On a warm falls day

F21 dress // H&M cardigan & tights // C&A scarf // Six necklace // Footwork Boots 
More boats! K and I went shopping on Saturday and since the weather was nice we walked out to the marina afterwards to snap these photos and enjoy the falling leaves. Some trees are already leafless in the city but in my hometown there isn’t a yellow or red leave to be spotted yet. So I’ve been scrolling through way to many Flickrs and Pins from the fall in New England, United States because their fall foliage is crazy. And I just love the white fences next to all the tiny roads. 
Some might be wondering how my driving is going and I have to say it’s like swimming or bike riding. Once you learned it, apparently, you can’t un-learn it. I didn’t drive for about a year, but I picked it up again in minutes and now my lessons are going good. Even though I am still miles away from an actual drivers license I treated myself with a little impulsive shopping spree at Zara. Girls just wanna have fun. 
I’ll leave you with an Instagram picture from the scenery!

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  1. 8 October 2012 / 14:34

    you look so pretty,love the color of your dress!

  2. 8 October 2012 / 15:51

    Great color. The mustard compliments your hair. =) Fall is your season.

  3. 8 October 2012 / 16:18

    Leuk vestje! Ik vind de okerkleur van je jurkje echt mooi, staat je goed zo'n kleur! 🙂 Fijn dat je rijlessen zo goed gaan ook! (: ♥

  4. 8 October 2012 / 16:38

    I live near New England but fall foliage hasn't hit its peak yet. I can't wait until it does!

  5. 8 October 2012 / 16:42

    Aw your adorable. I love this outfit!!! I wish I could wear this color, but us blondes just can not! Yes New England is beautiful right now!! I am fortunate and while I have a "big commute" (roughly 45 minutes) I drive down a highway that is recommended for leaf peepers! Its beautiful!!


  6. 8 October 2012 / 16:58

    i love the yellow with the burnt orange scarf! pretty!


  7. 8 October 2012 / 17:40

    This "mustard yellow" (or whatever name it has) is perfect on you ^^
    Have a wonderful week!!

  8. 8 October 2012 / 20:26

    I wish I had a marina to stroll through on a nice day! Your outfit has great colors and I'm glad to hear your driving lessons are going well.

  9. 8 October 2012 / 21:41

    Oh, glad driving is going well!

    Love how pretty yellow is on you. its such a bold color yet really lovely.

  10. 8 October 2012 / 22:50

    love your boots, and that gold is a great color!

  11. 9 October 2012 / 00:15

    Gorgeous instagram photo. I love that. And you look so cozy!


  12. 9 October 2012 / 00:18

    I really love the color of your scarf with that yellow dress!

  13. 9 October 2012 / 18:42

    Love your accessories! I can't wait to pull out the scarves for fall–summer is still lingering around here in so. california.

    Good luck with the rest of your driving lessons 😀

  14. 9 October 2012 / 23:19

    Mustard, oatmeal, rust…three colours that pair so perfectly together!!! Just love the autumn vibe you've perfected here!

    <3 Cambria

  15. 10 October 2012 / 20:54

    cute look, we love your dress!


    ps. we are now giving away 10 times a $5 giftcard at Dino Direct!

  16. 11 October 2012 / 02:47

    I love the warm hues of your hair, scarf, and dress all stacked up together! So FALL! And yay for getting back on the horse (aka car!)

  17. 11 October 2012 / 06:54

    Hi Nikki!

    Love the name of your blog and this post is stunning.
    Really adore your style!

    xx Tasha

  18. 11 October 2012 / 15:29

    I'm glad your driving lessons are going well! You're so lucky you have these marinas so close to you, ridiculously pretty!

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