Sunset on my hair

What happens when ginger girls take pictures around sunset? Indeed, their hair looks even more “orange” then usual. I kinda like it! 

Wearing Levis jeans | H&M scarf, top | Aara Cardigan | SIX necklace | Invito Bag

So my face is down on almost every picture. I guess I’ll have to admit that I am still a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. I had another shy/uncomfortable moment recently. While shopping I suddenly spotted one of the blogsters I’ve been following for a while. I ran out of that store as fast as I could. Silly me. Just got a little panic attack. I could just picture the scene in my mind: I say hi, and she thinks I’m a stalker.

Now I am going to work on a big, BIG assignment for school.
See ya’ll tomorrow! 



  1. 28 March 2011 / 18:36

    Love this casual outfit and your hair looks gorgeous! Haha that happened to me once at university, and I walked as fast as I could! xo

  2. 28 March 2011 / 18:57

    your hair is absolutely gorgeous. i sympathize with how you feel in front of the camera…i feel the same way (even after all these months!). it just takes some practice 🙂

  3. 28 March 2011 / 19:00

    Hi girl! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, you'r so sweet. Love your "orange" hair, and your blog is really cute.

    I'll visit you more often babe 😉


  4. 28 March 2011 / 20:17

    Aww, you should've talked to that blogger! She probably would've been flattered 🙂

    You look cute and the location is awesome. Pretty pretty.

  5. 28 March 2011 / 21:11

    I love the way your hair looks in these shots, and the outfit is lovely, casual but really well put together xoxo

  6. 29 March 2011 / 12:15

    dont be camera shy 🙂 it's all in the name of blogging!! x

  7. 30 March 2011 / 10:39

    Lovely hair colour!
    I like your jeans too.

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