MoMu Antwerp: Birds of Paradise

The past two weeks have been very, very hectic for me. I feel like I’ve been running around like a headless chicken and I really had to catch my breath. What better way to relax, than by writing a new blog post, drinking a smoothie and looking back on my photos of the amazing Birds of Paradise collection, currently on display in the Antwerp Fashion Museum? There is no better way I’d say!

On this particular warm evening in March, I met my beloved blogging friend Sven for food and drinks before the event. I hadn’t seen the guy in so many months, yet it felt like it had only been one weekend. We couldn’t stop talking! We arrived at the MoMu casually late and together with Lieke, who kept us company for the rest of the evening. After a warm opening speech by Belgian fashionista Tiany Kirilof and the MoMu team, we entered the soft and spectacular world of feathered haute couture. We were taken behind the scenes of the fashion museum and learned about the curation process that takes place before each exhibition and about how the older masterpieces are preserved (think early 1900’s dresses and hats). 

Once in the exhibition space, my jaw dropped to the floor as I walked around all the stunning displays. My absolute favorite pieces were the feathered Chanel flapper dresses, which I unfortunately didn’t get any good photos of. Sometimes words are overrated, and I think that this collection is strong and eye-catching enough to speak for itself. My camera was acting much like a puberal 14-year-old, so I don’t have a lot of photos to show. But those that  I do have, I love. Take a look!

behind the scenes • the first gown I laid my eyes upon • blogger Ellen and her photographing sister • two pieces from the fall fashion display • dark silhouette from the winter collection • feathered artwork from the hand of Kate MccGwire • Bloggers Grietje & Anouk doing what bloggers do best: gathering content for their articles.

Birds of Paradise is currently open to the public and will be until August 24th 2014. On show are gowns , accessories and feathered artwork from Chanel, Balenciaga, MqQueen, De Meulemeester and more well-sounding names.



  1. 8 April 2014 / 22:29

    Heel erg gaaf. Wie weet ga ik er binnenkort nog eens langs 🙂

  2. 9 April 2014 / 00:08

    I didn’t even know Chanel did flapper dresses with feathers like that. Wow.

  3. 9 April 2014 / 09:25

    Oh wow this looks like it would be a stunning exhibit to see!

    Glad you had some time to relax and blog and share it with us 🙂 Hope you’re well and you have a few more relaxing days ahead after your busy two weeks!

    Away From Blue

  4. Laura
    9 April 2014 / 18:32

    Oh wow! These photos are just amazing! Wish I could see it in person. I love all the colors and different kinds of feathers used!

  5. 9 April 2014 / 19:49

    Wow, what an interesting exhibit!! That would certainly be an aspect of fashion worth learning about! The pieces you photographed look almost impossibly intricate.

  6. 9 April 2014 / 21:46

    Super leuke blogpost 🙂
    Ook een toffe foto van mij en mijn zus, thanks! 🙂

    Kisses Ellen

    • 10 April 2014 / 20:01

      haha, dankje! Ik vond de foto ook heel leuk 🙂 Ik hoopte dat je het niet erg zou vinden dat ik hem gebruikte. Ik wilde je er nog voor mailen 🙂 xo

  7. charles
    10 April 2014 / 02:02

    The feathers are stunning! Gorgeous post.
    Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet & thoughtful comment on my last post, really appreciate it <3


  8. ThomasNMurray
    11 April 2014 / 00:41

    Glad you had some time to relax and blog and share it with us 🙂 Hope you’re well and you have a few more relaxing days ahead after your busy two weeks!

  9. lippylash
    11 April 2014 / 08:06

    Ziet er zo mooi uit! echt wauw!

  10. 11 April 2014 / 18:59

    Echt zot hoe goed jouw foto’s zijn (aangezien het nogal donker was)! 😀

    • 13 April 2014 / 13:52

      Dankjewel! Dit waren wel zowat de enige geslaagden, en de witbalans is nog niet helemaal in orde. Bijna op hoogste ISO en laagste F-stop die mijn camera aankon. Jammer wel!

  11. 12 April 2014 / 19:53

    Mooie foto’s! En een mooie tentoonstelling 🙂

  12. birtegovarts
    13 April 2014 / 17:00

    Mooie foto’s! De tentoonstelling staat bovenaan mijn to do-lijstje :-).

  13. 13 April 2014 / 20:45

    Ziet er leuk uit, en mooie foto’s die je gemaakt hebt ook!

  14. 14 April 2014 / 12:39

    Is echt een prachtige tentoonstelling 🙂 toffe foto’s!

  15. 17 April 2014 / 17:06

    Hihi zo’n leuke foto! Bloggers at work 😀

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