Party In The Back

I can’t really tell if it was Revenge, my profound love for J.Crew or Spencer Hastings wardrobe on PLL that got me into the whole preppy look. What I do know is that I am now the very happy owner of the most preppy shoes out there. Well, they rank to the top most preppy shoes together with Hunter rain boots. I have been coming back to Sperry Top-Siders for a couple of years, but eventually always preferred spending my money on ballet flats or sandals for summer.
I went to the doctors office a few weeks back to get my annual exam and pick up a prescription. While getting measured I had to stand tall against the wall and my doctor noticed how my feet seemed to have gotten more hollow. I lean on my feet in the wrong way and have a high arch, which has never cause me any pain, but added to my supple ligaments causes me to have low balance and easily sprain my ankles. My doctor shook his head ‘no’ when he asked me what type of shoes I usually wear: heeled sandals and pumps. These ingredients make a recipe for disaster and I could feel it coming as soon as I started jogging again this Spring. I badly sprained my ankle after only four runs. My running shoes have since been my best friends on cooler summer days because they really were the only flat shoes I had where I could strap my feet in nicely. However, wearing bulky black trainers under summer dresses wasn’t something this style blogger was going to do willingly. My mom agreed that I needed something more dressy and girly and thought these Sperry’s would be a good option. I couldn’t agree more! They go nicely with my summer wardrobe, especially red and navy blue things, and I’ve been wearing them all week. I’ve added a sole inside with a cushion to support my high arch and now they walk almost as heavenly as my Nikes. The ankle is a bit low on these shoes (think low all-star fit), so if you don’t like that then I would recommend looking at Sperry’s other models. 
I didn’t throw all my ‘irresponsible’ shoes out. I kept them mostly for when I’m going out with the girls or on a date night with K. I will do my best to wear flat shoes more often for school – oh wait, I am graduating – work (that sounds weird) and when I’m running errands or walking longer distances. It was also very nice to have a doctors excuse for shoe-shopping, even though I don’t really like shopping all that much. There’s currently a new pair of converse all-stars in my wardrobe as well (don’t worry: with the cushion my doctor said they should be fine) and I can’t stop looking at all those cute Keds out there! 

And now I’m writing about my shoes while I was actually going to tell about my new red blouse. Well, I’ll just let that one speak for itself then. What I will say is: best money spent on clothes this year. 

blouse: Zara • jeans: Levis • shoes: Sperry • handbag: Michael Kors “Sutton”


  1. 17 August 2015 / 14:13

    Super toffe casual outfit!

  2. 17 August 2015 / 15:15

    Sperry’s are absolutely some of the most comfortable shoes! They’re so worth the cost and the few days it takes to break them in perfectly.
    And that top really is the best! Love it!

  3. 17 August 2015 / 16:56

    Sperry’s zijn voor mij een beetje een twijfelgeval. Ik vind ze supermooi bij anderen, maar ik ben bang dat ze bij mezelf lomp gaan staan. Maar eigenlijk ben ik vrij voorbarig aan het spreken, want ik heb er nog nooit gepast 😉
    Alleszins, jou staan ze super! En die rode blouse is prachtig. Leve preppy! Leve Revenge, J. Crew & Spencer. (Spencer is echt zo awesome!)

  4. 17 August 2015 / 18:53

    Sorry to hear about the feet/shoe situation! I had to forgo my heels when I was pregnant due to a horrible pain (sciatica) and it was heart wrenching. I love the back of this pretty blouse!

  5. 17 August 2015 / 22:31

    Wat een mooie blouse! En ik vind je schoenen geweldig!

  6. 18 August 2015 / 00:05

    Die rode blouse staat je echt geweldig, nooit gedacht dat rood zo mooi kon zijn ^^

  7. 18 August 2015 / 02:49

    This shirt is beautiful! A beautiful color and a beautiful cut! I like when pieces have an interesting detail and this has two: the front ruffles and the open back!

  8. 18 August 2015 / 13:22

    Love all of those details on your red blouse! Perfect with the jeans too 🙂

    Those shoes do look great for summer – although it’s a shame to hear you won’t get as much wear out of your heeled shoes as you’d like it’s good you can still wear them now and then 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. 19 August 2015 / 22:06

    Oh ja ik ben fan! Ik twijfel al een tijdje om er zelf te kopen 😀

  10. 20 August 2015 / 04:50

    I love the casual flirtiness of the back of the dress. The shoes balance it nicely though by being casual but still dress in a way running shoes aren’t!

  11. 20 August 2015 / 05:32

    Your top is gorgeous! I like the part in the back aspect! And hey, and excuse to shop is good for me!

  12. 20 August 2015 / 21:15

    Zo’n topfoto’s! Die schoentjes passen echt wel goed bij jou 🙂
    Naomi, x

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