Putting up our Christmas tree 2015

Part of moving in with my boyfriend means that this year we got to buy and decorate our very first Christmas tree! We both really love the coziness that comes with the Holidays, so you can probably imagine how excited we were to get started! The goal? A sparkly, but subtle Christmas tree in warm tones. I think we’ve succeeded!

As my mom taught me: lights go in first! 4 strings each consisting of 7 strands of LED-lights ensure a true Christmas-y vibe. Tied together they were so long I had to wrap myself in them before I could pass them along to K, decorator of service. And of course there are pictures.
With the lights in place we just randomly hung all the baubles and flowers in. There’s wasn’t really a pattern. We picked up copper, gold, off-white and champagne-colored baubles in the local garden center and added a few special surprises here and there. There’s extra sparkly stars and moons, but also two little blue birds as a reference to “Winter Wonderland”. The little acorns are an inside joke and happened to match the color palette.
TADA! We’re pretty excited and especially K can’t stop looking at and going around the tree. My grandmother gave us her old nativity, but the three Kings have gone missing and the shepherd has lost his sheep haha. Oh well, it looks the way it look and we just love it. Now, the foot of the tree is still looking pretty bear, but by the end of next week I hope to see it covered in presents. In case you still have some shopping to do and don’t know where to go: I’ve written about my 3 favorite places to shop for presents in Brussels and will share 3 more from Antwerp next week. Stay tuned and happy Holidays guys!


  1. 11 December 2015 / 17:14

    aaah wat een mooie boom! Bij mij thuis willen ze nooit meer als een kleintje zetten 🙁

  2. 12 December 2015 / 00:31

    Your tree looks beautiful! Love the cream and gold colour scheme and the flowers are a really nice touch! 🙂

    Our tree started out with a colour scheme, but just like my parent’s tree it’s become a big mishmash of everything through the years, as we buy different ornaments and get given different ornaments. When we were younger we would add to our family tree by making a new decoration each year, now my mum buys them for us to hang, but it’s still a fun tradition 🙂 It’s interesting to see our tree gradually evolve that way!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. 13 December 2015 / 13:25

    Nice! Hij ziet er echt super gezellig uit! Well done for a first time 😉 Haha. X, Eline

  4. 14 December 2015 / 14:32

    Oh, wij gaan morgen achter onze kerstboom. SO excited! 😀
    De jouwe ziet er echt prachtig uit en trouwens: dat kleedje van jou: pretty!

  5. 14 December 2015 / 17:11

    Mooie kerstboom en ook nog een mooie jurk 🙂

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