Stylish Blogger Award #1

I would love to thank Harlequin Hippo for awarding me with my very first stylish blogger award!
Thank you so so much! My blog has only been up and running for a month now and I really appreciate this 🙂 
7 thing about me…

1. I only have 6 pairs of shoes (and a pair of trainers, but they don’t really count)

2. I have the sweetest boyfriend I could wish for, The first of February we will be dating 1 year and 8 months
3. I have a soft spot for turqoise jewelry
4. I still sleep with a lot of plushies *blush*
5. I haven’t practised driving in about a year now… 
6. I am addicted to dresses
7. At starbucks I order a hot chocolate with extra whip cream, no coffee


  1. 31 January 2011 / 10:49

    Leuke blog, zeg! En leuk dat je een Award hebt gekregen. 😉

  2. 31 January 2011 / 11:17

    congrats on the award ive only been blogging for a little while too! 2 weeks yesterday 🙂 love your blog!

  3. 31 January 2011 / 11:19

    Congrats on your award! And the 7 things about you are sooo similar to what i would have written, haha! Especially about Starbucks! It's a funny thing that i love Starbucks and everything about it and hae coffee 🙂 so, a hot chocolate for me, too!


  4. 31 January 2011 / 12:14

    Aww you're welcome, you really deserve it! I love your blog xx

  5. 31 January 2011 / 15:35

    you deserve it 🙂

  6. 1 February 2011 / 07:40

    Congrats on the award 🙂
    When I go to starbucks I order that or green tea – I can't stand coffee!
    Thanks for the sweet comment.


  7. 1 February 2011 / 21:35

    aww, thanks! and I use a nikon D3100. you're from belgium, aren't you? cool 🙂

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