New York: Finest moments

Sorry for the cloverfield effect in the video. Walking and filming don’t go that well together.

So… you might want to hear a few fun things that went down in the big ole’ city of New York, don’t you? Besides drinking more coffee daily than I would on a weekly basis and spending my yearly shopping budget in two weeks, here’s some fun stories!

First of all, we ended up in an elevator with a bunch of friendly hyperactive Asian kids who said they were contestants in America’s Got Talent. Quarter finalists, you guys! (not so) Big Barry slept in the same hotel too, along with a bunch of others. Too bad I didn’t get to see Mrs Osbourne, haha! A few days later when we were in DC we stumbled upon the AGT live show on TV and saw how our Asian friends got send home… aw!

Second best: Apple store people. They rock. I walked into the store and I immediately caught the eye of 3 shop assistants. One walked up and asked what he could help me with.

Me: “Oh nothing really, I’m just looking for my boyfriend.”He: “Have you found him?”Me “Duh! This is the apple store?”
A few minutes later the same guy walks up to me while K is still checking his Facebook (because that’s what apple store are for) and I’m choosing an iPod case.

He: “Looks like I still get to help you!”
Me: “Sure, can I check out this iPod case?”
* The guy takes the box I reach him and my creditcard, sends the receipt to my mail and turns the box around to see which case I chose… *
He: “omg, are are you the one who’s going to use this?
Me, full of confidence: “Yes, I am.”

He was looking at this:

Pure awesomeness.



  1. 21 July 2012 / 14:55

    Very cute iphone case!

    Looks like a fun trip.

  2. 22 July 2012 / 00:20

    Great video! The theme park looks like fun! I see what you mean about it being so busy though – even the apple store looks busy!

    I really really like your phone case – so cute 🙂

  3. 22 July 2012 / 07:12

    Wat een fijn filmpje! En zo'n leuke iphone hoes 🙂

  4. 22 July 2012 / 10:31

    Amai, ik ben kei jaloers! Ik wil ook naar NY!! En toffe iPhone hoes :).

  5. 24 July 2012 / 12:01

    LOL! Great stories! I love your white dress and the neutral cardi!

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