The Public Image Babylon Blog Night

Picture via The Public Image
Photo by Steffi 
I get the idea that I’m the last one to put up a post about the most fun event I’ve been to in a while. On the last day of August, Nele Moens invited a buch of Bloggers to celebrate the opening of her store The Public Image in the Wijngaardstraat in Antwerp. The invitation promised us a true girls night with lots of pink and free mini massages. What she forgot to mention was how awesome the collection would be. If you are looking for pants with kitten knee patches, galactic leggings or a cameo jacket with a fun twist, TPI is tha place to be. From well known designers like Jeffery Campbell to new names like Lick My Legs, TPI is filled with pretty and unique stuff. And don’t even get me started on their uhhmaaazing collection of accessoiries!
In the pictures:
Siel fom MademoisSielle
Renée from The Blond Muse
Hannah from Fashion & Politics
Ines from Musthavez
You can check out The Public Image Shop via Twitter and Tumblr

The Public Image
Wijngaardstraat 16
2000 Antwerp

Now get off my blog and go show these ladies some love!
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