Things that make me happy today

I had the idea for this post written inside my blog notebook (a musthave!) for a long time. I got the inspiration from Sarah’s post over at the blog Silver lining avenue. Since I ran out of outfits to share, it has been raining non-stop for days, I thought this would be a nice alternative. What makes you happy today?


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1. Pocket money: Now this H&M dress is hanging in my wardrobe!
2. My iPod: Because I repaired it when the applestore men couldn’t. All by myself. 
3. Fall: The trees surrounding my house look really pretty at the moment. 
4. Chickensoup: My favorite. so good!
5. Roxette: I was born in the wrong era
6. Forever 21: My first black blazer
7. Orange: Clashes with my hair, in a good way
8. Not forgetting my umbrella for a whole day!
9. My cosy Topshop sweater that I never used to wear
10. Antwerp: See you next weekend!

My first two days at the Social Servivce went great. Tomorrow I’ll be alone at the office and I’m a bit nervous about that, but I’ll be ok. Thanks for all the kind words you sent me!

 I’m off to prepare a cup of chickensoup now *giggles*

What makes you happy today? 


  1. 11 October 2011 / 19:17

    wow that dress is cute! Need/want!!! xxxx

  2. 11 October 2011 / 19:43

    i love the idea of having a blog journal — i'm going to have to borrow that idea and set one up. 🙂 and what a fantastic pick-me-up post! that's a gorgeous color on that dress.

  3. 11 October 2011 / 20:13

    ah chicken soup definitely makes me happy as well 🙂 and of course all the gorgeous colors outside.. so great.

    annnd i just made my first batch of applesauce so.. that is pretty exciting indeeeed hehe

  4. 11 October 2011 / 21:08

    Hello Nikki, loving the blog and the beautiful pics of your country. What made me happy today was gate-crashing a private function at my university and sneaking away with plates of free food to watch an Italian jazz group that I wasn't meant to be watching 😉 Bas

  5. 11 October 2011 / 21:20

    Haha, chicken soup makes me happy as well. Especially on bad days 🙂 I love the purple dress. so classy looking.

  6. 12 October 2011 / 01:37

    i'm glad your internship went well so far! good luck!!

    i just found out my electrical issues at our new place have been resolved so we can move in very soon!! that's what made me happy today!!


  7. 12 October 2011 / 08:11

    I love the purple dress, it looks so pretty on Freja. This is a very positive post, I love it! Great inspiration too.
    I love your blog! Would you like to follow eachother?

  8. 12 October 2011 / 08:45

    1. My boyfriend
    2. The fact that he bought me a present (wanted badly: sewing machine)
    3. The cold weather…winter is here 😉
    4. My blog …(adore it)
    5. f a s h i o n

    Great and cute blog…love it 😉 I'm following you … If you like my blog ..follow me back..

    Kisses and hugs sweety!! 🙂

    Evi xoxo

  9. 12 October 2011 / 12:08

    What a cute and happy post!

    Today I am happy because…

    It's grocery shopping day!
    I'm wearing a super comfy, cute shirt from Target
    I have Green Tea with Peach (iced) to drink
    I'm enjoying warm, Autumn scents (like Pumpkin Pie room freshener and Va-Va-Vanilla deodorant, hah.)
    Cuddling with Jen and our kitties and Jango, when he lands on us! 😛

  10. 12 October 2011 / 12:41

    This is a cute idea 🙂 What's making me happy right now is cold medicine and hot tea – getting over a bit of a cold 🙁

    Glad to hear your first few days went well!!! 🙂

  11. 12 October 2011 / 12:59

    so so gorgeous! love this 🙂


  12. 12 October 2011 / 15:08

    nice post
    you have a really nice blog
    !'m following now
    would love you to follow me..

  13. 12 October 2011 / 15:57

    Aw great list! Love the second photo capturing nature the most!

  14. 12 October 2011 / 16:51

    Thanks dear! I use the Canon Rebel T2i with 50mm f1.8 lens 🙂

  15. 12 October 2011 / 19:23

    Mijn vriend hààt het ook om prints te dragen hoor, hahaa :p Echt spijtig, cause I love Norwegian prints 🙂

  16. 12 October 2011 / 20:13

    ( I dont know how to do the fancy, respond to your comment so it gets sent to your email…so i'll just write back on here haha )

    someone else left yesterday. i'm slowing shrinking, but I agree the quality is better. I have like 6 loyal commenters and I feel like theyre/you're friends. So that is better to me.

  17. 12 October 2011 / 21:24

    To be honest, I've had a pretty sucky day. :S
    But, you know, I'm kinda glad to see how other people (or you, in this case) really know how to enjoy the little things.
    I can do that only on my good days. 😀

    Anyhow, I do like your blog; following! 🙂

  18. 12 October 2011 / 21:32

    Great post! That H&M dress is gorgeous, the color is perfect for fall 🙂 I'm glad to hear your internship is going well!

  19. 12 October 2011 / 21:56

    cup a sup a cup en hup! 😀

  20. 13 October 2011 / 00:32

    You're so sweet! Love the post 🙂 And I'm happy right now because it's raining!!
    I'm following you dear

  21. 13 October 2011 / 03:51

    that's a super cute dress! things that make me happy today are pumpkin cookies and my husband being home.


  22. 13 October 2011 / 04:08

    mmmm… fall trees are the best…

  23. 13 October 2011 / 08:35

    I always love to read happy lists like this! xo

  24. 13 October 2011 / 13:28

    You are SO gorgeous! The dress looks stunning on you!
    How did you fix the ipod when no one else could? Girrrl, you are amazing!!

  25. 13 October 2011 / 17:14

    i really like these kinds of posts. they are a nice change for regular what-i- ate-drank-wore-bought posts. it's always interesting to read people's answers. for some reason your second answer about ipod made me smile, it sounded really cute 🙂

  26. 14 October 2011 / 21:13

    What lovely images! I'm going for a long bike ride this weekend, and that makes me happy.

  27. 15 October 2011 / 13:17

    such a cut blog u have lady!
    nice pics and video, like it!!
    check out mine and if u like what u see follow dear, i'd be very happy..kiss from Milan!

    Patchwork à porter

  28. 16 October 2011 / 06:14

    I think mine would be not forgetting sunglasses the whole day 🙂

    How was the chickn soup? Sounds yummy this time of year!

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