Monday Blues

A steaming cup of coffee, a soft drizzle outside and these pictures to edit. This blog post is the first one that really makes me feel like I am bringing fall to the blog. We stumbled upon this location by chance this morning. We had to run a few errands in the city and found this abundance of color near the parking lot. I loved it aaaand apparently was toting my camera around. Two times lucky, but since we didn’t have much time I had to sacrifice the vanilla latte I had just gotten. Much like color there were blogger problems in abundance, because when I was going through the photos I noticed the wooden stir stick was still in my pocket. But you can’t spot it, can you?

I’ve had this blazer since high school, the shirt is from London three years ago and the first time I wore the wide-legged pants on the blog apparently was in the fall of 2012. Somehow it took about three years for me to add all of the ingredients together and create this, in my humble opinion, epic look. I just love how these jeans make me feel and a blazer always makes me feel badass so this outfit is a total winner for me. It’s formal, but the jeans and tan colored bag are a nod to the current seventies trend making the outfit very fall ’15.

Last week I wore an outfit featuring my new sweatpants (yes, I bought a pair!) and a comfy knit cardigan (yes, I caved!). I’m planning on wearing it again this week and hopefully get pictures taken. The weather is said to be taking a turn for the worse, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed (another one of those #bloggerproblems), but if I can get it on the blog next it will be quite the contrast with this look, haha.
Hope you guys had a great weekend! We went to Ikea and I’ve been building MALM stuff the whole time. Our bedroom is coming together nicely, but I cannot find any bedside lamps that resemble the Marks & Spencer ones we’ve fallen so madly in love with. Any tips? 
xo Nikki

jeans: Zara • shirt: Gap • blazer: H&M • handbag: Michael Kors ‘Sutton’ • shoes: Boo


  1. 5 October 2015 / 22:23

    You look awesome! This is one of my favorite outfit formulas and you rock it well 🙂

  2. 6 October 2015 / 00:18

    LOVE this look! And the colors of the trees behind you is absolutely beautiful!

  3. 6 October 2015 / 05:19

    The weather here has definitely been giving me #bloggerproblems too! I understand the struggles. I’m also super jealous of how pretty the trees are where you are. They haven’t even started to change color here yet!

    Also this outfit is so classic and perfect. These jeans look amazing on you. All the pieces pair together wonderfully.

    Jamie |

  4. 6 October 2015 / 13:04

    That is an awesome look! I really love the flared jeans on you! 🙂

    Jeans and a blazer is a great outfit for any season! (Although yeah maybe you need to swap them for shorts in summer…ha!)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. 6 October 2015 / 18:53

    zaaaaalige look! Dit is echt helemaal uw stijl, echt precies gemaakt voor u die outfit

  6. 7 October 2015 / 02:57

    A perfect autumnal look, and those jeans make you look miles long! And no, I can’t spot the coffee stir.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. 9 October 2015 / 16:01

    Echt een geweldige look van jou 😀 en met de bomen op de achtergrond helemaal af! Zo’n broek kan je echt goed hebben!

  8. 11 October 2015 / 17:18

    Ah! I love this outfit so much. The length of the flare jeans is just perfect.

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