I suffer from acute festivalitis

{Dress Aaiko}

I just got back from school and ran straight for my computer.
Today the first names of the Pukkelpop Festival were released, they were AWESOME!
Foo Fighters, Rise Against, Eminem, Deftones, Apocaliptica and many, many more.
Can’t wait until they release more names…
I can’t go the whole 3 days because the festival is in the mids of my summer re-examination spree
Too bad as I went, like we call it, ‘combi’ the last two years. 


  1. 26 April 2011 / 15:46

    Oooh that sounds like a good festival! My exams seem to fall over the festivals I want to go to also.
    your dress is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  2. 26 April 2011 / 16:51

    awesome dress, i love the pattern! And a good line up!

  3. 26 April 2011 / 17:14

    Ik ga morgen om 11 klaarstaan om mijn combi te bemachtigen πŸ˜‰

    leuke jurk !


  4. 26 April 2011 / 17:14

    Such a pretty dress!


  5. 26 April 2011 / 17:17

    awesome shoes and dress!
    and fair hair looks so cool!

  6. 26 April 2011 / 19:00

    gosh that festival with foo fighters in it is so bad ass!

  7. 26 April 2011 / 19:57

    I love the pattern to your dress, it's funky and unique πŸ™‚

  8. 26 April 2011 / 20:21

    Love this outfit! The colours on the dress are such a pretty mix πŸ™‚

  9. 26 April 2011 / 20:24

    oh i woke up at 6am this morning just to see the line up! i have to admit i was actually a little bit disappointed, only because i'd heard so many daft punk / justice rumours. but still – the foos is pretty amazing!!! definitely can't wait for the next line up announcements! x

  10. 26 April 2011 / 21:50

    Goeie namen voor Pukkelpop he! πŸ™‚ Ziet er een tof kleedje uit!

  11. 26 April 2011 / 21:51

    By the way: heel mooie nieuwe layout!
    (ik weet niet of 'm zo nieuw is maar ik heb al zolang geen blogs meer gecheckt!)

  12. 26 April 2011 / 22:19

    I love the print of your dress.

  13. 26 April 2011 / 23:48

    Oooh Pukkelpop, lijkt me wel grappig. Nog nooit daar geweest.

  14. 27 April 2011 / 02:13

    oh wow I loove your dress pretty xxxx

  15. 27 April 2011 / 04:55

    Cute dress — the colors look adorable on you!! Loving your blog. πŸ™‚

    xx Laura

  16. 27 April 2011 / 08:15

    Vrijdag is de beste dag! Eminem, Jamie Woon, Birdy Nam Nam, Bonobo, Little Dragon… Ben serieus aan het overwegen om dan te gaan!

  17. 27 April 2011 / 12:55

    chic outfit πŸ˜€


  18. 27 April 2011 / 15:23

    leuk dat je naar het festival gaat:) wordt vast heel leuk;)

  19. 27 April 2011 / 17:53

    lovely outfit! you are beautiful. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  20. 27 April 2011 / 17:58

    Oh net hetzelfde hier, ik wil naar alle festivals! Jammer genoeg zal pukkelpop er niet bij zijn omdat het al snel uitverkocht zal zijn en ik nooit niet zeker ben van 2de zit. BOE!

  21. 27 April 2011 / 19:01

    love this pretty print on your dress!! your blog is simply lovely πŸ™‚ xo

  22. 27 April 2011 / 19:36

    You are so lucky you got the chance to see all those artists β™₯

    I adore the pattern of your dress and the clean/minimal look of your blog. Great job!

  23. 28 April 2011 / 09:15

    Ik begrijp wat je bedoelt! De affiche ziet er nu al goed uit! Maar inderdaad, het valt zo slecht! Tot nu toe heb ik nog geen tweede zit, maar wat niet is kan nog komen! Daarom heb ik al een ticket voor Werchter en misschien nog 'Les Ardentes' want een zomer zonder festivals is helemaal geen zomer!

  24. 28 April 2011 / 11:14

    too bad for your exams πŸ™ cool line up!! xx

  25. 28 April 2011 / 15:29

    that sounds so fun! i love this dress…it's like a pretty painting!

  26. 28 April 2011 / 16:47

    That dress is SO COOL! What a great print, so unique. Loving your blog as well!

  27. 1 May 2011 / 13:07

    I love the dress!!!

    Oh, and followed! πŸ™‚

    Much love.

  28. 1 May 2011 / 17:18

    Loving the print on your dress! I've been attracted to bold prints for the Spring and your dress is exactly what I've been looking for. xoxo

  29. 1 May 2011 / 20:25

    You look gorgeous! I love your dress!!

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