Style Me Pretty: City Tripping

This kind of is what I’ll be wearing when I stroll through the cities of New York and DC. I like to wear simple outfits when I travel. A basic dress, a cardy or shirt to keep me from getting cold, comfy flat shoes and a large tote. I always carry around big boys to keep a map, drinks, a snack, my camera etc safe and by hand. The shoulderstrap makes sure I have my hands free. Just perfect. 

My plane isn’t leaving until sundaymorning (my time) but since it’s going to be busy the next few days I thought I’d quickly come in to say goodbye. I have asked some of my blogging friends to take over the wheel while I’m a way and I have no doubt you’ll love the guestposts they wrote! Thank you guys for filling in for me!


Before I go I still need to thank some people!

I, along with some of my favorite other bloggers, recieved an award from Kyla.
She’s so sweet, go check out her fancy inspiration blog^^

A huge thank you to Katie from Hazel & Mare for saving my inner shopaholic!
Pentagon mall here I come!

And a bigbigbig hug for Kirsten from Summer Sets In for beeing such a sweetheart.

Okay. I’m ready to go now.

I’ll be back around September 8th πŸ™‚
See you later peeps!


  1. 26 August 2011 / 08:25

    I have a black dress and a plaid shirt so I might try this outfit out πŸ˜‰ xxx

  2. 26 August 2011 / 08:44

    We might run into each other till Sunday on the blogs or tweets, but if not, take care Darling, and happy packing!

    Lotsa pictures please! πŸ™‚

    Take a scarf too, that's my most important travel item, it's good for so many things! πŸ™‚

  3. 26 August 2011 / 12:35

    aw i like that bag a lot!i guess im a satchel freak!i just so in love with it!lol soo can't wait to see your nyc post!geez!i miss there a lot!xx

  4. 26 August 2011 / 14:18

    What an adorable, chic outfit! Definitely appropriate for traveling. And once again, I hope you have a fantastic time!! πŸ™‚

  5. 26 August 2011 / 14:22

    That is such a pretty dress!

  6. 26 August 2011 / 14:49

    cute outfit! i love the dress, it looks a bit structured, and those are my favorite kind of dresses these days.


  7. 26 August 2011 / 15:35

    That dress is classic, bet you look great in it!

  8. 26 August 2011 / 16:22

    thanks for the blog love! i love this outfit. hope your travels over here in North America go well!

  9. 26 August 2011 / 18:19

    Love that plaid shirt.

  10. 26 August 2011 / 18:50

    This is a perfect start of fall look. I just thrifted a similar looking button up and I've had my eyes peeled for a leather bag/satchel like that one. Safe travels!

  11. 26 August 2011 / 20:45

    your blog is so sweet (:

  12. 26 August 2011 / 21:15

    So cute, I love this look! I hope the storm is done before your flight! xo

  13. 26 August 2011 / 21:33

    i love the things you picked, especially the bag! it's too cute!

    have fun and hope to hear from you soon!

    jos xx

  14. 26 August 2011 / 22:02

    The dress has a nice shape.

  15. 27 August 2011 / 04:20

    Cute, comfy and functional is the best way to travel. I have such a crush on that bag – gorgeous!

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. 27 August 2011 / 04:48

    I love that black dress! So beautiful! <3

    Have fun on your trip! Traveling is awesome. πŸ˜€

  17. 27 August 2011 / 08:44

    Beautiful selection!!!It could be my wishlist!

  18. 27 August 2011 / 10:05

    Nice pick! Have fun in your trip dear. πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you. xx

  19. 27 August 2011 / 15:34

    fijne vakantieee en goeie reis!

  20. 27 August 2011 / 15:43

    i never ever can get enough of gorgeous shirts like that! OMG you are going to my favorite city in the whole wide world! don't forget to visit MBMJ store in the west village!!! smashing store! hope your flight will be on time, Irene can mess things up

  21. 27 August 2011 / 17:45

    love this, stylish yet laid back! i'm lusting over the cut of that dress and the detailing on the sandals.

  22. 27 August 2011 / 17:57

    that outfit is nearly perfect. okay, wait i cant find a flaw. you got me, it's perfect.

  23. 27 August 2011 / 23:18

    Have a good trip and have fun! πŸ˜€

  24. 28 August 2011 / 01:03

    that dress is so nice, very simple and chic

  25. 28 August 2011 / 07:59

    Enjoy your trip girl! And what a lovely outfit to travel! xo

  26. 28 August 2011 / 14:21

    Gorgeous dress!!! It does look really good with the plaid shirt.

    Belly B πŸ™‚

  27. 29 August 2011 / 14:58

    hΓ©, je kunt de zara schoentjes altijd online bestellen en in een winkel naar keuze laten leveren! ook als ze dan niet passen is het geen enkel probleem om terug te geven πŸ™‚ liefs xx

  28. 29 August 2011 / 22:08

    I really like that little black dress, been looking for simple one like that for a while! xo

  29. 1 September 2011 / 23:49

    have a wonderful time on your trip… πŸ™‚ are you going for NYFW??

    thanks so much for visiting me! i really adore your blog. super cute!


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