SOS Coding Emergency: Help wanted – SOLVED

Sorry to do this the unprofessional way but I have a problem with my blogger lay-out and I can find the answer anywhere. As you might have noticed, my left column tends towards the post section. Actually if I upload a big image you can see that it even overlaps the post section a bit. The right column on the otherhand acts completely normal. I tried to find the problem in my HTML but I wans’t able to find anything. Also I could not find any tutorials on this. So if there is anyone who knows how I might solve this they would be a great help.

Thank you!
PS: it has something to do with the alignment of the sidebars, only, I cannot change the ‘float’ since I do not have the classic #sidebar rule in my code…

PPS: Problem solved!



  1. 10 April 2011 / 00:06

    Hmm well the since the left sidebar is so pushed over maybe it has something to do with the padding? Maybe try adding padding-left: 0px; to the coding for that sidebar and see if it does anything??

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