For some reason I am always wearing these pants when we’re taking outfitphotos

I am wearing my toms from last fall • Zara cargo
skinnies • Banana republic polkadot shirt 
You might think I need more pants. I think so too. But try to convince
my mom of that. These jeans are about the last thing I bought and we all know
how it goes with girls and new things right? But I pinky promise you that I really haven’t
been wearing these all day everyday for the past three weeks. Really not. Just
on the weekends so it seems.
The past weekend was oh so heavenly. On Friday I had a really tiring
day. People don’t like it when there’s a big pile of work on their desk, but
man, an empty desk isn’t much fun either. Time was going by so slowly as I was
counting down the minutes until prom night. When the clock struck 4:30pm I
jumped off my seat and ran for the nearest bus stop. When I opened the door
to K’s apartment about an hour later I found a white rose on
the kitchen table and a little note telling me he had already gone to the venue
to help set everything up. It was the third rose he gave me in our 4 years of
dating. He’s not a real flower person, so I know that when I get one I either
did something good or he did something bad. I smiled, and took a bite of the
tuna salad sandwich he got me for dinner while I tried to hack into his
computer so I could watch an episode of Once Upon A Time.
The evening was full of noise, fog machines, dates who were crying, a
couple that was breaking up right next to me and drunk people who were talking
about really awkward subjects. There are limits as to what you
want to know about your boyfriends study mates. We got our picture taken a
million times and danced for as long as our longs would let us with all the smoke coming from the fog machines. I left considerably early compared to some. One of K’s friends and his girlfriend, who both had a liiiitle to much to drink,
accompanied me so I wouldn’t have to walk back to the apartment alone at 2am.
They were discussing about an invisible dog poo as I walked about two meters in
front of them hoping no one could tell they were with me, haha. Ah, like every
year, it was a night to remember. 

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  1. 29 April 2013 / 19:33

    Hahahaha SUCH FUN, PROM! 🙂
    Leuke outfit lady!

  2. 30 April 2013 / 00:59

    I know why you were wearing those pants… because they a) fit you like a glove, b) are totally perfect and c) … TOTALLY PERFECT.

  3. 30 April 2013 / 02:59

    well of course you are always wearing those pants, if I had ones that cute I would be rocking them all the time too!

  4. 30 April 2013 / 03:35

    So do you have proms in university? Or are you in the American equivalent of high school? I sort of thought you were older but I can't remember! I'd love to see some of your prom pics!

    PS: In your last paragraph, you wrote, "danced for as long as our longs would let us." Oops!

    Love you blog,

    • 30 April 2013 / 16:18

      I'm 21 ^^ And yeah, we have these fancy proms / dances at uni 🙂 Student associations throw them, and as my boyfriend is in the presidium of one we were invited ^.^ And I really did mean "for as long as our longs would let us". The fog machines in the dance room were expelling so much gas you could barely breath in there. We stayed at the main hall where the reception was held most of the night. That was were the dessert buffet was anyway 😉 x

  5. 30 April 2013 / 05:42

    i think those pants are fabulous!!!

  6. 30 April 2013 / 06:54

    hahah! Sounds like a fun/weird night 😉

  7. 30 April 2013 / 13:39

    Sounds like quite the evening

    PS I wouldn't have blamed you for not taking those pants off since you bought them; they look great on you!

  8. 30 April 2013 / 16:03

    I have a 'Saturday' dress that is loose and comfy. It is my go-to dress for weekends.

  9. 30 April 2013 / 18:37

    Isn't it awkward when people are breaking up next to you? I had that happen to me once and it was so weird. It was like you couldn't look away. LOL. Anyway, I loveee cargo skinnies! I think they are so chic but are so comfortable too. You look fab girl! <3


  10. 30 April 2013 / 18:41

    Well those pants are adorable so I love seeing them in your outfit photos 🙂 I also love those TOMS, and prom night sounds very interesting…sounds like you had some fun too!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. 30 April 2013 / 21:30

    I watch Once Upon a Time too! :)) And no, that's not the only thing I got from your post. I am just not the person to talk about prom nights, because I've never had a cool one 🙂 But yours sounds like fun, even with the invisible poo part. 😉

  12. 30 April 2013 / 21:31

    I love these pants on you, wear away! 🙂

    Sounds like a really long but fun prom night too. 🙂

    And your comment on my blog – yes!!! I am insanely stressed this week for all the reasons you said. Its tricky working in such proximity with a whole new group of people.Today I'm wearing a pretty dress and a shockingly bright pink bag to try get my confidence back. Clothes have the power to do that which is cool 🙂

  13. 30 April 2013 / 23:12

    I can't actually get enough of these pants

    xo Ashley

  14. 30 April 2013 / 23:54

    I think you're a girl from my heart! Cargo pants (all day and everyday is fine by me;) and Once Upon A Time and Tuna Salad Sandwhich!! It sounds like the dance was fun just to watch people!! I will inform you that I love people watching, it is so fun!! Part of the reason why I love riding metros… I guess that could seem creppy but it's not. I assure you ahahha
    Tessa Lynn

  15. 1 May 2013 / 00:38

    I feel the same way about a pair of my jeans. It seems every time I try to take pictures I have the same jeans on. But they fit so well and are comfy. So it's ok, I guess 😉

  16. 1 May 2013 / 08:17

    Great casual look.


  17. 1 May 2013 / 10:45

    Lovely photos, the woodland background is so lovely! I have been wanting to incorporate pants more into my wardrobe lately but have been at loss for what to wear them with. I think I need to find some nice button down shirts like the one you're wearing!

  18. 1 May 2013 / 14:45

    Cute pants! I love cargos. I actually forgot I had a pair in my closet until I saw this post, thanks for the reminder that I need to get them out!

  19. 1 May 2013 / 19:14

    Thanks so much for the blog comment! I'm STILL angry with Ikea haha…

    I love these pants! It'd be hard not to wear them every day!


  20. 1 May 2013 / 19:29

    Oh Antwerpse studentenfeestjes kunnen toch zo awkward zijn 😀
    Leuk hemdje trouwens!

  21. 1 May 2013 / 20:16

    Haha i live out of one pair of jeans too. Its fine! New follower 🙂

  22. 1 May 2013 / 21:59

    Wow, what a crazy night! The prom I went to didn't sound nearly as fun as that haha. Sounds like you have some fun friends 😉 And the pants are cute! I would be wearing them non-stop too.

  23. 2 May 2013 / 07:20

    I then those espadrilles on my feet!

  24. 3 May 2013 / 16:13

    Never mind the pants issue, ik heb dat ook vaak met bepaalde stukken en dan zie je dat echt pas bij je blogposts 😀 teken dat het echt goede aankopen waren!
    Supermooie espadrilles ook trouwens!


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