Camera Craving

pics by we♥it
I wish that I owned a camera that could blur backgrounds, focus on the right things, take pictures of luminated things at nighttime, zoom and still stay clear…
Is it wrong to tell my panasonic that i have lost my heart to another?
  • beautiful 😀

  • I think it would understand 🙂

  • I love that quote. And don't feel bad breaking the news to your Panasonic. I'm sure they'll understand. ;]

  • Lovely photos 🙂 I really want a SLR camera, they take such great pictures xx

  • I wish I had a vintage film camera, even though film is so expensive.

  • love the way you wrote it
    and I'm so into vintage cameras!
    the photos you picked are lovely

  • lovely pictures!

  • Switch over to film. I recently bought a Mamiya tlr and it's 55mm 80mm 2.8 off Ebay and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. They work just as well as a Roleiflex but are a MUCH cheaper option.
    I also own a Canon 5D mark II and i would rather use the Mamiya over the 5D any day. Developing the film can be a little arduous but because you usually only take 12 – 6 frames for 120 film you don't have to wait to long for the roll to finish.

    Good luck searching for the perfect camera!

    Here are some of the images i took with my Mamiya for my travel blog: