The Simplicity Project: Kick-Off Party

Topshop dress, Vero Moda shirt, F21 Necklace, H&M shoes & belt
You guys might have noticed the little grey bulb at the bottom of my sidebar. Anxciously searching for and overthinking ideas for a blog feature has lead me nowhere. I can only conclude that everything has been done already and my mind simply doesn’t seem able to come up with anything fresh and new. Maybe the stress for my upcoming exams and all those darn deadlines have something to do with that… .When Kristin over at As Luck Would Have It tweeted me about a feature she was planning on, I immediatly grew curious about what it would be. Turns out, her blog feature is ideal to deal with – and learn to reduce stress! Great, exactly what I needed in this stressfull time called May. Learn more about the purpose of The Simplicity Project here
To kick it all off, I’m going to start with a shop-stop. Yeah, you heard me. A blogger who mostely blogs about her wardrobe is going to stop shopping. For two months. Don’t worry, I’ll keep doing my outfitposts and when I set foot on USA grounds in early July all hell will break loose for my bankaccount. The 20kilo max luggage weight will probably be a partypooper though. Now, I can hear you thinking: Why am I doing this and in what way is it going to make my life more organised? Easy Peasy! Firt off: my wardrobe is a mess. There’s tons of old stuff in there, things that I don’t wear anymore or desperately need replacement. Secondly, because I feel at a loss when it comes to my personal style. Blogging and seeing all kinds of inspiration has gotten me confused about my own style and even about who am / portray myself to be. During my two month shop-stop I would like to make a plan, moodboards of the styles I really like and think about how I can make them my own. I would like to make a list of basic items I am missing in my wardrobe, such as a trenchcoat, and do a big Spring clean! When this hectic period is over, I would like to be back as a brand new, improved version of myself. Hope you guys are with me πŸ™‚


  1. 2 May 2012 / 06:52

    Mooie outfit! Ik ben ook bezig met een shop-stop, alles min of meer, ik mag alleen kleren kopen in Monki of cos of tweedehands. En dit tot eind juni. Lukt heel goed moet ik zeggen! Ik heb nog niet zoveel gekocht de laatste tijd :).

  2. 2 May 2012 / 07:02

    Such a fabulous sounding plan! I'm working on visualizing my own personal style this month!!! Good luck, lovely! Also, I hope your May is as stress-less as possible!

  3. 2 May 2012 / 07:51

    Ma seg, da jurkje is kei mooi en goei foto's πŸ˜‰ Good luck met je shop stop, maar dat wist ik al langer.. Friends IRL zijn is zooo handig!

  4. 2 May 2012 / 10:16

    Wow, you are brave!! Can't wait to see how this goes! I love the stripes—perfect look!

  5. 2 May 2012 / 10:32

    Sorry dear–I think I commented twice. Forgive me! It's early here ;-))

  6. 2 May 2012 / 10:37

    Love the dress!! I wouldn't make it for two months of no shopping! Good luck to you!

  7. 2 May 2012 / 11:07

    When I saw your outfit I think I said/squealed "Oooooooohhhh" out loud πŸ™‚ LOVE that dress Nikki – it looks gorgeous on you! And good luck with your shop-stop…sounds tough!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. 2 May 2012 / 14:45

    Good luck girlfriend. I put myself on a shopping ban to save money for my wedding several months ago. I've caved a couple of times. It is REALLY a lot harder than it seems.

    Love this striped dress! You look adorable!

  9. 2 May 2012 / 15:49

    sweet! Love this outfit and how you put it together <3

  10. 2 May 2012 / 16:02

    Super leuk jurkje!Ik heb pas met koninginnedag
    veel kleding verkocht op de markt!
    Ik ga zo op vakantie ,naar Ibiza,en dan ga ik weer shoppen !Bedankt Nikki voor de reactie!X

  11. 2 May 2012 / 17:28

    Love this little dress on you. I think you have a really fantastic figure.
    And good luck with your shop-stop. It feels good to de-clutter your life. I've been spring cleaning my own apartment and it feels great to throw things out and get rid of stuff I'm not using πŸ™‚

  12. 2 May 2012 / 17:47

    Zo leuk, dat jeanshemdje op dat gestreepte kleedje! Totally summerproof πŸ˜‰ En ik begrijp je volledig, maar ik ben al eventjes aan het 'shop-stoppen'. Wil mijn budget wat sparen voor de specialere winkelkes met de duurdere prijskes :p In de solden ga ik mijn budget dan opspenderen, dat dan weer wel.

  13. 2 May 2012 / 18:06

    LOVE this outfit, Nikki! That dress is so fun and looks great on you.

    Good luck with your ban on shopping and reinventing yourself and wardrobe. Sounds fun and challenging, but will undoubtedly be rewarding πŸ™‚

  14. 2 May 2012 / 18:28

    Lovely outfit, Nikki, and it's stunning with your hair color!

  15. 2 May 2012 / 20:58

    Such a pretty dress! And good luck with the stop-shop — such a good idea!

  16. 3 May 2012 / 02:54

    First- I love that mustard color on you.

    Second, This sounds like a great idea. I like to shop with the idea of filling in any "need" areas in my wardrobe….sadly it doesn't always work out that way. Also sounds like a great way to refine your style and for any blogger to remix more. Good luck with it; am excited to see what happens.

  17. 3 May 2012 / 03:55

    I love this idea!!! I definitely am needing less stress and more simplicity in my life. Good luck. I'm excited to follow along.


  18. 3 May 2012 / 04:19

    this dress is incredibly adorable-I have a similar one pinned on my Pinterest. you are so darling! I love all of your plans mentioned. sounds awesome! I want to read every step of your project πŸ™‚

    The House of Shoes

  19. 3 May 2012 / 12:41

    Love this outfit, the shirt is great with your striped dress!

    I think your stop shop challenge is a great idea too! I wish I could make it 2 months without buying anything! I always say I will stop making purchases next month..every month I say this…haha.

  20. 3 May 2012 / 14:36

    perfect color combination girl! the yellow is completely popping up and so gorgeous with the blue

  21. 3 May 2012 / 16:16

    Good luck! I do a yearly stopshop for Lent. It helps me to see that my life does go on without buying a new dress. I did a buy donation to charity this weekend, now my closet is so much more logically organized.

  22. 3 May 2012 / 16:33

    This is so pretty…I love your bright mustard stripes and the chambray!

    <3 Cambria

  23. 3 May 2012 / 20:25

    this bright striped dress is so cute:) what a nice outfit for summer <3


  24. 4 May 2012 / 02:41

    Absolutely love this outfit and your blog! Thanks for your comment, but trust me the music is pretty creepy that comes out of that jewelry box!


  25. 4 May 2012 / 03:18

    Good luck with the challenge girl! Love your dress. stripes are my favorite.

    xo erica

  26. 4 May 2012 / 08:12

    First of all, I want to say that the stress reduction thing is great, everybody can need this. And I think that's a great idea to stop shopping for a while. I made a little shopping stop for 6 weeks during late february until easter, not really because of the same reasons as you, but rather because I hated the fact that I couldn't decide if I want to have something or not. And I also wanted to have a better overview about the things I have in my closet and how I can wear them. The little shopping break really helped me: I bought two timeless pieces (this chanel inspired jacket and a black leather bag) afterwards, and only opted for a cheap h&m version of some spring trends – and I love the things! and I made a list about things that are missing in my closet: nude heels, navy shoes, white shoes, a black leather jacket, a pleated skirt etc. πŸ˜‰ Please keep me/us updated how the shopping stop is working – or will you also stop blogging during the shopping stop? And I think I missed something: are you going on vacation to the usa or are you going to stay there a bit longer?

    xxx Anita

  27. 5 May 2012 / 20:02

    Af en toe doe ik ook een shopstop, en dat helpt altijd echt goed! Daarna heb ik een betere kijk op wat ik echt leuk vind, en wat ik echt zijn geld waard vindt. Succes ermee!

  28. 7 May 2012 / 14:38

    I LOVE that dress and the way you've styled it so pretty + these pictures are gorgeous!! Ooh, and no shopping?! I go through little spurts like that too – it's kind of nice to do once in a while. Happy spring cleaning. xo

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