On why I don’t wear make-up

I moderate my comments to make sure I read them all and so that I can quickly find your questions and answer them. As this blog blog grew, so did the number of comments, and with that the amount of remarks about my make-upless appearance. Some comments were subtle or encouraging, others curious, but oftentimes these comments were rude, saying that my face could use some finery. I have sometimes answered these comments in the comment section, but I thought I’d write a post about it too.

I don’t wear make-up because I am allergic to a component used in many everyday cosmetics. I found that I can actually use a lot of products of the more expensive brands like Guerlain and special powders and mascaras sold at pharmacies. Like I said, those products are often more expensive than what I’d like to spend on make-up and as a non-working full-time student make-up would be the first outlet I’d save on. Another reason why I shy away from using products is because as a girl with fair skin, light lashes, lighter eyebrows and freckles, I find it generally hard to find fitting make-up. Ever tried finding that perfect mascara, that you are not allergic too and that will not make you look like a total bimbo? Maybe it’s because I’m not used to having my lashes stand out so much, but I always felt super awkward when I wore mascara.   Thirdly, I am very sensitive to eye infections. I modeled a lot for  friends’ make-up exams (my high school had a large beauty department) and every. single. time. the eye make-up resulted in a visit to my optician (who’s also a certified eye doctor). No fun, really. He always made me walk around with huge stickers over my eyes, and at age 16, that’s asking for it. Lastly, I honestly don’t feel a need to wear make-up. After noticing my skin and eyes did not handle make-up well, I stopped trying and experimenting and never bought any products again. I can in all honesty say that I have never, by anyone in my (offline) life, been pressured to use it nor have I ever been laughed at for my skins condition. Which is quite surprising, as my high school had a large beauty department and those girls looked mighty fine all the time and would pick on anyone who they thought didn’t. OR maybe my hair color was just a good diversion?

The photo above shows me with simple mascara and a bright pink lipstick. It’s part of a series of lipstick ads I did for a friend of mine who’s an aspiring photographer. I’ve posed for her before, and she really wanted a redhead for her fall inspired shoot. The make-up in this photo wasn’t photoshopped on afterwards. The lipstick was made a little more visible by playing with contrast, because the color was really close to my natural lip color. I strongly suspect that the airbrush was used a little on my hair though, haha. My eyes can handle mascara for about an hour or two before they get all red and teary, so we shot these series in less than half an hour. Which was actually a double advantage, because we were shooting outside in January, with me lying in a pile of dirt, surrounded by crunchy leaves with a still alive earthworm in them! I was freezing, but The photos all turned out great I think, and my friend eventually got a good grade on her advertisement assignment too.



  1. 6 February 2014 / 06:04

    Hmmm, this is really interesting to know. I don’t wear make-up much either but usually because I am lazy.

  2. 6 February 2014 / 10:49

    If I had skin as stunning as yours, I wouldn’t wear makeup either!

    I think your natural look is beautiful. Although the photo is nice, you definitely don’t need anything extra to show off your beauty! πŸ™‚

    Away From Blue

  3. 6 February 2014 / 11:00

    I can’t believe people would say stuff like that. It’s so rude and unnecessary. I never even noticed you wear make-up and I don’t think it’s anyone’s business. At first I wanted to say but you’re so beautiful and don’t need any make-up. I still think that, but I realised that’s the type of attitude that makes people feel like they need make-up. I don’t want to think that anyone NEEDS make-up and that their face isn’t good enough. It is something I’ve thought before and I feel bad about it. So let’s all just do what we want and leave each other alone.

  4. 6 February 2014 / 12:05

    Een vriendin van mij heeft hetzelfde probleem en kan ook enkel high end merken dragen… Ik vind het heel jammer dat mensen daar vragen over durven stellen eigenlijk.. Zolang jij je er goed bij voelt! Toch niets mis met een natuurlijke look! Ik ben zelf ook gevoelig voor o.a. mascara’s. Heb nu wel een hyper allergeen mascara van Etos (4 euro) die heel goed is! (http://www.etos.nl/pers/etos-hypoallergeen-makeup/ mocht je interesse hebben)

    • 11 February 2014 / 12:48

      Dankjewel voor de tip Natalie! Ik kende de mascara van een vriendin, die hem gebruikt omdat ze lenzen draagt ^^ Het jammer is dat hij in de etos in mijn buurt enkel in zwart te verkrijgen is. Ik heb heel erg lichte wimpers en wenkbrauwen, en dan ziet de look er al snel heel “hard” uit. Weet jij of er nog andere kleuren van zijn?

      • 15 February 2014 / 20:03

        Ik geloof dat ze ook bruin hebben hoor! Ik breng ‘m graag wel eens voor je mee anders hoor, en stuur ‘m dan wel op! Ik kom regelmatig in Maastricht!

        • 15 February 2014 / 20:21

          Ik woon zelf op de grens, dus de etos is hier maar enkele straten vandaan! Ik zal er volgende keer eens op letten. Mijn lief heeft me toch beloofd dat we voor valentijn nog iets gaan eten in Nederland πŸ˜‰ xo

          • 15 February 2014 / 20:46

            Haha perfect!

  5. 6 February 2014 / 12:50

    People are asses. You are beautiful, and I would never in my life have thought to suggest that your face needs some refinery. And if you look so nice in photos, I’m sure you’re stunning in real life because photography has the unfortunate effect of emphasising everything, the “bad” and the “good”.

    I’m not particularly sensitive to cosmetics, but my eyes tend to suffer especially if I’m wearing contact lenses. One of the mascaras that worked for me was LUMENE’s for sensitive eyes. Have you ever tried it? It’s pretty good. Also, for eye infections, may I suggest disposable wands? It’s pretty wasteful, though.

    • 11 February 2014 / 12:55

      I wear contacts lenses too, so I can imagine. Even without mascara or eyeliner on, they sometimes cause irritation after a day of wear. It can get pretty painful!

      And thank you for the tips! My optometrist has basically forbidden me to wear make-up anymore, but your suggestions and tips could be helpful to others! I know of a friend who used disposable mascara wands to prevent infections (she had them a lot too) and it really worked for her. My infections and irritations were usually the cause of my tear-ducts getting obstructed by the make-up. they’d swell up and cause a bruise under my eye. It was weird, and the optometrist said it was something he could’nt help or prevent.

  6. 6 February 2014 / 14:22

    Zot, ik had u helemaal niet herkend op de foto! En ergens is het toch maar gemakkelijk om u niet met make up te moeten bezig houden, zeker als ge zoals u toch niks te verbergen hebt πŸ˜‰

  7. Nicole
    6 February 2014 / 15:33

    Props to you! I wish, pretty much everyday, that I didn’t have to wear makeup. But my face is broken out all of the time :/ Thankfully, I’m using (and distributing) Arbonne Skin Care now, and it has healed my skin so much!
    Hopefully one day I’ll make it to the no makeup club πŸ™‚

  8. 6 February 2014 / 16:28

    That photo is awesome! It’s like a totally different you!
    I don’t usually wear make up either, sometimes when I go out, and I put mascara on once a week or so (they hold the darker color for a few days). I hate my red eyelashes. Even though I am a red head I have dark eyes, and eyebrows so I think they look funny being light, but with your lighter features I don’t think you have that problem. And honestly I don’t think I ever noticed that you don’t wear make up. Just tell people your fightin gthe man or something and they will love you for it instead of bug you about it. lol

  9. 6 February 2014 / 17:01

    Ik denk ook niet dat jij (of iemand anders dan ook) make-up nodig hebt, dus vooral niet teveel letten op de negatieve opmerkingen. Je ziet er prachtig uit zonder en als je er allergische reacties e.d. van krijgt, moet je er ook zeker niet aan beginnen. That’s no fun! En meiden moeten niet het idee hebben dat het nodig is, want.. make-up hoort leuk te zijn.. niet een verplichting of iets wat je zogenaamd mooi maakt. πŸ™‚

  10. 6 February 2014 / 17:07

    Your make-up-free look is beautiful! Why mess with perfection?

    I will never understand why some folks need to tell others to change their appearance. I’ve had people tell me (in person, not online) that I needed to “get some sun.” I’m sure as a light-skinned lady you know just how preposterous the idea of getting a tan is when you’re simply not made that way. But even if I was able to change the color of my skin, folks should respect that personal choice not to.

    This post is so inspiring, and I’m glad no one (in real life) has pressured you to change.

  11. 6 February 2014 / 18:26

    Oh, Nikki! I think you look beautiful without makeup and I wish people didn’t feel the need to tell you otherwise. Less is more, in my opinion as a fellow non-makeup-wearer. Plus my husband still thinks I look beautiful without it and who else do I have to impress πŸ˜‰

  12. 6 February 2014 / 18:37

    Whoa. Hold the phone. Who tells you to WEAR makeup? If I had your beautiful skin I would set it as my computer wallpaper. No need to explain to us your reasons, your skin is the most beautiful light shade and your freckles are so perfectly placed. You send all those haters over to me, k?

  13. 6 February 2014 / 19:59

    i think you are beautiful and inspiring! being comfortable in your own skin (sans-makeup) is way more important than impressing random commenters on the internet. ignore the haters! and think about all the time you save getting ready in the morning πŸ™‚



  14. 6 February 2014 / 20:19

    Zo’n prachtige foto! Deze naturelle look staat je heel goed, vind niet dat je nood hebt aan make-up

  15. 6 February 2014 / 21:43

    Prachtige foto honey, ik vind je prachtig zonder make-up. Don’t let them bullies tell you otherwise! Met jouw huid en sproetjes zou de meeste make-up er toch maar raar uitzien, viva natuurlijke schoonheid!


  16. 6 February 2014 / 22:57

    I think your natural look is a breath of fresh air in the blog world, where things can be overly made-up, photoshopped, etc. Rock that beautiful, low maintenance look!

  17. 7 February 2014 / 01:06

    I’m sorry that you’re allergic to most make up because that’s kind of a pain! It sucks just because you can’t experiment with fun looks, but it’s great that you feel confident enough not wear it and not to go for the expensive make up! I think you’re beautiful, make up or not! πŸ™‚

  18. 7 February 2014 / 07:48

    that is an amazing photo of you! loved the other post you did with this photographer as well. You are a lovely lady, with or without makeup! I love the natural look, and prefer it!

  19. K W
    7 February 2014 / 08:34

    you are so beautiful.
    i never really noticed that you don’t wear makeup.
    you don’t need it either. seriously. i never knew that someone could be so allergic to makeup, that must not be fun.
    i normally just wear some mascara. there have been some times when i think, “maybe i should start wearing makeup” but at the end of the day i never want to be someone that looks like a different person when i’m not wearing my makeup.
    i think you are a beautiful and confident girl for being so open and makeup free!

  20. lippylash
    7 February 2014 / 10:31

    Good for you girl! Ik draag op dagelijkse basis ook weinig make-up. Mijn huid is redelijk goed en heb al redelijk lange wimpers dus voor mij is het ook geen must. Jij ziet er super goed uit zonder de make-up dus why??
    Ik vind het wel jammer voor je dat je allergisch bent, want soms vind ik het wel leuk om af en toe eens op te maken en dan is het jammer als alles zo duur kost. Maar you look great!!!!!! (sorry voor de lange comment :p)

  21. 7 February 2014 / 23:23

    ik vind het echt ontzettend mooi dat je hierover schrijft, serieus, make-up is echt niet nodig voor iedereen, je ziet er prachtig uit zonder!

  22. 9 February 2014 / 13:57

    I think you are very brave to manifest your opinion and not try to be someone you’re not. Just because every average girl wears makeup. You made your style of not wearing it and you are extremely beautiful and self-confident without it! I’m the “victim” of make-up terror and can’t imagine going out without it. But I totally encourage you not to change your habits just because general opinion!

    Have a wonderful day.

  23. 9 February 2014 / 14:58

    I think that you have a natural beauty and there is no need to use make-up if you are allergic to it. I’m sorry that you are allergic to make-up, but it’s good that you are confident and don’t feel that you are missing something. I think that people should never ever pressure you to use make-up and you are totally right in not using it if it bothers your sensitive skin and eyes. In fact, most of make-up products have bad ingredients that are not warmful only to your skin, but mainly to your health. I’ve read a lot about this and a while ago I decided to throw away all my beauty products that were not made with natural ingredients and I started buying natural beauty products that are free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petrolatum, DEA, paraffin, animal ingredients, synthetic fragrance, etc. I’ve never paid attention that you don’t use make-up. There are so many more important things to do in life than criticizing someone who doesn’t use make-up. I’m so sorry that some people were rude to you and left unkind comments. Spreading love and kindness is so much better and important and I wish people were more kind and left only comments that would make us feel better and happy.

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  24. 9 February 2014 / 15:31

    Oei das niet zo handig idd πŸ™‚ Maar je hebt echt geen make up nodig he! πŸ™‚ Dus das ideaal! Die lippenstift is wel echt super mooi bij je πŸ™‚

  25. 9 February 2014 / 18:43

    hele mooie foto. Jammer van je allergie, maar mij was het eerlijk gezegd nog niet opgevallen dat je geen make-up draagt. Dat men daar al gemene comments over geeft vind ik wel erg.

  26. 9 February 2014 / 23:41

    Wauw, prachtige foto! En ik vind het helemaal geen schande dat je geen make-up draagt, als je huid en ogen er niet goed tegen kunnen is het waarschijnlijk best om er zo ver mogelijk van weg te blijven πŸ˜‰
    + dat bespaart je weer tijd ‘s ochtends πŸ˜€

  27. 10 February 2014 / 02:37

    Maar Nikki, jij babe! Ik had u op het eerste zicht wel totaal niet herkend. Maar mooi, wauw. Met Γ©n zonder make-up πŸ™‚

  28. 10 February 2014 / 23:36

    Ze zijn gewoon jaloers dat jij er zo fabulous kan uitzien zonder makeup πŸ˜‰
    Prachtige foto! Uw haar is zoooo cool.
    Naomi, x

  29. 11 February 2014 / 09:58

    Wow. Well written post, and I don’t know what it means but I did not once notice that you never wear makeup! You look gorgeous in the photo, you super model…really beautiful. Although I did not want to know about that earthworm (any worm, ever). πŸ™‚

    • 11 February 2014 / 12:44

      Thank you! And it was gross and awkward, but I was brave and led in the mudd pool for another 20 minutes. Worms or not that bad, as long as they don’t touch me πŸ˜‰

      • 16 August 2014 / 13:53

        Ohhh I only saw your reply now. Man, I have an irrational, earth-shattering, willing-to-kill-someone fear of worms.

  30. 11 February 2014 / 20:04

    First of all you look amazing in this photo! I actually never noticed you don’t wear makeup, but you don’t need it! I wish I could get away with not wearing any makeup at all, so don’t ever feel bad about it girl, you are beautiful!

  31. 15 February 2014 / 18:02

    Loved reading your post Nikki. I too am not one for make-up. I don’t wear foundation, and tend to just wear just a quick swipe of mascara + a nude tinted lip gloss. Although, once in awhile I do enjoy a pop of red lipstick. I love a natural look and I’ve always loved it on you. You’re a beautiful woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. I think that’s super awesome, something to take pride in, and very inspiring too!! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  32. 16 February 2014 / 21:59

    You go girl. Don’t wear makeup if it doesn’t work for you. And I get that people are curious but it’s not that unusual. I see so many ladies walking around with a fresh, makeup less face. You look beautiful as you are πŸ™‚

  33. 24 February 2014 / 22:00

    Wat een prachtige foto! Je staat er echt adembenemend mooi op! dat je geen make-up draagt vooral omdat je veel allergische reacties hebt is echt heel begrijpelijk. Wie heeft trouwens ooit gezegd dat een vrouw make-up moet dragen? dat is ieders vrije keuze. Ik moet eerlijk toegeven dat ik soms wou dat ik de deur durfde buiten gaan zonder make-up, maar dat doe ik nooit. Veel van mijn zelfvertrouwen zit in m’n make-up (dat komt door mijn moeilijke jeugd met pesten etc,..), ik voel me echt keer beter als ik het wel draag, dus ik doe het elke dag. Ik vind het ook niet erg om toe te geven dat ik het nodig heb, iedere vrouw zal wel ergens haar zelfvertrouwen uit halen πŸ™‚

    Anyway, with or without make-up, je bent een beauty, en je haarkleur is echt wondermooi!

    X Sara

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