The gray days

Wearing: H&M dress, Zara Belt, Vero Moda cardigan, Veritas tights and Footwear boots
I felt a little country-life like in this outfit. I could have frolicked around in the fields of my hometown all day. I felt a little out of place in this back alley somewhere in Antwerp. 
This weekend the boyfriend took me to the ice rink! I hadn’t skated in like 4 years… AKA since the day I first met him! I was terrible. I didn’t dare to let go of the railing, haha! He hold my hands and made me do it… and then I fell flat on my face. Twice. I had a great time though, and afterwards I got a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream to warm up again.
Much love,



  1. 28 November 2011 / 19:20

    Ooooh, such a glorious outfit! I want that dress. 😀

  2. 28 November 2011 / 20:11

    awww, your BF sounds sweet, and I'm terrible at staking as well, haha.
    Love your pretty white dress.

  3. 28 November 2011 / 20:22

    Love the editing of these pictures 🙂 Great outfit x

  4. 28 November 2011 / 20:52

    love the ideo of wearing red tights might try that to

  5. 29 November 2011 / 00:24

    Very cute post 🙂 I like the black/white with you in color. Ice skating is so fun! How cute that he took you there.

  6. 29 November 2011 / 00:43

    like the combination of colors.

  7. 29 November 2011 / 01:01

    What a lovely dress and the photos are great 😀

  8. 29 November 2011 / 01:42

    Ice skating is so much fun!! Even if you have to hold onto the rails for the first 30 minutes:) Sorry you fell on your face though.

  9. 29 November 2011 / 04:49

    What a lovely dress! I love how you paired it with more rugged items so it's not too sweet 🙂
    xo Jac your newest follower 🙂

  10. 29 November 2011 / 12:39

    Ooooh, ice skating sounds like so much fun! I haven't done it in years. And nothing goes better with it than a cup of hot chocolate. In my opinion, that's an absolute requirement.

  11. 29 November 2011 / 16:28

    You're really pretty, I love your red hair 🙂 Just found your blog, I really like it!

  12. 29 November 2011 / 17:05

    I love a winter white!! And I love your blog header! It's so adorable 🙂

  13. 29 November 2011 / 18:09

    Love the background and the black and white effect and of course your gorgeous white dress!

    Oh, I love skating, I wish the big-big rink in Budapest opened soon! They closed it for renovations 2 years ago, blah!

  14. 30 November 2011 / 05:07

    aww, what a lovely dress!! H&M is amazing. your outfits are always so darling. Love the cardigan over it too with the Fall boots.

    The House of Shoes

  15. 30 November 2011 / 05:33

    Ohhhh, man. I bet I would FAIL at skating! Anyway, I love the grey on grey action with a pop of color. (:

  16. 30 November 2011 / 07:46

    such a cute story! I love wearing white in winter, beautiful styles with these burgundy tights. x

  17. 30 November 2011 / 08:17

    Very cute outfit 🙂 Skating sounds so fun, I will definitely be heading out to the ice rink soon. Such a great date idea!

  18. 30 November 2011 / 19:06

    I love your outfits! I really need to get some colored tights. You sound just like me when I ice skate haha 🙂

  19. 30 November 2011 / 19:37

    I haven't skated in ages, either. I would be sure to fall flat on my face! This is such a sweet dress. You look lovely!

  20. 1 December 2011 / 15:22

    ooh, love going to the ice rink. Although, it's been so long I'd probably be falling the whole time – but still so fun! And I love this dress on you Nikki, it's so cute with the boots & tights! xo veronika

  21. 2 December 2011 / 00:05

    Oh I love your blog just found it today I am now a follower!

    bisoux de Montréal!


  22. 4 December 2011 / 16:44

    Super leuke outfit!
    Vooral de panty!!
    ben benieuwd wat je van mij
    nieuwste outfit vindt.

  23. 7 December 2011 / 05:41

    You're adorable in that lace dress and red tights! I want to go ice skating now! I don't think I've been since freshman year of high school.

  24. 11 December 2011 / 13:58

    mmh nu wil ik ook warme chocomelk haha
    leuk die rode kousenbroek trouwens !

  25. 26 December 2011 / 17:23

    Wij hopen het ook voor jou! 😀
    Leuke blog en mooie foto's: nooit gedacht dat de Kattenstraat in Antwerpen zo'n geweldige locatie zou zijn 😀 top!

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