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Zara Dress & cardy | H&M belt | Footwear boots
It’s monday evening and for me that means it’s time for Bones! Ain’t mister Nigel Murrays accent the cutest? I’m not really that into Tv shows but I’m hooked on bones after I saw Dr Sweets appear! K and a friend got me hooked on House every Sunday too but besides Bones that all I really watch. There used to be a time though, that I sat by the TV every weeknight at 5pm to watch… Days of Our Lives. Oh no I didn’t. And I may or may not have watched The Bold and the Beautiful for 7 years. At least I learned some decent English. Scooby Doo might have helped with that as well. Soinks! 
Those of you who follow me on Twitter: my iPod survived the operation, but he’s still a bit blurry from the sedation. Thanks to some sweet man on the Apple forum he’ll hopefully last a few more years! 
PS: Ain’t that wood staple a kick ass backdrop? I was so happy when we found it!
Wish you all a happy week!
x Nikki  
  • Oooooh, lovely dress! The background is pretty awesome! I need to find a kick ass backdrop like that! xo

  • You look great and the background of this shoot is SO cool. I think the wood in the background is such a unique idea and reminds me of getting wood for the fireplace when it starts cooling down in Fall and Winter. And I actually did used to watch Days of Our Lives everyday. haha. Have a great week

  • I absolutely love Bones and House is awesome, not only do you have a good sense of style but great taste in tv! xxx

  • I do love the wood in the background. And your outfit is so great. I have been wanting a plaid dress. So pretty.


  • you are so sweet in these pictures…
    lovely… 🙂

    i like this post so much, and it's also different.


  • I love these photos!!! They are making me dream of fall days with all those shades of brown.

  • LOVE the background and that outfit is super cute… I'm so jealous that you already get to wear tights and boots! I really want to take mine out of hiding!

  • Darling as ever. (: Also, I'm glad to hear your iPod made it through.

  • oh my gosh we love the same shows!!! {minus the soap operas haha} my husband and I LOVE Bones And House!!! Cannot wait till Bones starts up again. love the wood pile! makes for such a cool scene.

    The House of Shoes

  • what a great place for a photo!!

  • Wow, what great photos! I'd be too scared to sit on that pile, I'd be terrified it would topple over on me!

    -Laura xox

  • These are such great pictures! Lovely dress, too!

  • beautiful photos!!!you look so lovely!


  • Kel

    That backdrop is so amazing. The perfect shoot!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    the shirtdress

  • So beautiful photos…and your outfit great!!!Kisses;)

  • Love that vintage effect, great background and cute dress 🙂

  • That backdrop is pretty sweet! As is that dress–I love the cute schoolgirl vibe it has!

  • That backdrop seriously is amazing! & what a great dress. 🙂

  • That IS a great backdrop! Love the dress! And I'm amazed you speak three languages, I can hardly communicate in one! ha!

  • Cute dress! Thanks for your comment-following you now!

    follow me back!

  • oh my what a perfect background! i am actually looking for the same one!!! simply stunning, love the combination about the wood and your outfit! those colors look insane on you

  • We're sisters in woodpiles, now! And red-headed ones at that! I LOVE the outfit with the background, too. Perfectly matched.

  • cool! die achtergrond past er ook perfect bij! x

  • Darling thank you so much for your coment
    I follow you

  • That plaid dress is so cute! It's perfect for fall!

  • ohh goodness!! you are so darn adorable, girl! i love this look and the photos are amazing!


  • love your backdrop! so amazing to find that. xx

  • aahh these pictures are amazing the scenery is so pretty, love this outfit!
    so cute 🙂 xox

  • lovely pictures! and i love the name of your blog – The Ginger Diaries! :P:P Xx

  • Great pictures! Very Autumn inspired, love the oranges!

    Glad your Ipod is ok…and that it is less sedated soon 🙂

    Girl about Town XxX

  • amazing pictures, you look gorgeous ! <3

  • I love your dress! And the background… omgosh, it's amazing.

  • t
  • Such a great photo location and I am in love with your dress!

  • ADORABLE! Loving every little bit! Perfect photo location as well 🙂

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  • Lovely photos !


  • Hey meid!!!

    Great outfitttt

    x Hajar & Mounia
    Twitter: Mouniaaa20

  • This is so beautiful, the colours, the outfit, the location… amazing 🙂

    Giveaway on my blog 🙂

  • I'm so giddy that I've stumbled on your blog! It's so vintage and I am loving it! Following you now..

    hope you can visit mine too. =)

  • these photos are gorgeous! what an awesome backdrop. and your outfit is super cute.. i'd wear it for sure.

  • Ah, that is such a beautiful backdrop I agree!! I'm loving your little plaid dress…so perfect for fall. I watch Bones every so often…I'm kind of a sucker for David Boreanaz..haha. Remember him on Buffy:) Every now in then I tune into a good soap…General Hospital sucks me in. Gorgeous photos darling!!

  • S.

    wauw mooie foto's !