just have to note that I'm terribly envious of how well you pull off a belted cardigan. I can never quite manage that.

    Courtney ~

  18. 3 December 2012 / 20:06

    Love you style. I think you have a gorgeous hair color and who cares what other people think right. It's your blog. I think you did lovely at posing. My poses are a bit boring.

    Method Clothe

  19. 3 December 2012 / 20:36

    Oh Nikki!!!I like so much this post about you!!!
    One of my best friends has "the gap" too,but it is just a peculiarity that she only has!!!!So don't even try to hide it!
    It's something about you!!!
    (My nose is twisted!! :D)

  20. 3 December 2012 / 20:51

    Dear Nikki,
    I'm also not very creative in posing, and I also have to admit, posing is not the most important thing for me: apart from that, the outfit matters, the writing and of course the person behind the blog, the personality. And there are many great and famous bloggers who (not saying that I'm able to pose) don't have many "different" poses, a blog should be like you say a little place where the blogger shares something of his life, something where the blogwriter feels comfortable with, and no competition. Just something to connect with people that have the same interests!
    And what concerns your teeth: I can totally understand that (not saying that I would have noticed the gap without reading your post), but well, doesn't everybody have something about his/her body he/she doesn't like? For my part, it's a rather strange thing: I don't like to be photographed with my head turned to the left (aka to the right in photos), I really can't explain why, and nobody understands that, but I just don't feel comfortable with this side of my face.
    And I think your outfit is pretty cute, I love this dress!
    Take care, Anita

  21. 3 December 2012 / 21:49

    Love you in blue!
    No no no! I got Invisalign here in America over 5 years ago. I corrected a horrible set of teeth and had one of the front bottom teeth removed. The invisalign fixed my teeth and I have a wire on the back of my remaining bottom teeth. I wear my clear invisalign trays every night (they are like very thin teeth whitening trays). I'm sad that your dentist didn't say he could correct your teeth. I am so much happier now and I love smiling when I laugh.

  22. 3 December 2012 / 23:01

    You look beautiful when you smile, don't ever let the gap stop you!
    I have a larger than normal front tooth gap too, but really, no one notices as much as you do, and it's not worth being tight lipped over.
    Chic on the Cheap

  23. 3 December 2012 / 23:59

    Ugh I know exactly what you mean. People don't notice things like that about you, but it's as if it stares at you when you look in the mirror. Honestly, I have never noticed your teeth – and the gap is definitely not as noticeable as you think it is! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  24. 4 December 2012 / 00:06

    I'll admit that it really surprised me both to hear that you (at one time?) didn't like your hair because I genuinely find it Gorgeous. But then, being teased about physical things is so hard. I was also surprised to hear you had a gap in your teeth. I'm sure this doesn't really change how you feel about them, but looking at your photos here in this…. I think I rather like the gap. Like how really top models have physical things about them that are kinda quirky or different- not perfection- I think that's the gap. It adds character. Um, if that makes sense…. Okay, quitting rambling. Instead I'll just say that it is rather brave of you to come onto a place where people can comment and admit something like these insecurities. Good for you!

    On a completely different note the very first thing I noticed about these pictures was how blue is just a fantastic color for you. Makes your skin look great and really brings out your eyes.

    Hmmm… lastly, about the poses. I do a lot of silly poses too (leaning back on my heels, twirling, leaning down etc.) to expeirment. And some look really, really dumb. But its all exploring and learning. I also keep a pinterest board for photograph ideas and some pins are about poses. Though, I like the poses here just fine btw.

  25. 4 December 2012 / 01:03


  26. 4 December 2012 / 02:45

    I think it's adorable and adds character. I too have messed up teeth, even after having braces for many many years. I think it's fine, who cares ya know?

    and I love your hair color.

    and this outfit.

    ok i'll stop crushin πŸ˜‰

  27. 4 December 2012 / 03:05

    Golly, girl! I think you are so gorgeous and although we are are all hardest on yourselves I hope you can really take that in and love yourself, perceived flaws and all. Your photos are gorgeous, too! I live in a super populated and busy area and with it raining and getting dark so early it's extra hard to get good photos during the week. You seem to have access to an amazing backdrop for your photos. They are beautiful!

  28. 4 December 2012 / 05:01

    I think you have a beautiful smile. And that you are a strong woman for sharing one of your weaknesses with the world. I like to keep my blog a positive place too, and while I don't sugar coat things, I don't always talk about things that are bumps in the road – and I don't see anything wrong with that. I love your blog, and really enjoyed these pictures in this magical forest today!

  29. 4 December 2012 / 13:38

    You know, I never actually noticed you had a gap! I love smiles that have personality, and I think your gap just makes you even cuter πŸ™‚ It's funny, I had braces when I was younger but because my teeth were so large and my mouth so small, one of my teeth moved back to being all crooked and turned, and my bottom teeth are super crooked! I used to be mad about it, but think it gives my smile personality now.

    As for posing tips? I think I need those too, I always tend to do the same things!

  30. 4 December 2012 / 14:41

    Oh goodness! I have a bit of a gap in my front teeth too. I actually think it is charming. You are just beautiful just the way you are. (Also, I've always wanted hair in your color. I'm a tad jealous.)

    I'm interested to see the outfit photo advice. I've steered away from outfit posts because I'm so awkward in front of a camera. I could definitely use some tips.

  31. 4 December 2012 / 17:28

    thanks for sharing! love the honesty, and love the outfit!

  32. 4 December 2012 / 18:02

    As a red head, I can understand how you would feel left out or not normal as a child. I think that with time, you will grow to love your teeth as much as your hair πŸ™‚

  33. 4 December 2012 / 18:04

    okay i had never noticed this before nikki – but it doesn't even matter because you are so stinkin cute. and you pull of being a red head better than anyone i know – i'd say its an asset for you πŸ™‚

  34. A
    4 December 2012 / 19:50

    I also have a gap between my teeth, but as my dentist says, it is much easier to clean in there. ; ) I don't know, I guess it just never bothered me. And though I know it is easier said than done, try not to let it bother you. I certainly never even noticed it, I only noticed your nice clothing. : )

  35. 4 December 2012 / 19:57

    I actually like it when people have imperfect teeth-it gives their face more character! Perfect American teeth are soooo not for me!

    You look gorgeous, btw!

    Sophisticated Lace

    Enter my $20 Firmoo giveaway!

  36. 4 December 2012 / 20:05

    i think you look fabulous! i don't love my teeth much either because of a tooth that broke and I can't afford to get it fixed but I've found that bright lipstick helps a ton lol. Glad I found your blog!

    C's Evolution of Style

  37. 5 December 2012 / 06:41

    I never noticed the gap, and for the record, your hair is BEAUTIFUL and the kind of color that people pay loads of money to get! πŸ˜› People used to say the same thing to me about my curls and I never believed them, but I've come to accept my hair, too. Anyway, love the background in these pictures, and blue really suits you! πŸ™‚

    – Leslie, Instant Fires

  38. 5 December 2012 / 13:27

    what a cute Outfit, really like it <3

  39. 5 December 2012 / 14:41

    I have never thought your poses were "slacking" – and today you just look extra cute and happy πŸ™‚

    And oh my goodness, I felt like I was reading my diary with this post. As a redhead who grew up with a huge gap between my teeth, I know how you feel. But you know what?! It's what makes you unique. There are hundreds of models who have gaps in their teeth, and sometimes they even have their gaps widened to make it more noticeable! Your gap is very small, and you have a wonderful smile so don't hide from it! Also… I have had braces TWICE since middle school (metal and invisalign) and you know what? I still cover my mouth when I laugh really hard. It's just who I am πŸ™‚

  40. 6 December 2012 / 02:18

    Oh my word, would never have given a second thought to your gap…look at Lara for heaven's sake πŸ™‚ And love the dress you've got on, that crinkled texture fabric is really pretty.

    <3 Cambria

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  41. 6 December 2012 / 17:18

    I wonder who tells you all that crap about you
    You are as cute as a button and the gap between the teeth?? isn't there a couple of famous models with gaps?

    Nice blog and nice style

    I will follow you

    Ariane xxx

  42. 8 December 2012 / 21:56

    I can empathise with taking photos with awkward poses. I hate taking pictures of myself because I'm so critical of how I look. I don't know how you do it, but i can say you look wonderfully natural. And I know it's hard, but you should embrace what you think are flaws (ie your gap). If you're not going to change it (wear braces or anything) learn to love it! It's what makes you unique and cute as a button! (and now to apply that to myself too. LOL)

  43. 9 December 2012 / 07:27

    Great outfit. xx

  44. 9 December 2012 / 21:28

    gosh Nikki, the backdrop in these snaps is awesome. i love the way it almost looks like a painting, how the trees are awash of fuzzy green and the burnt orange leaves trail back behind you. really charming and so are YOU lades!!! love the outfit.

    you are so very pretty, i adore your soft and shiny ginger hair!! embracing the things we fixate on as faults is pretty tough stuff, we're always our own worst critics and man alive do i ever empathize with you on what a toll being made fun of in school takes on your own self image. eeps, for reals! your gap is something i never really noticed either, gotta say though, i think it's pretty darn cute! reminds me of Lauren Hutton right away not to mention Georgia Jagger who's fully embraced her gap with gusto.

    i was made fun of in school for my braces (had them on for almost 3 years) and hardly ever smiled because of it. one day, at the back of class (cos that's where i'd sit to try and not draw attention) a boy who i thought was mighty hot turned around and said simply: "you should smile more, you've got a nice smile". it tripped me out, but from then on i consciously made more of an effort to smile and push the other harsh critics out of my mind. all it takes, sometimes, is one person to encourage you. i hope you've found that too because you are lovely in spirit and in beautiful presence.

    um, 1 trick i use for loosening up at photo shoots is music. it seems to get my mind out of awkward and into looser play in front of the cam. happy sunday! β™₯

  45. 13 December 2012 / 23:57

    oh my gosh, you are too cute! I just found your blog and I already love it πŸ™‚

  46. 18 December 2012 / 23:25

    LOVE this outfit! So cute! You have beautiful hair!

  47. Anonymous
    1 January 2013 / 10:31

    I love the gaps–they give your face a delightful personality! I don't think that you should change a thing. Many models love their gaps.I did want to mention that if you ever wanted to make a change, you wouldn't need braces forever, but would need to wear a "retainer" at night to have the teeth hold their positions. And, never would they pull the teeth! To make changes without orthodontia, they might do veneers (caps on the front) or add some composite material called "bonding" to fill in the spaces if you wanted (the easiest fix).

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