Surrogate Ginger

{top: Gap, skirt: F. 21, bag: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Thrifted}

Hey everyone! I’m Megan from Feathers & Freckles and I’m filling in for Nikki today while she’s traveling. Maybe she thought by asking another ginger to do a post you guys wouldn’t notice she was missing?

I was really excited when Nikki asked me to do this for her. Then my excitement turned into nervousness as I started questioning myself. What am I going to wear? Where I am going to photograph? Will they like me? Am I ginger enough for The Ginger Diaries? Will they throw tomatoes at their screens and tell me to get lost?

I calmed down and started brainstorming what I wanted this post to look like. I had visions of me eating an ice cream cone and walking puppy dogs, flying a kite on a deserted beach, or paddling a canoe on a calm river as my hair gently blows in the breeze. Then I settled on the next best thing; a mosquito-infested park near my apartment. During this high fashion photo shoot, I ended up finding a pair of a homeless man’s underwear, an empty bottle of liquor, and a dead armadillo.

Not quite the romantic, whimsical, Parisian-inspired post I was hoping for… but as they say in France, c’est la vie.


  1. 2 September 2011 / 09:19

    Lovely photos! checking out your blog now (:

    Annah xx

  2. 2 September 2011 / 11:40

    I love this feminine, tea-length skirt and the fact you paired two colours I never would have thought would work together. I just checked out your blog and am now following!

  3. 2 September 2011 / 14:29

    Lovely outfit! I checked out your blog and love your style and writing, very amusing 🙂

  4. 2 September 2011 / 16:15

    so adorable!!!!i always wanna find a nice long skirt!


  5. 2 September 2011 / 16:47

    GASP! Your hair is so gorgeous!

  6. 3 September 2011 / 02:16

    Loving the polka dots! You are adorable as always!

    😀 So fabulous to be guest blogging!!

  7. 3 September 2011 / 10:57

    No tomatoes coming from me, like your outfit very much !

  8. 3 September 2011 / 16:56

    I'm new to this blog, so I would have never known you weren't Nikki! Haha. The blog name fits ya! Anyway, you are gorgeous and so is this outfit – perfect picture location, too!

  9. 6 September 2011 / 00:22

    Love the headband!

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