Dress Number 24

Yea, I have a little addiction: Dresses. After today I own 24. Still 4 more, and I can wear a diffrent one, everyday of February. Sounds like a challenge to me! My next exam is on Saturday and it’s an easy one, so I don’t need as much time as given, and I decided to go check-out the spring-collections at the local stores. This new dress comes from zara, and I don’t now why, but I believe I have seen it before… 

  • I'm addicted to dresses as well <3 The one you posted is not my personal favorite, but could look very nice. Zara got some amazing dresses in their collection this spring, absolutely love it!

  • This dress is adorable! I'm also in-love with mini dresses like these. 😀

  • This red cardigan is perfect for this printed dress