Caramel Camel

For years and years I’ve worn a grey coat in the winter. When my last one lost its final button and I could no longer postpone shopping for a new one, I decided to look for something different. Navy coats turned out to be quite hard to find. And since I wear a lot of black these days, a black coat would have been too boring. After aimlessly walking through every high-street store I decided to go for camel. The it-color of the past few Winters is still going strong anno 2015. At first I wasn’t sure how the color would play out with my ginger hair, but after trying on a few different shades I knew I could make it work. I eventually found my perfect match at Benneton, which was having a 30% sale on coats and sweaters. I used to money I saved on my coat to shop for a new scarf. My old green-burgundy plaid scarf matches the camel color, but after working so hard on my thesis I thought I deserved a little extra. My new scarf from Zara, with a subtle leopard print, is the perfect partner in warmth for my new coat!   

Since the cold hasn’t really struck here yet I can still get away with the whol rolled-up jeans and sneakers look. On colder mornings I prefer my tall black boots and opaque tights + leg warmers to keep warm. The sweater I’m wearing is new from this season and I’ve been wearing it loads. It’s so so so so soft and cozy and perfect to wear during my writing sessions in the uni library. Today is the start of my last week in the library and on campus. On Friday it closes for the Holidays. After being here daily since July, I have become quite attached to the faces I see here every day. I’m going to miss this place, but am also pretty excited to finally start a new chapter in my life. My job hunt hasn’t been successful so far, but after I hand in my thesis for review, I’m going to spend more time writing job applications. Something will come up! And in the meantime I’ll just keep on blogging! 

coat: Benneton
scarf: Zara
jeans: Levis
sweater:  & Other Stories
sneakers: Nike Lunar Glides
shoulderbag: Kate Spade Little Minka
pompom: Sweet Lemon Shoes (c/o)
Insulated tumbler: Klean Kanteen (c/o)


  1. 15 December 2015 / 11:56

    That scarf is beautiful on you, perfect with the coat too! I think camel is a lovely colour that’s become a classic! 🙂

    Good luck with the last parts of your thesis, and with the job hunt! They always say the job market picks up after December 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. 16 December 2015 / 01:57

    Camel coats just look so elegant! If I were to buy a new coat, I’d probably look for one in a similar color. Just lovely!

  3. Bijgebrekaanbeter
    16 December 2015 / 22:46

    Zo stylisch, echt super classy Nikki!

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