Pastel Dreams

Oh Ruche, You make my heart beat faster…

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… and so do cupcakes! I just put my first plate in the oven and now our kitchen is smelling so good! I’ve got some chocolate chip dough ready for the next load. Seriously, that dough tastes good. Kept some dough apart to mix with some raisins, because I just love those.

Who want’s one? 

  • adorable dresses love it all

  • I'll take the second one 🙂

  • DS.

    Aww I love the pastel colors!
    Love them!



  • lovely dresses!!!aw geez!that sounds amazing!save some cupcakes for me!<3


  • I adore every dress, the first is my favourite – too cute 🙂

  • I seriously have an outrageous list in my journal of everything I want from Ruche. Which is just about everything. My new favorite store!!

  • I want a cupcake! And the first dress 🙂 haha x

  • those are not my kind of dresses, but i love it how you stay true to your fashion identity! love the movement of the romantic dresses

  • adorable dresses!
    I liked the first and the last 🙂

  • I need more girly dresses like these.

  • kb

    i want one!

  • pastels are the greatest! love all of these dresses! so great!
    xo TJ

  • beautiful dresses and cupcakes?! too cute, i love the 2nd dress, so gorgeous. any chance of saving a cupcake? 😉

  • The second and third dresses are amazing. The fabric looks gorgeous!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • ooh i love that whispering lilac pleated dress! i'm on Ruche gushing over it right now!

  • I am crazy about all these dresses…they are so simple and sweet. I have been dying to make some pumpkin cup cakes and now you've got me craving them. Mmmmm

  • Such pretty dresses. The last one is my favorite.
    I just love baking in the fall too.


  • Love the romantic feeling of them, so pretty.

  • t
  • I love your taste in clothes! I just found your blog, and you have a new follower in me. 🙂 I think we have a lot in common! An obsession with clothes, for starters, and we both live in Europe. I'm not a ginger, but I am married to one!

    Can't wait to keep reading!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings, and Other Things.

  • Can I have two or three? Or is that being too greedy? 🙂

    I love these dresses, all the pleating and lace is making my heart melt!


  • We really love all the outfits! The pastel color of the outfits are really gorgeous! Oh, how we wish we could wear them, ourselves! Very nice post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!



  • aaah pasteltinten, zo geraffineerd en pretty! en ze staan volgens mij ook nog eens prachtig bij je haar 🙂

  • Oh, that first dress is adorable. You have such great taste!

    Also, I gave you a little blog award today 🙂 I hope you check it out!

  • ohhhh love! the second is my favorite…such a gorgeous color!

  • I'll take a cupcake – and the dresses are lovely!
    Alexandra Grecco

  • Hello, my dear fellow redhead!!! (that's how the link to your blog attracted my attention! we're the best, aren't we?! haha!)
    Donc tu es aussi francophone! Génial 😀 J'ADORE ces robes, les tons roses/mauves qui vont aussi bien avec les cheveux roux!
    Viens me faire un petit coucou de temps en temps!


  • (Désolée, au risque de me répéter, je ne sais pas si mon précédent commentaire a été envoyé!)
    Very nice choice of dresses my fellow redhead!! The colours are pink/purplish/pastel, yet completely flattering, not clashing, with red hair so yayy to us!!
    Passe me faire un petit coucou de temps en temps! Je suis nouvelle en matière de fashion blogging, mais très passionnée nevertheless (et experte en Franglais, ça je l'assume!)


  • ah these are so gorgeous.. great choices 🙂

    and yeah.. sign me up for a cupcake pllllease!

  • ooh, I want one!! AND, all of these dresses for that matter! I love your taste in clothes Nikki… my goodness I would happily wear any of these gems. Hope you're having a fantastic week!! xo veronika

  • Supermooie jurkjes! Kende de webshop nog niet 🙂
    Nr 2 is mijn favoriet 😀

  • LOVE the lace dress!!
    do visit my blog & follow if you like !

  • Awww! I would like all these! Actually, I would like all the Ruche dresses 🙂 Maybe I will explore their site later on and perhaps buy myself an early Christmas present, hehe!

    Hope you are having a great day, sweetie!

  • Such pretty dresses!! Funny that you mentioned cupcakes afterward, I think these dresses remind me a lot of cupcakes 🙂

  • E

    That first dress is sooo beautiful!

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  • Oh goodness. I would buy all of these if I could!