Disneyland: The Pictures

Last weekend the boyfriend and I drove to France to go to Disneyland.
We had to get up at 4am and were home at midnight, I was so tired!
We celebrated my birthday with a huge candy floss and enjoyed the themepark.
Here are some {very touristic, I know} photos of the day!

You see why I said huge candy floss? It’s 2x the size of my head!
I now must return to my books.
There is only one week of vacation left and I still have a whole lot of studying to do…



  1. 20 April 2011 / 19:34

    is a life that I do not eat cotton candy! Great photos, love disneyland *_*

  2. 20 April 2011 / 19:48

    Wat een leuke foto's, er is toch niets leuker dan met je vriend naar disneyland gaan πŸ™‚

  3. 20 April 2011 / 20:10

    Disneyland! I haven't been there in a long time. It looks like you had a great time though. That cotton candy is so enormous! At least it's mostly air. hehe.

  4. 20 April 2011 / 20:20

    these are awesome- even if they're fairly toursity- the one of you holding the candyfloss is super cute!
    Thanks for popping by my Shades of Spring project and commenting! I'm excited about it, and it's so great to have everyone enjoying it. Especially getting to meet people like you and see amazing blogs like this one! I love the vibe going on around here- very elegant and cool. Your photos are unreal. I insist that you have a photo in for one of the next couple weeks (pink/purple, and orange/yellow) your photography is beautiful.
    i am your newest follower, and i hope you follow me/ come by my blog again. looking forward to keeping in touch:)


  5. 20 April 2011 / 20:20

    ps. and touristy disney land photos aren't a bad thing!! that's how it's supposed to be when you go there:)

  6. 20 April 2011 / 22:01

    how fun!! i always wondered what euro disney was like!! looks like a really fun day!! πŸ™‚

  7. 20 April 2011 / 22:12

    It looks so magical.

  8. 21 April 2011 / 00:47

    you look so very cute!!! i love your booties. haha and you call that 'candy floss?' in america, we call it 'cotton candy.' most people like to eat it, but i just think it's pretty.

  9. 21 April 2011 / 07:38

    Awww, I love Disneyland! It looks like you had lots of fun and yes, Ive never seen bigger cotton candy than the one you're holding! Glad that you had a great birthday πŸ™‚


  10. 21 April 2011 / 12:14

    glad you're up for it! i just had to make sure you contributed:) you have a talent!
    you can email photos to lcr-outsidevoice{at}hotmail{dot}com

    the pink/purple ones are going up next wednesday.

  11. 21 April 2011 / 12:51

    oh goodness! so happy to find and follow your lovely blog:) what a whimsical, perfect birthday!

  12. 21 April 2011 / 12:57

    OMG!!!! wish i can live in DisneyLand forever…
    this place full with something what i called magical :))
    love your dress girl..
    tks for left comment in my blog, feel free to comeback..


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  13. 21 April 2011 / 15:57

    disneyland paris is amazzzing, i went when i was little πŸ™‚
    oh and i dont run in wedges, that would be crazy hard!

  14. 21 April 2011 / 16:46

    Wow, so pretty. I really want to go now. Ha.

  15. 21 April 2011 / 17:10

    Oooh lucky you! I dream of Disneyland since I am like 5 years old <3

  16. 21 April 2011 / 17:30

    oh that brings back memories, i don't know how Disney does it (well probably it is pure psychology). but it always makes me smile when i see the disney characters and hear the tunes.

  17. 21 April 2011 / 18:22

    Omg, jaloers! Haha πŸ™‚ Ooit ga ik er ook nog eens, ziet er zoooo leuk uit!

  18. 21 April 2011 / 18:24

    Wat een leuke foto's ! Ik hoop ook snel weer naar disneyland te gaan haha πŸ˜€ !

  19. 21 April 2011 / 18:25

    Wow! Looks like a fun time! I would be all over that cotton candy!

  20. 21 April 2011 / 20:01

    Oooh, how great that you visited Disneyland for your birthday, I also did that once πŸ˜€ You can never get enough of Disney eh ^_^ Seems that you had a great time and lovely photos! πŸ™‚

    PS: what a pity that you couldn't find the H&M skirt which I posted, maybe you didn't look well enough yes πŸ™‚

  21. 21 April 2011 / 21:06

    Oh, leuke blog heb je trouwens! πŸ˜€ Heb je gevolgd πŸ™‚

  22. 21 April 2011 / 22:29

    awesome fotoS!! and i LOVELOVELOVE your hair!!!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed β™₯ i promise!

  23. 22 April 2011 / 03:40

    You lucky thing! I remember going there when I was about 7 with my mum while visiting my european family! oh i wish I could go back ! I remember the spinning tea cups like it was yesterday! I love your new layout by the way, did you design it yourself? xx

    oh also, in relation to your previous posts; I too have conquered wearing red but not yellow yet! Soon though I hope! x

  24. 22 April 2011 / 05:28

    Cotton candy the size of your head = perfection.

  25. 23 April 2011 / 09:04

    Wow superleuk meis !!! Zo te zien hebben jullie genoten.

  26. 24 April 2011 / 19:22

    aww what a lovely little trip! glad you had lovely blue skies for it! the pictures are gorgeous, and i'm so jealous! i love disneyland so much! x

  27. 5 May 2011 / 22:52

    what?!?! there's a disneyland…IN PARIS?! My biggest life dream is to go to Paris one day and it just got one MILLION times better. It's so much prettier than California's! Looks like you had fun πŸ™‚

    House of Shoes

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