Closet Cleaning: Keep it clean!

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So now we have taken out all the bad seeds it’s time to think about how we can keep our closets squeaky clean. In other words: how do I prevent bad buys. Hopefully this post can be of some help for some of you! 

♥ Make a wishlist. What are your favorite trends? What things do you like? What inspires you? Make a moodboard or a wishlist of all the items you would like to have to complete your wardrobe. Take this list with you when you go shopping and (this is the tricky part) stick to it! Pinterest is a great way to get an idea of where you want to go.

♥  Know your inventory. Before you go shopping, take your wishlist, go to your closet and search it from top to bottom. You might be suprised of the things you can find in there! By looking through your wardrobe you will see what you already have and what you still need.
♥ Use your imagination. When shopping, don’t buy anything that doesn’t blend in well with what you already have. Try the rule of 3 before you take something home with you. It will make styling outfits with your newest purchases so much easier!

♥ Regular cleaning. Each three to six months I try to figure out what my essentials were that past season and which items I did not wear at all. I never throw out my basics, but “may fly” items really have to go. Also get rid of anything ripped, broken or in generally bad condition. Don’t skip your shoes and jewelry boxes!

Selfrestriction is key here ladies! I’ve had a hard time learning these rules but I can promise you that they have  saved my life, style and wallet. 

Thank you for reading!


  1. 16 May 2012 / 23:42

    Closet cleaning sounds like such a great idea! I feel like mine is about to explode haha

    After I read this post, I immediately started working on a "wishlist".. such a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 17 May 2012 / 01:23

    I'm printing all your tips out so I can stick to your plan. I desperately need you to come and clean out my closet….or just organize it!

  3. 17 May 2012 / 01:31

    oh my! it's so hard to do. my big rule is that there can be NO such thing as a maybe pile. if it's a maybe, it's a no. end of story! i've got a really pickle of a time with using my imagination…it sort of bites me in the bum because i'm TOO creative about it & can rationalize keeping everything! but it has saved me from throwing a gem out a time or two! xo.

  4. 17 May 2012 / 02:16

    wow look at you organize girlfriend! Good for you! I need to do this..Cleaning and organizing is the best, it's like de-cluttering your mind!

    The House of Shoes

  5. 17 May 2012 / 05:04

    I definitely need to clean out my closet again. I'm getting too attached to my clothes! Even the ones I hardly wear!

  6. 17 May 2012 / 08:05

    Ik heb mijn kast ook eens opgeruimd, en nu ligt er dus een hele stapel klaar om gefotografeerd te worden en te verkopen, maar het komt er dus nooit van! Nu heb ik dus in principe gewoon meer rommel dan ervoor, haha!

  7. 17 May 2012 / 10:10

    this is awesome advice!! It's so true, we need to work out exactly what our closet is missing before we head out to the shops because the variety will just confuse us. And detox…ahh I need to do that too! xx

  8. 17 May 2012 / 10:31

    Wat een interessante post! Moet hier eens dringend werk van gaan maken 😀

  9. 17 May 2012 / 13:09

    Awesome advice, I need to stick to that "only buy what you need" rule! Haha 🙂 xo!

  10. 17 May 2012 / 13:16

    Leuke post!Ik heb pas veel kleding verkocht,op koningenmarkt!Maar nog steeds te veel kleding!haha!

  11. 17 May 2012 / 13:50

    It is so funny that you mentioned searching one's closet for wishlist items. I needed a top for my first riding lesson and I made it all the way to the store before realizing I could just use one of the tech fabric tops I wore on vacation to India last year! I agree with these tips, especially the one about making a Pinterest board.

  12. 17 May 2012 / 15:55

    I could definitely benefit from a spring cleaning in my wardrobe 😉 I haven't done that in a while…doing it a few times a year is a great idea!

  13. 17 May 2012 / 18:56

    I actually really love purging my closet! Getting rid of what doesn't fit or isn't my style anymore really helps me focus on what I actually want to shop for. Great post! <3


  14. 17 May 2012 / 19:18

    Sometimes it's so nice to clean your closet! I love organizing & cleaning!


  15. 18 May 2012 / 00:26

    LOVE the new layout! At least I hope it's new. Either that or I'm crazy. I love those tips. I use the rule of three all the time. If I can come up with multiple outfits then the item is a winner 🙂

  16. 18 May 2012 / 06:56

    Your blog is amazing! So inspirational!
    Following you 🙂

    Don't forget to enter ESSIE GIVEAWAY I'm hosting on my blog!


  17. 18 May 2012 / 10:08

    Great advice, Lovely! 🙂 I always-always end up buying stuff that are not oe the (mental) list! I'm like "oh, I need this, only I didn't realize when I compiled my list in my head… Let's just add it before I walk out with it from the store… Ok, now it's on the list, I' can buy it! " 😀

  18. 18 May 2012 / 13:44

    The hardest part of cleaning my closet is keeping it that way, and I have a hard time getting rid of items!

  19. 18 May 2012 / 14:19

    This might sound crazy, but when I go shopping, I always take a list of every skirt, top, dress, and sweater in my closet…just so I make sure to buy items that match and work with my wardrobe. That keeps me from buying repeats or things that I can't really style too!

    <3 Cambria

  20. 18 May 2012 / 15:00

    I like to clean out my closet all the time–most people can't believe how minimal it is, but a wish-list, now that's something I need to spend some time on especially with fall coming up!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. 18 May 2012 / 20:10

    Goeie tips! Doe je geen closetsale? 🙂 xx

  22. 18 May 2012 / 23:56

    Lovely, informative post! I am so terrible at wardrobe clearouts, especially regarding shoes. I still own shoes I haven't worn in years and years, it's quite ridiculous!

  23. 19 May 2012 / 11:49

    Great tips! I wish I could stick to my shopping list! I've gotten even worse with online shopping, haha. Always get everything other than the things I had on my list!

  24. 19 May 2012 / 17:08

    i'm currently in the process of cleaning out my closet. so thank you.

  25. 19 May 2012 / 20:16

    such good ideas! i ALWAYS go into a store looking for one thing i absolutely need and come out without it but with 5 things i didnt need instead. I am going to make my wishlist now! 🙂

  26. 20 May 2012 / 08:58

    Such great advice girl! I started cleaning out my closet for the first time in years right before we got married. Now I feel like I have hardly any combinations but I'm wearing a lot of items I feel I wouldn't have if I didn't clean out my closet in the first place! Thanks for all the great tips! Love your blog!


  27. 21 May 2012 / 03:50

    Thanks, Nikki! Taking this advice into action as we speak. Partially unsuccessful because I'm so attached to my clothes, but I'm hangin' in there. 😉

  28. 21 May 2012 / 23:58

    Ah these are such good tips. My closet definitely needs to be cleaned out soon!

  29. 24 May 2012 / 18:19

    Amai dat moet ik ook eens doen! ik draag superveel niet maar ik denk steeds 'goh dat zal ik ooit nog wel is kunnen aandoen' 😀

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